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BlackBerry Bold / Bold 9700 M-S1 Battery - BAT-14392-001 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Replacement battery for your BlackBerry Bold. Never run out of power again!!!
  • Mobile Fun ID 16920

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 4.9 stars from 23 customers

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The real Thing
Transformed the phone from an item that needed recharging each day to a 4-day phone. Excellent value for money. Prompt service, highly recommended.
Good Buy not goodbye!
The phone now goes for up to 4 days without recharging depending on use, just as it did when new. Well worth the money, stay away from cheap battery replacements, get the genuine article.
Good battery
Good quality, original BlackBerry battery. Works perfectly.
Last time I bought a battery for my now-ancient, but unlocked, and free, bb bold, the high street salesman told me I was wasting my money on a China cheapie and I'd be back in 6 months. Well the joke's on him: that battery lasted seven months actually, thankyouverymuch.
This time, chastened, I knew I needed a "real" bb battery and I was sure i'd find one on amazon. Oh, you were just there too, eh? And it was impossible to distinguish among the shady marketplace sellers, the genuine bb-brand batteries and the scamtastic bb lookalikes?
Well you came to the right place: this battery is legit, my handset is happy, and my bank balance doesn't hate me too much either. I hadn't used this site before but I know I'll be here again. Just not for another new battery: I won't be needing another for a while yet.
No quibble exchange
It appeared the battery might have suddenly failed, despite being a genuine part. Immediately I raised the issue a replacement was offered with no quibble and simple instructions for free return. The replacement was back to me in no time. I made the mistake of buying a cheap generic battery from a less trusted supplier once before. Never again. Needless to say I'm delighted with both item and service and will continue to buy from MobileFun in the future.
Works beautifully
Glad I bought the authentic Blackberry battery - works well and keeps its charge.
Good stuff
Good stuff
More power needed
First time I ordered the battery it was sent in a small plastic wallet and was dead as a dodo, my phone wouldn't even try to charge it! Got a replacement after first sending this one back and having it confirmed not working which although understandable, was still a small annoyance. New battery was sent and this time was in it's proper packaging and it charged with no problems. Now having used it for a few months, I'm getting roughly 2-2.5 days worth out of a full charge, which is adequate, but original one when first bought, gave me 4-5 days worth. Still better than the 1 day that one was now giving me after 2.5 years of use! I've never got that 4-5 days of use from this one and no more apps used on phone, but it's OK for what I want it for. Was that first battery a secondhand one, I hope not, as I've always trusted Mobilefun in the past?
Very happy with service
Found what I needed easily placed order and received product.

All good
Just the job.
Having struggled to find a replacement battery (a genuine one) I placed an order and received it the next day. Good product, great service. Thanks.
doesn't disappoint
it arrived the day after ordering as promised in blackberry packaging. Hopefully it will last longer than 2 hours unlike my original blackberry battery. really good service and i will be using mobile fun again!
Genuine Blackberry
Contrarily to some other internet site, I have been happy to realise that the Blackberry batteries sold on Mobile Fun last several days, just as proper Blackberry batteries should.
No low grade copies.
Excellent Service
Ordered a battery for a Blackberry Bold 9000, was a bit concerned about various shops selling cheap Chinese copies. No need to worry, this is an original and it works just as it should. Placed and order on Tuesday before 4 pm and guess what, Wednesday morning it was with me. What to say, all the good reviews they have must be there for a reason. Very pleased with myself that I got the item from them rather than take a risk somewhere else and chance it. Quite often, trying to save a pound can cost you ten times as much :)
blackberry hold 9700 battery
Perfect original battery and worth paying more for peace of mind and a genuine product. Arrived very quickly.
BlackBerry Bold / Bold 9700 M-S1 Battery
A1 service
A battery's a battery - isn't it...?
To summarise my findings: no, a battery isn't simply a battery when it's a poor quality rip-off. A seemingly-cheap-but-actually-expensive non-branded battery purchased elsewhere, which died all-too-soon compelled me to purchase a genuine battery, and - so far - the difference is clear: my phone remains charged for more than twenty minutes. Yes, the genuine batteries are expensive, but it's a small price to pay for having a phone that works when you want it to. MobileFun delivered promptly, and resuscitated my ailing BB9700 so that it can live another day. (Rated 4* because I still think that the genuine batteries are a little pricey for what they are.)
replacement battery
good fast service .product exactly as described
Quick and easy
Ordered one day received the next. Excellent service.
Great Replacement
Quick, prompt, service and a great genuine replacement.
Blackberry 9700 Battery
Arrived next day, excellent service.
Genuine battery.
OEM product! Don`t bother with imitations.
Original OEM Blackberry product. Replacement battery works well and the life is excellent on my mobile. Battery comes with life straight out of the box and was fully charge within a couple hours. No need for that drain / recharge cycle anymore, these aren`t like the ones of the past. If battery is depleting all you need is a quick 10 minute top up.
Customer service was excellent, and delivery time was lightning quick.
Superb Service from MobileFun
This is not just about a replacement battery. I have ordered several products from this company, including a SIM-free BlackBerry Bold 9700. The service is faultless. I had to return the 9700 after 11 months. I received a brand new handset within three working days. There are a handful of companies that I would recommend, and MobileFun is one of them.
Spare Blackberry battery
Having had bad experience with compatible batteries in the past, I ordered an original blackberry 9700 battery and it was worth every penny. Provided you follow 8-hour initial charge up once completely dead, it lasts over 3 days with constant use.

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