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Belkin F8W093 Grip Sheer Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - Translucent Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Designed to provide slim fitting protection, the Grip Sheer Translucent Case by Belkin elegantly shows off all of the detail of your iPhone 5S / 5.
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 4.2 stars from 17 customers

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I want one
I have bought two of these little fellas recently as gifts for recent iPhone converts, the biggest plus point (other than the added protection, obvs) appears to be the extra grip that you now have. Both of the people I have got them for are very happy, if there was one for the 5c I'd be getting myself one too.

The only slight negative is the 2nd one that I got only came in a clear plastic bag as packaging, whereas the 1st one came in 'proper' packaging. This doesn't really matter but it made it look a little bit like something bought off a market stall as opposed to the quality product that it is, guess this is only really relevant if buying as a gift for someone.
Like it, looks good, does the job. Only drawback is fingerprints on the back
Very good product
This case is one of the most elegant iPhone 5 cases I have seen. It's very thin, fits reasonably well, and most importantly unlike many other cases, it's not bulky.

It also feels very nice.

My only negative comment is that the top part of the case doesn't seal perfectly against the phone, which is not really a problem. But this makes the power button a little hard to press, which is a problem.

Having said that though, I would still choose this case over any other cover on the market. I haven't seen a nicer one... not yet anyway.
Not bad however..
I will start of with the good points:

-Easy to put in and out
-Nice lip above the screen
-Hard plastic used
-Decent drop protection

When i first got the case i was impressed everything was covered up the ports where accesibble.

The bad points:

-Doesn't fit well enough ( shake the phone and it moves slightly in the case
-Very slimy ( this may be just my issue but the case uses a gloss material which is quite sticky and in a clammy environment makes the phone a bit slippery and uncomfortable.
-Hard to press lock button
-Scratches very easily (An issue with the gloss material)
-Cannot see the logo which is disappointing because the case isn't the most glamorous but if you could see the phone that would have helped.

These ar mainly my issues and many people enjoy the case but i thought i would share what i thought.
Quality case
Don't buy this case if you want to see your lovely apple logo (need to be in strong sunlight :-)
Do buy this case if you want a quality product, that protects your phone to a high level, with hardly any bulk.
I particularly like the fact that the moulding incorporates the buttons to keep out the dirt and also offers better protection at the base.
Although this case is a bit glossy and shows a few finger marks it is very tactile and does not slip from your hand.
All in all I'm very happy
Incompatible with 30-pin adapter
I really liked this case until I came to recharge my phone and discovered that the case is incompatible with Apple's Lightning to 30-pin adapter. The cut-out is not big enough for the body of the adapter.

It's fine with the ordinary Lightning to USB cable or the Lightning to micro-USB adapter.
Quality Product
This case is exactly as described providing an excellent fit with good access to all controls.
Excellent item
The iPhone 5 cover fits perfectly and is snug enough so that you still feel the thin 'feel' of the iPhone while providing a secure and safe case. First class all round.
Great case
Orderd two cases and kept this one over the Gear4 ice box. This case fits great, adds grip and all cutouts & buttons are spot on. It does collect finger prints on the rear but they can be wiped off easy enough. Front is raised which protects the screen should you put it face down. The rear isnt as translucent as shown but the case is to protect your phone. If you want to show it off dont cover it.
All round good case, highly recommend.
Nice but not as portrayed
This case is nice and I'm happy with it but while it doesn't bother me whether I can see the Apple logo through case as the photos suggest, the cover is not as it's portrayed on the site. Disappointed from that perspective only.
Good looking and protective
A great looking case with a nice sheen to it. The cut outs for the various holes are well done, and there are no "tatty" bits that spoil it. The case is firm and will protect the edges of the phone well. All in all a good looking case which offers good protection for the phone.
Pleasantly Surprised
This is a must buy if you want to protect your iphone.It adds almost nothing to the weight or size and is of super quality for the price.Looks good and has up to the minute styling.One very satisfied customer here.
Pretty good...
Nice fit and feels really nice. Didn't want a totally solid cover so this fits the bill having a little give. Great quality and easy to get phone in and out.
Only advice for Belkin, the cover on the top power button makes it very difficult to push down and the cover around the volume + and - sticks out ever so slightly.
Other than that, does the job nicely.
Perfect and looks good
Bought this just before my iPhone got delivered. Excellent quality, perfect fit for my phone - protects the sides and back perfectly, and crucially for the easi-scratch IP5, it protects the bezel as it protrudes about 0.2mm out from the front of the iPhone (this is a good thing BTW). Highly recommended.
iPhone 5 Case
Great case, good fit, excellent price
Not as picture suggests
Nice enough cover but not as it looks on the pictures which is disappointing . Pictures suggest the cover is somewhat see-through which allows you to see the Apple sign at the back of the phone but this is not the case. If i knew this to begin with i wouldn't have purchased this cover.

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