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Belkin Eco Friendly Family USB Charging Station Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Use the innovatively efficient USB Charging Station by Belkin to keep the battery life of all of your mobile devices fully charged and in one convenient location.
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$22.01 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 118 customers

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Item does what it suppose to do
Great concept, works perfectly but retail price could be a bit cheaper. As it not high tech piece of equipment. It's a simple device
my belkin
This item is just brilliant - stylish posh - echo friendly - turns itself off when finished charging - charges 4 phones at the same time - well known & reliable brand & great price - i give it ten out of five - i just love it & you will love it too - have fun coz believe me it'sw just Great
So good I've bought it twice!
Although the Belkin eco friendly charging station isn't designed to charge my Kindle - it does - and it does it faster and more efficiently than charging it via my computer. It charges the whole family's mobile phones and all sorts of devices (electronic cigarette, MP3 players, headsets - if it's got a usb charger we've charged it on this).
I bought the first one for a friend at xmas and their glowing references encouraged me to get one for myself. It keeps everything tidy and in one place - an advantage in a house with a teenager. I am so impressed with this I have recommended it to all my tech heavy friends. It even charges my mobile phone faster than the mains charger. Highly recommended. It'll save you time (no more looking for devices you know you put to charge), money (it turns off when everything is fully charged)and lots of hassle.
Do not hesitate to buy ths item (especially from mobile fun as it's half the price). Being able to charge my smart phones through the night with this and know the power cuts off after 4hrs is worth it. It does work flawlessly. Comes with a micro/mini usb cable but I use the one that came with my phone. The quality is excelent. You can charge 4 items at once if needed. It arrived the very next day even though I ordered it at 3pm.
Belkin Eco Friendly Family USB Charging Station.
I was all ways looking for my phone or tablet chargers as every time you get a new phone it need a different charger all the chargers get tangled up and you can spend a long time trying to fine the charger you need now I purchased the Belkin Eco Friendly Family USB Charging Station all my chargers can stay in the box as this unit will charge them all and all in one place plus when it is not in use it switches its self-off to save me money
So good I bought two!
Love this, keeps things need and tiday and switches itself off so no "vampire power". I have one upstairs by the bed and one in the lounge.
Just what I needed
This little box is really fantastic! It charges our phones up and turns off once they are fully charged saving us on our electricity bills. There are plenty of spare ports and I would definitely recommend this gadget to friends and family.
just what i needed
Very handy charger, means that it frees up a socket or two and i can charge up to four items at once. should of got one earlier.
Great space saver
We can put our phones on at night and when charged it will turn its self off saving electricity and battery on phones, instead of having devices plugged in all over the place we now have one location, great brand, great device
A usefull tool.
This is a neat and tidy way of charging mobiles devices. It enables multiple phones, tabs, etc. to be charged using one mains socket.
Quite attractive too.
Good concept / Poor performance
If it would have worked it would have been awsome, It didn't!
Max charge after 14hour is 58%, and 55% on second phone. And it shows me a fully charged battery on the turned off phones that are getting charged.
Neat & compact Charging Solution
I bought this as a cheeky Christmas present for [me – errr I mean] my wife who dislikes seeing cables running all over the place. This charging station is a really neat and surprisingly small solution that requires only a single 3-pin electrical socket & provides 4 x USB ports.

In the box there are 2 short charging cables, 1 x USB to micro-USB (great for my Galaxy SII) & 1 x USB to mini-USB (great for my wife’s work Blackberry). These cables are designed to avoid having excess cable length and this works well. I have also plugged in 2 x old style Apple device USB charging leads for my wife’s iPhone4 & my son’s iPod Touch, winding the excess length around the base [as designed] and this works well.

To indicate the size, we can charge all 3 phones simultaneously side-by-side and the rubberised non-slip surface means the devices are secure (the 4th device has to sit next to the unit if all 3 other devices are already being charged). You need to remember to press the small button in the centre at the back to initiate charging because the device automatically turns off after a few hours, so if saving money/the environment by minimising use of electricity.

Another advantage is that finding a charger and also remembering where devices have left is easier as this is now set-up in the kitchen and used almost exclusively for in-house charging. Great price, great delivery time (even near Christmas!), all in all a great product!
helps to keep your phones in one place
A nice piece of kit, but I find it does not switch itself off when the iphone is connected. with other phones it does what it should do.
Perfect for every one in the house
The main reson i got this was for the fact it can charge more than one phone at a time, plus you can also charge other items such as mp3 players and so on as long as its a usb connection, but it does come with 2 handy cables for charging other items.
It looks good and whatever you are charging sits nicely on top, and last of all unlike when you normaly use your existing phone charger when its fully charged it stays on this will turn its self off to save energy :) great idea.
And Mobile Fun as always do a fantastic job with service and delivery :)great job thanks
Fantastic product: great price & green too!
As Santa brought our family four smartphones for Christmas to replace 3 Sony Ericsson and one Blackberry, our charging needs have evolved, and this great product from Belkin provided the solution. We can now all charge our phones from 1 power socket, and the unit even turns itself off when the last phone is fully charged. No more socket/charger rage for us!!
Really pleased with the purchase. Ideal for charging all the families gadgets/phones neatly in one place and with the benefit of saving energy. Highly recommended.
Brilliant piece of kit
This charger has solved all of our recharging problems, 1plug and device can charge 4 different items, very safe to use, economical and the best price around. Delivery excellent. I would use this supplier every time. Wicked+++++++++
Almost Perfect
This unit is nice and neat and keeps charging cables tidy. Unfoirtunately, it doesn't fully charge any mobile phone. It gives a good charge but not a full one. A little disappointing. Limited number of cables supplied.
keeps trailing wires to a minimum
very usful item as it keeps chargeing your phones and ipads in one place.also uses only one plug and shuts the power off after four hours.
Rarely can you pay under twenty pounds on a couple and get a tonne of praise but that's what happened with this when I bought one for friends who have several cats,a dog, children ranging from a few weeks old to 15 years and more gadgets than any household should contain. It keeps everything together neatly, stops cats chewing on wires, there are fewer trailing wires for small hands - and did I mention all important gadgets can be charged in one place (in relays). So impressed I'm going to get them a second one and one for myself.
That is what I was looking but, didn't work as I expected
Good for charging phones only but not for bog devices Tablets. Although it says you can charge all your devices, that is not right if you try to charge devices like iPad or Samsung Galaxy any thing with a Larger screen it won't charge it, but it is a good product to char smaller devices. I like the auto of system.
Family of 4 with 3 Samsung Galaxy Aces and 2 Blackberries. Doesn't work at all with the Blackberries and is a bit or miss with the Samsungs. Borderline return case.
Perfect for tidiness and economy
I bought this as I was fed up with umpteen chargers being plugged in here there and everywhere, making the house untidy and wasting electricity when left plugged in with no phone attached. This charging station accommodates several charging cables neatly wrapped inside and when a phone is connected, remains charging only as long as it takes for the phone to fill up, before switching itself off. No more wasted electricity, all the phones and iPods in one place and no leads trailing everywhere. And it was really economical to buy!
A very useful device
previously we were constantly swapping devices and chargers(3 phones, 2 tablets, a mifi and a satnav),now with this multi charge station we have enough charge points. Great product.
Works great if you apply some common sense
This device works really well. However, some people using this clearly do not have much common sense. Most devices will charge when they are switched off. If you leave the device on when it charges, the Belkin Conserve Valet will supply 4 hours of charge, then cut all power. This is a feature designed to save electricity. If you leave your device on, then all of the background services will carry on running when the Belkin charge cycle is complete. However, if you charge it when it is off, it will be fully charged when you switch it on. This isn't rocket science, so I struggle to understand why so many people have a problem with it.
Belkin Valet Charging Station
Superb unit out of the box which does exactly what it says. Anti slip great. All smaller items respond well but not Play Book / Ipad which seem to require higher input. Excellent buy delivered very promptly and highly recommended
Something I have wanted for a long time.
Belkin Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station.

The above multi charger is so handy when all of my Grandchildren come around and need to charge everything at the same time all of the I-Pads and I-Phones seem to run down together, now they don't have to argue who is going to charge their i-Pad/Phone
first, they can all be charged together. A great item used every day. Thank you.
Its good
It arrived on time as usual, and does exactly what it says it does. Easy to install, and cable, nice touch are the cable tidy's neat, tidy and working. Buy it!
Pretty useful item
bought when new iphone 5 wouldn't fit speaker dock :-( I do like the item as I now only use 1 plug socket instead of 4 and the wires no longer trail all over the sofa whilst I am working. It would be good if there were more holes for the wires to come out through as long wires tend to be either too long or short for where you want them to be. But all said I would recommend this if you have many devices to charge, as definitely looks tidier.
Used for HTC Desire and Blackberry. Looks ok but the disappoitned with performance as automatically cuts off charging before unit is fully charged. Had hoped I could charge iPad as well, (it says four items at once) but no chnace! The cable channels need a grommet as they simply come loose. 4/10
belkin multi charger
Excellent pirce of kit.
Very handy
Works well for my mobile phone but won't charge my iPad 3 not happy about that.
This is my second one would not be without it it show that as this is my second one ,And I would recommend to anyone if you got something that needs charging you need this it cut off when phone is charged thus saving electric
Energy efficient charger
This neat compact charging station efficiently charges my
mobile phone. It neatly organises my devices, charges in one location from one plug socket with the added energy saving feature which turns itself off once charging is complete. A great gadget!
charging platform
If you are anything like us you will be forever looking for the chargers you have all over the house for many different devices. This device, placed on the sideboard just inside the door allows both myself and my girlfriend to keep the phones in commons place with our iPods and her camera. Having one common place with such a simplistic style works brilliantly. I am very happy with this device. The cables provided are useful but we have used the cables that came with our phones which there is ample space to hide the cables in the products design.
Belkin Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station.
Really good device great to connect all your devices to to charge and I really like the fact it switches off when they are charged.
Multiple charger great news
Having purchased the multi charger it was dispatched quickly opening the box there is no assembly if you can plug a USB in then you can use this - the neat idea is the wrap round drum to hide those excess cable runs - it charges my phones all three and my IPod touch - it is a pity the voltage doesn't charge the new IPad but it didn't say it did so I really can't fault it
I work from home and have an office in the loft. This great product now means i can leave my charger etc in the office and then charge everything at once in the same place without having to remember where i left my charger. Not used it often as yet but seems to have solved my lack of sockets to charge everything issue
No loose, untidy looking wires at last
Really useful item for keeping all your devices in one place as well as having to only use one power socket to charge your devices. Simple to use and very useful device,
Another Great Inovation
Brilliant bit of kit just what you come to expect from the greatest seller of mobile phone accessories
excellent item nice compact looks stunning too..
super fast delivery,great item,great price,used it today with 3 different devices no issues what so ever...
Nice idea, but not perfect
Works well, within limitations. Charging power doesn't seem to be as much as the documentation suggests, which means that a 4-hour charge on a Galaxy S2 only bumps it up by about 40%.

I also noticed that if the phone is left plugged into the charger after the timer switches off, it actually drains power out of the phone's battery so you do kind of have to keep an eye on it - If you put in on before you go to bed, you could find the phone with less charge in the morning than it started with!

All that said, with those caveats it's not bad. At full price I'd be hesitant to recommend it but when it's discounted, it's a bargain.
Perfect solution
all connected via one plug, saves chopping and changing plugs and running out of sockets and keeps cables tidy
Belkin Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station.
i got this item but not yet got to try it as i have a iphone 5 and am still waiting for the usb cables to come down in prise as i aint paying these stupid prises that out there so far,but item looks so smart and am looking forward to useing it,and for standard post it came very quick.
Good device one problem
Hi our household all have iPhones and this device will charge them all at the same time no problem 4 of them at the same time however the only thing that disappointed me about this is it doesn't charge an iPad at all which is part of the reason I bought it so I could have the iPad on a long charge but still charge the phones whine the iPad was. On its great for the phones with only having one plug just a shame it doesn't charge the iPad but overall a good multi phone charging device
Soon became charging centre
Originally purchased by one person's attempt to simplify charging rapidly became the centre fo the nightly charging of three mobile phones and a pocket viewer/ FM receiver. Now all devices are in the same place fully charged in the morning without the risk of being overcharged all night. The lack of wire tangles and socket extensions make it acceptable in a living area
Tidy solution to endless wires
Received within 2 days and very simple to use. I can now charge 4 devices and it only uses 1 plug socket. It keeps all the leads tidy and all in one place. We now know where all our devices will be in the morning and they will all be fully charged.
Tablets beware!!
This product seems generally good however it only outputs 500ma so whilst it will charge the ASUS Transformer it takes many many hours to do it! If I had paid £30 for it I would be returning it but at this price it is ok for the phones.
I bought two of these. With two kids in the house (mobiles and ipods), me with two mobiles, the wife with ipad and mobile we had chargers plugged in all over the place.
I now have one downstairs and one upstairs. No more looking for ipod or iphone cables all over the house.
Good quality build, good price as I checked around the web before buying and this was the best.
would recommend.
Fast Service and Great product
In my hand within 24hrs great, pluged in works fist time straight out of box. Keeps leads tody and all in one place and only one socket used.
Changed my charging habits
I used to leave devices switched on when charging overnight, but if you do this with this product you'll find your phones, after the 4hr charge will have been running down their batteries. So... now I switch off the phones, and in the morning find they still have their 100% charge intact.
Very useful
My son has recently got a nintendo 3ds.I noticed that it often needed charging at the same time as my Samsung Galaxy S2.This clever item solves the problem of needing to charge multiple items at the same time.Since it automatically cuts of when charging is finished it is very energy effecient.
Also u know,more often than not,where your mobile will be when not in use!
at last
At last we have got rid of all those different chargers and wires everywhere
Like it now
When I first tried this device it only charged our phones the 75%. However, after a few goes it now fully charges my iPhone and Blackberry together to full capacity. Very please with it.
A realy good space saving device
I have found the "Belkin Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station" to be a very usefull item. I have used it with three differnt phones all at the same time and it worked perfectly.It works straight out of the box and comes with both a mini and micro USB lead to get you started. Once the last item is charged the device switch's itself off to save on costs. Unfortunately the power output is limited to 500ma so it is not hefty enough to charge my Kobo. However the advantages far out weigh this minor disadvatage. The best thing about the charger is that I now don't have to worry where all my chargers are or the problem of having to use multiple sockets. I just plug the device into 1 socket and can charge upto 4 items. I would highly recommend this device.
space and energy saving
This is a superb gadget ,saving space and using much less energy as it switches off after 4 hours and I always forgot to turn my other charger off ...it also looks neat sat on the side and takes up no room at all ...all in all I would recommend this to any one .....
Never a discharged battery.
Great stuff, just put phones on charge at night, charging automatically switches off when fully charged. Saves electricity, and discharged batteries are a thing of the past. No separate chargers needed.
Great dual charging system for all the family, no more lost lead,s !
Great service as always, Belkin Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station arrived the next day and has been used daily since. Used by all the family,great value and great service
Worth every penny
Delivered the next day via Riyal mail. This product is superb and I can now charge multiple devices at home or on holiday as it is small enough to take away with me. You get 2 leads with the device one is a micro USB charger the other is the older larger USB charger. You obviously need to acquire additional leads if you do not already posses them. I ha e charged BlackBerry phones, Android phones, iPad, iPod, and Bluetooth hands free devices simultaneously and the charger cuts its power when the last device is fully charged to save energy and also for peace of mind. Worth every penny plus so much tidier for the family and no more hunting for a charger.
A Great Buddy
Now I don't get,where's my phone or i pad or any other electrical gadget that needs charging
They are all in one place
Just what I needed if it worked
Worked fine for first few days all it does now is take the charge out of things I plug in to it very dissatisfied I won't give it a rating as it doesn't work as specified
It has limits
Charges the Blickbury with no problem but the iPAQ failed at the second atempt for reasons unknown.
Neat, Tidy and Practical
This is an excellent charging machine which takes up no room at all and operates from one power point to charge up to 4 devices at the same time. All the wires can be wound round the charger so they remain neat and tidy and can barely be seen - no more tangled mess. Stick a small label on each end of the wires to identify the device they belong to. Then all you have to do is attach your devices when needed - no more hunting for the different wires or connections. Fabulous!!
good item
I ordered this item in order to charge my mobile phones and sat nav.
It does a good job of this and powers down when charging is complete. a good purchase.
All my charging needs in one place
The product I got was just as was on the tin. It is now so convenient to charge all my phones in one place and also know I am not wasting electricity by the chargers being on indefinitely.
Ergonomically designed gadget has pride of place on my bedside table.
Good but not perfect.
This is a good unit and certainly helps keep tidy several charging leads.Charging phones it is perfect but I've had problems charging an ipad - it charges to around 37% then stops- even when nothing else is on charge.I'll probably drop Belkin an email to see what they suggest.Apart from that a useful bit of kit.
Best gadget i've bought for years!
I read the reviews before I bought this. The reviews were mixed but mainly positive so based on that and the half price offer from Mobilefun, I took the gamble and ordered the charging station.

Boy, what a purchase!, its brilliant. Now I have a place were all our phones are charged and we dont have to run arround the house looking for our chargers - they were always doing the rounds and nobody would admit to taking them.
The best bit is I dont have to worry about my phone being overcharged, especially when left charging overnight.
To sum up, this Belkin charging station is keenly priced, charges 4 devices at once, stays in one place, and switches itself off automatically - what more can I ask!
A Perfect Product
I bought the Belkin Conserve Smart USB charging station, because i seemed to have leads in every socket in the room!..with this fabulous charging station, everything charges together. I have my phone, sat-nav, Kindle, and even room for my kids phones too!, and it looks so neat, its not out of place on my corner table ...its wonderful!
not the job for me
wont charge ipads
Energy Efficient money saver
At a time when everyone is looking to save money and unnecessary energy usage, the Belkin conserve Valet Smart charging station, is just the ticket. I bought this as a present, and it has been received warmly. Its nice and compact and eliminates to the need to have two or three phones plugged in separately. The fact that once the phones, or what ever device you have attached, have charged the units stops sending a current through, is perfect and saves expensive damage to smart phone batteries. The unit is fairly light, so should be placed somewhere stable, especially if you have animals or kids who are clumsy, otherwise it really is a clever bit of kit.
Belkin dual charger is great for mobile phones and any other devices that need charging regularly connect up and it swiches off after 4 hours so is great for daily charging would definately recommend.leads are available for all current phones and a 2 micro/usb leads are supplied.
I was disappointed that I was unable to charge my mobile phone as it is not capable of plugging into a UBS connection.Whilst I accept that this is my mistake, I believe that your advertising details should make this fact very clear. My golf GPS charges correctly.
Great substitute charger
The ability to charge several items at once using only one charger is brilliant. Also like the auto switch-off after 4 hrs which ensures items do not get overcharged. Once the items are disconnected (if charging at the time) the unit switches itself off automatically, saving power and money. Would highly recommend
Belkin Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station
Origional mini USB lead cause charging to fail in Galaxy message "Too much power charging paused". Standard lead phone got very hot. Led light to dim could not see if on or off. Not good product placed in good idea but does not work box.
Great accessory, love the automatic power saving feature
Between us we have 5 different portable devices that need charging. With this item we can simultaneously charge 3 of them from the one power point instead of fighting over it! The two short USB charging cables that come with it are just the job (one mini-USB, one micro-USB), it's a shame there isn't an iPod/iPhone/iPad cable included.
It would be useful to be able to purchase additional cables (they may be available already, don't need them yet so not looked!)
The only thing that would improve this even further is a method to fix it to a wall.

All in all, a great device and the power saving feature - automatically switching off when devices are fully charged really adds that extra functionality.
Makes a big difference
I eventually gave into the fact of having so many chargers in the kitchen, 2 iPod touchs, iPhone 4S, blackberry, so many wires and plugs, the microwave, kettle and toaster kept being unplugged, now it's great, we can all charge our items at the same time, ( and make coffee and toast) no more tangled wires and arguing about who's iPod gets charged first.
It has been a great purchase, I didn't know how much more convenient this was going to be.
Answer to clutter problem for Family with multiple phones to charge,
This product is just what I needed. I have a family who decide they can unplug or take my charger. This allows 4 USB chargin products to be charged at one time. The wires can be out away clutter free. To be critical it does not charge my iPad, as not enough charge coming out of it. But great product, great price.
Looks good but both of my phones only charge to 75%. I have to switch it on again as soon as I get up otherwise I don't have a full charge. I'm currently working on how to override the timer.
A brilliant desktop tool
It keeps one's charging requirements in one place, neat and tidy.
Best thing I have bought in the last six months!
A very useful device
A very well made and compact unit, generally avoiding a mess of cables and varied kit all over the place.

However, just a couple of suggestions:

1. The tacky surface could be just a little more tacky;

2. cables would be better managed around the unit if the gap between the base top edge and the top-panel had a form of brush screening, fixed to the top-panel underside, allowing cables to exit in the optimum places and also better holding them within the unit all around.
Good idea but not able to charge my Blackberry 9900's
Some sort of clear warning on the advert stating it is not comparable with certain phones woul be helpful. I foolishly disposed of the packaging so I am now stuck with this useless device
Almost the perfect solution!
In line with most of the views expressed so far, at first this looked to be the answer to my problems (chargers everywhere - mine is usually pinched and I have to go round the house to find it). A couple of things to note here - manufacturers recommend unplugging chargers when battery is fully charged (usually an hour for phones etc.) but this device goes off after 4 hours (or longer if another device is plugged in). I imagine battery life will still suffer, it would be much better if a more intelligent version was brought out - sensing each device plugged in and switching off only that device when current consumed tailored off (this is definitely possible and not expensive to archive).
Also, and especially with phones, one wants to have the thing nearby if a call comes through for instance, or if browsing whilst charging - this is not possible if the charging dock is in the lounge and one wants to retire to ones bedroom!
In conclusion, its useful but not everyone's answer.
My idea of a perfect charging dock would be one where any gadget (phones, remote controls etc.) charged by just placing them on the deck. It would have to be keenly priced so I could have one in every room!
Neat solution to a common problem
Being a bit of a geek I have 'a few too many gadgets', if that's even possible. I also have the standard problem of how to charge them when needed. Or at least I had that problem. This device is perfectly proportioned and holds my Motorola Motoluxe, HTC Desire S and Jabra Dogtag Bluetooth adapter with ease. The slightly rubberised top surface holds them in place nice and neatly. The device came with some adapters but since the device outputs using standard USB connections I could use the cables supplied with each device, brilliantly simple and way better than some chargers using non-standard fittings. The side connector is used to charge my Kindle, all four devices charged from 1 power socket. Just plug than all in, push the single 'charge' button and that's it. Four hours later it switches itself off to conserve power, and all my devices are charged, no fuss, nothing complex, it just works. Totally brilliant and for 20 quid an absolute bargain as well. Fantastic service from MobileFun as always with order status updates due to it being out of stock when ordered, and prompt delivery when they received stock. I cannot praise that enough.
Better than expected.
I thought this product would be useful but it's much better than we thought it would be. So easy to charge our 2 phone's, kindle and ipad all on one devise and in the same wall plug, brilliant. Am considering ordering another for a Christmas present for family.
Just what our house needed
What can I say. Well, I do not know how we have charged up our mobile phones and other USB devices before we got the charging station.
There used to be wires and chargers around the house and when you needed to charge your phone up you had to look for the charger. Not now every one in the house knows where the charging station is, no wires all over the place, No need to remind people to turn of the chargers as it turns the power off after 4 hours, so saving money and family member have asked me to get the one for Christmas as the it is such a fantastic piece of equipment. It is a great price and it does not take up much space.
Handy Girl Help
This item is very useful for all family members to use, and keep everything tidy in one place for charging.
A bit beefy but does the job
The Belkin Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station was an impulse buy, a triumph of marketing, as I opened the mobile fun email just after searching for a spare HTC charger again as my wife and I both have HTC phones and they go flat about the same time every day. Being somewhat limited as to which power socket is available to plug them in we generally use the same one but often forget to swap them over. I had looked at charging mats but they got poor reviews and so when I saw this I thought it was just what I needed. To be fair, it almost is as it charges multiple devices and is neat and compact, if a little chunky, and has one great feature in that it is intelligent enough to know when the last unit connected has charged and then turns of the power to the units. My only gripe is that it only comes with one short mini and micro USB lead which is great if you have, say, an htc and a Nokia but not so good if you have two htc's. I don't expect Belkin to second guess everyone's requirements but the option of buying more short leads would be useful and fit with the ethos of the unit, that of tidiness. To have to use long cables tied up in bundles to prevent the plateful of spaghetti look detracts somewhat from the esthetics but you can't be too mean with the stars so I only docked one for that and the chunkiness! I'd certainly recommend it (but does anyone stock short micro USB leads?!)
Does the Job
Great item. Keeps all my phones and iPod in one place. No more hunting around for disparate chargers.
This has really done the job
The smart usb charging station is very good it's easy to use. i've put away the other chargers so it all neat & tidy.. I will be recommending this my friends..
One in charging system
I purchased this item because you charge 4 different devices at the same time. Not only does it do that but will also turn off after 4 hrs
Brilliant love it
At last a place where we can all charge our stuff, and know where the bloomin charger is. This one is too big to be lost, borrrowed or left at a mates.
Everyone in our family now has a place to look first when they can't find rheir phone, and chances are it will be fully charged when you need it too.
Great for me and the kids
For anybody like me who has a large family, this charging station is a godsend. The kids come in from college and school and know exactly where they can find their charger. They don't pinch mine any more either!
I have an mp3 player and my phone to charge all the time. Having one charger/place to store them is great as I have forked out countless times for new chargers. The charge is fast and with the station being quite small ( I was surprised when it arrived that it was so small to be honest), it doesn't look stupid or stand out at home. It's well made and not tacky plastic that feels like it may break in a couple of uses. I bought this unit on the strength of the name Belkin - I have a case - and I am very pleased.
Great for organising
I have at any one time up to 15-20 phones on my desk due to my job. I have banks of sockets and 4 gang extension leads with cables like spaghetti! I purchased 1 of these charging stations and now have 3 - I was that pleased. Simple to use and so tidy. Would highly recommend even if only for home use.
no more wheres me keys, wheres me phone and the charger! awesome.
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