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Ballistic Shell Gel Case for Sony Xperia Z1 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Provide your Sony Xperia Z1 with three layers of protection with the robust and rugged black Ballistic Shell Gel Case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40814
$40.58 inc VAT
 3.9 stars from 13 customers

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Not so ballistic
My Z1 fell off the roof of my car. The screen broke (hit on the corner) but the phone survived. I'm sure an Iphone in a Lifeproof case (I've had many) would have survived intact.
Nice case but?
This is a quality case but the magnetic port is covered so expect to do some surgery before you can use one.
rugged protection
This excellent case comes in two layers, an inner silicone sleeve and an outer rigid plastic one. The headphone socket is accessible as is the flap that covers the charging socket. The magnetic dock connector is covered by both cases but it is perfectly straightforward to trim the inner silicone sleeve so it fits in the dock and the phone is just as well protected once the plastic shell is on. An excellent buy.
phone case,
Received the case late but that wasnt a problem, now down to the case 1, it looks great 2,the tough outside shell seems to do the job 3, the rubber skin is to soft and will wear out quickly,4,it comes with no form of screen protection, this for me lets the product down massively,as it says its a protective case of why leave the screen unprotected, and finally the price should have been about 20 pounds if it had the adequate screen protection then it would have been worth every penny
Good, but not quite perfect.
A fairly good looking compromise between pocketability and ultimate protection. The "Drop Tested" pointer on the package says somewhere around 7-8ft [though obviously not if you drop your phone face down onto a rock! Easy to fit, with good positive buttons and cut-outs in all the right places, and excellent corner protection, though it does cover up the lanyard loop, should you want to fit one. But more annoyingly - the soft silicone edge bumper reduces to a long thin strip with no support where it surrounds the speaker grill - easy to catch and tear getting in and out of a pocket. A stupid design error that could so easily have been resolved by the addition of a thin connecting strut, running front to back! So: Good, but not quite perfect.

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