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Avantree Roxa Bluetooth 4.0 Music Receiver Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Stream music from your Bluetooth device wirelessly to your Hi-Fi, speaker system or home stereo system using the Avantree Roxa Bluetooth Music Receiver.
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 4.6 stars from 53 customers

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Could be better.
When I seen the spec of the product I could not believe it; Bluetooth 4.0, AptX., it compactness, all for a low special offer price!

Sadly, upon receiving the device I found that it was not at all perfect in one important aspect, bass. The base was very low and resonated throughout the room in a very disconcerting way. Perhaps if you matched it with a speaker giving very little bass end it may be all right, but it did not work work well with my speaker as it has enough low end of its own.

I went shopping a few days later and brought an Harman Kardon BTA10, which I am very pleased with, albeit at 4 1/2 times the price.

Moral of this story? You only get what you pay for.
Connect TV to hifi
Using it to connect Samsung 32k5500 TV to HiFi. Works a treat, good sound quality. Very pleased.
Brilliant device..saved me a fortune
In my house I have 2 apple iphone docking stations. A B&W Zeppelin and a Bose sound dock both with the old Apple iphone connector. The Avantree Roxa Bluetooth 4.0 Music Receiver now works with both units and has given them a new lease of life. The devices worked straight out of the box and the value for money from Mobile Fun was outstanding.
Play music on your hifi
I am able to play music from my phone on my old pioneer hifi system big speakers, big sound, plus my sony surround system. This product is a gem of a find.
Bluetooth for original Bose Solo System
I bought this product to provide Bluetooth connectivity to an original Bose Solo TV speaker system. The objective was achieved with quite good sound quality streaming music from my IPad. Easy to set up for one device although adding a second device is a bit of a pain. Seems a well made product at a reasonable price. However, despite being only a few feet apart the sound can "stutter" on occasions and hence the 4 rather than 5 rating.
Works a Treat
A simple idea that is well constructed, very easy to pair and does exactly what it claims. Streaming music from my phone to my Bose system and it sounds fantastic. Saves me having to by yet another speaker system!
Failed to meet expectations
The device works very well with my Galaxy Note 3 phone, and the sound quality is great, but I really purchased this bluetooth receiver to enable me to play music from my Macbook Pro through my hifi system and I'm disappointed to say that it has proved useless in this regard. The Macbook connects to the device but the music constantly cuts in and out and the bluetooth connection to the Mac is lost even though the Macbook is only 4 or 5 feet away from the bluetooth receiver. It is possible that the problem lies with the Macbook rather than the bluetooth receiver but I am able to stream music from the Mac to another bluetooth device without a problem, so who knows?
Brings my Bose Wave into the 21st Century
A cinch to set-up. Just plug in, connect audio cable into sound system. Connect via Bluetooth and start streaming. Good range means can place device in most convenient place for you. Great Sound!
Works great
I ordered this with mixed feelings about the sound quality transfer from my S4 phone to my av amp system,however I was impressed the sound quality was just as good as a wired connection though I didnt use the supplied phono lead as I had a lead already connected (if your phone uses APT-X.samsung phones do)it connects easily and has a v-good range I can go to the next room with no drop off.Delivery was promp and price excelent.V-happy
Very good music streamer
Great little product, quickly installs and comes with required cables for linking to aux and rgb connections. Only one thing missing, in order to pair with it you have to switch it off and on again, doing this puts device into pairing mode for two minutes. You need to repeat this for all your devices and for guests. Otherwise perfect to connect to and stream music. Have connected it to my surround sound system and stream spotify without any problems.
Perfect solution for wireless sound - Revitalise your audio equipment
Up until I met my recent girlfriend, Bluetooth was the greatest thing to happen in my life for a long time. I listen to Spotify, the radio, podcasts etc in most of my spare time at home. Especially from bed. Pretty much every smartphone is equipped with Bluetooth and pretty much every household as some sort of sound system. What a lot of people don’t realise is that with a simple service like this you replicate expensive wireless experiences like Sonos. I stopped buying CDs in the 90s but still have a couple of decent soundsystems that were lying dormant. Now I can use this device to plug into my system’s auxiliary input and control the sound from my phone or laptop – wire free. I have bought them for my dad an uncle, both lapsed audiophiles who had great separate systems lying almost unused since switching to streaming services, now these amazing systems have a new lease of life.
Excellent piece of kit.
Easy to setup up. Plugged in, connected up and running in less than a minute.
Great Sound
the sound quality is really good a lot better than a cheaper make I had, pairs really quickly but the only little annoying thing is every time you want to pair something else with it you have to switch it off and on again for the new device to see it other than that its great!
Awesome product simple to setup.
Less than 3 minutes to get it working with my system and that includes removing it from its packaging.
Love it
Great little gadget
Very simple, easy to use, sound quality is exceptional for such a simple piece of kit. I'm very pleased.
Good quality product that works well!
Product arrived in good time and was very easy to setup and use. Audio quality is very good would definitely recommend saves having audio leads trailing across the room
Revised review
I am revising my review of this item. I cannot give 5 stars because the manufactures should have known about this problem. I have several gadgets that run Bluetooth one of which runs Bluetooth 4. That paired with the Roxa no problem but nothing else even saw the Roxa. I hate to be beaten so for 2 days this puzzle has been running around my head, why. Here is the answer if like us you have more than one gadget switched on with Bluetooth running.
1. Turn off the Bluetooth on all gadgets or if this doesn't work or you prefer, turn off all gadgets.
2. One at a time on each gadget switch the Bluetooth back on or switch the power back on.
3. Go through the pairing procedure.
4. Once the gadget you have switched back on pairs with the Roxa switch that device off.
5. Switch the Roxa off.
6. Now repeat 2 to 5 until all gadgets have paired.
I am telling you to switch the gadgets off because we paired 4 gadgets one at a time but left the last one on, when we switched the second one back on the Roxa wouldn't work with it so I switched the Bluetooth off on the last one. This all sounds very complicated for those like my husband are technophobes. I am well aware that on some gadgets you can tell the gadget to disconnect from the Roxa but I am trying to keep it as simple as I can.
I suppose if the manufactures covered all aspects the Roxa would be a lot more expensive. What I will say it has given a new lease of life to what was an expensive Panasonic music centre years ago. The sound is very good & I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this to anyone. Hope my review will help someone else.
Is it me
What a disappointment. Bought this to go with my husband's Lenovo Yoga Tab2 because he suffers bouts of illness that confines him to his chair. The Yoga appears to pair OK but the music does not go through the speakers, my iPad2 doesn't even pair, the only gadget that works perfectly is my iPod 5 which is not even in your compatibility list. I have a Bose Bluetooth 4 speaker that works with everything. This is the first item that I have ordered from Mobilefun that hasn't worked. I will keep it because it works with my iPod, when I connected the Yoga via the jack the sound was very good & is a fairly good price.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jill

Had a little look on the web and this suggestion came up, apparently you are not alone with Bluetooth issues and the Yoga...

1) Uninstall the Bluetooth driver from the device manager and delete the driver
2) Reboot your Yoga
3) Launch Wind
Plug it, Pair it, Forget it
Wow!! Just what I Always needed to rejuvenate my Non-Bluetooth Stereo system. I am now listening to all my music.
No Hassles for recharging either the Bluetooth adapter or my I pod.No drop outs or sync problems whatsoever.
One word "Simply Awesome".
Excellent device does what it says on the tin!
Pleasantly well packaged without unnecessarily excess materials used.
Simple and clear instructions. Worked perfectly within 5 minutes of opening.
Has saved the cost of buyiing a standalone speaker for iPad and brought underused Hifi back into use by streaming music and online radio front ipad and iPhone through Hifi speakers. Excellent value.Recommended purchase.
Great range, no fuss
I usually find the range of bluetooth devices is less than the manufacturers advertise, but this is a exception. Bluetooth usability improves with every generation, and this device pairs and connects without fuss every time.
Worth the money
I love my HiFi, especialy vinyl, but at times I just want some good, background music. For this I now use my Galaxy Note Pro tablet to stream music of Youtube via wifi, then Bluetooth'd from the tablet to the Aventree that is connected to a line-in on my amp. I can then listen to a whole album or collection of a band/composers work. The sound is as good as DAB through the Aventree with at least 10 meters of reach before any hint of a dropout. Recommended.
Avantree Roxa Bluetooth 4.0 Music Receiver
Attractive and well presented with all the cables that you might need. Extremely easy to set up and excellent sound quality from Radio apps and Spotify.
Very good value for money.
Innovative and Inexpesive alternative.
I got my Avantree Roxa last week and I could not wait to test it out, connection is straight forward and pairing is flawless. The loudness is quite decent, and the range seems adequate too. I did however had to replace the standard Aux cable that it ships in with my own which is lengthier and thicker. The sound quality could have been better but it's not shabby for that price considering alternative Bluetooth enabled AV receivers that could easily cost you 7X the price of this inexpensive alternative. I suspect one would not even notice quality variances with a smaller speaker set but I use something a bit high end, normally I can hear the difference between 128Kbps and 192Kbps encrypted MP3files for instance.

I let my friends and family take turns at DJ-ing by streaming their favourite tunes straight out of their smart phones/tablets to my Logitech Z5500 speakers with the Avantree connected to a Creative Audigy 2ZS sound card, all out of the comfort of the couch/patio, awesome product.
Very Good. Worth Getting
This does exactly what it says, and at the distances measured. The sound quality, to my untrained ear, is excellent. I was worried about music quality because of 'expert opinion' about bluetooth, but it seems to be excellent. It has certainly added life to my old but good music system.
Excellent product
Quick delivery. Easy to set up and works really well. Excellent way to play my music via any available stereo.
A must have
Yes a 100% must have for all music lovers , this is so easy to use and once connected u can just sit back with u'r device I.e smartphone or tablet and play u'r tunes wirelessly through any hi if with an MP3 input .fantastic!.........
Revive your old docks
Can't remember reading it in the review but this item comes with all the required leads 3.5mm or red/white audio. Also has a USB connector to make it even more functional to charge your device while streaming if required.

All round great away to revive old equipment, without the expense of a full Bluetooth speaker system.

Highly recommended. Great delivery time, 2 days even though it was stated it was out of stock for weeks at the time of purchase.
"Does exactly what it says on the tin...."
Having watched the video on how to use the device, I was hooked immediately. I wanted to be able to listen to Internet Radio, YouTube + my own music without constantly having to plug jack cables into laptops, phones etc. The ROXA fits the bill perfectly...it really is the "Ronseal" of Bluetooth kit.....! Sound quality is superb and noise-free. Easy to pair to other Bluetooth devices and opeartes quickly and efficiently. Glad I bought 2 as it brings a whole new realm of audio into my front room Surround sound and older back room audio system. Handy having an extra charging socket too. Finally the usual excellent service & delivery I have come to expect from Mobile Fun..Keep it up folks... :-)
Purchased this item and was so happy with it just what I was looking for delivery was as described quick and on time .Over all very happy with mobileFun.
Works Well
This is a good device but watch the volumn on your stero it needs to be at the bottom and control the volumn from the phone
Decent bluetooth speaker adaptor
Bought this for so I could easily switch between music from my Nexus 5 when it's on it's Zens QI charging plate (also from MobileFun and great kit) or stream audio from my iPad when watching videos.

It was a bit of a pain to get it to pair with the Nexus 5 (took three tries) but it was pretty easy to set it up to pair with both of them so I could switch between them. (You have to turn bluetooth off on device and then turn it on on the other and choose to connect).

Works great, and as I'm only using it in one room to connect up to a set of speakers I'm not too bothered about the reports of it only getting a 5m or so range because the device I'm connecting to it from is always within that distance if I'm streaming to it.

Excellent service from MobileFun as ever - fast delivery.
Great Range Bluetooth Hi-fi Adapter with crystal sound quality!
If like me you have a spare set of speakers lying around the house unused then the Avantree Roxa Bluetooth 4.0 Music Receiver is a must buy to bring life - and music - back into your rooms! Most sound systems don't have the ability to connect via Bluetooth and many people seem to store music on iPhones, iPads, android devices etc like me.

The Avantree allows two devices to be paired at once and streams one device at a time. The sound quality is of high standard and no noticeable drop compared to a normal 3.5mm aux headphone connection - even at opposite ends of the house (approx. 8 meters and through two walls).

The design is an elegant white with lime green trim in a normal size phone charger. There is the added benefit of having a built-in 1amp USB charger. Whilst this is great for phones and "rapid charging" note it is still less that the newer ipad models at 2amps and therefore would take longer to charge!

The connection process for "pairing" the avantree is relatively straight forward and uses a small "flashing blue/red LED" to illustrate pair more and "constant blue" for connected.

The packaging is very good and shows the avantree to be a premium product. At a respectable price too, it's comparible to other premium apple charges and the small excess (about £10) is a great value method to convert your devices to Bluetooth compatible. There is no reason why you couldn't connect this device to speakers, Hi-Fis or other devices with a "LINE-IN" feature.

I have now replaced my normal Apple iPhone 5s charger with this Avantree since it's a similar size and love it! I can highly recommend this receiver and the great service from Mobilefun as usual.
My Roxa has bad connectivity
Upon successful pairing, music comes on, however the music can not play continuously, it breaks off and comes back on several time within a minute until it finally loses connection. I had also send my feedback to support@avantronics.com. I hope they could resolve this issue for me soon.
What I needed
I was looking around for a new amplifier to stream my music from my NAS box, but this does the job perfectly. I now stream from the NAS via my tablet. Quality of sound is good and it connected with no problem.
Even better now !
I wrote a review on 9th August saying that this item was good, but lacking bluetooth range. Now I have got a new phone the range has dramatically improved, and now covers the entire house. I therefore have no quibbles at all, and would recommend it to anyone. Easy to set up and attaches to music system using supplied lead. The sound created is absolutely amazing quality. This now has to be one of my favourite gadgets, and I am pleased I bought it. My music system has a new lease of life. Go on buy one - you won't be disappointed.
Bluetooth Plug...and play !
This is basically a 3 pin plug with a bluetooth receiver and a 3.5mm socket. You plug it in, connect your audio cable, connect your bluetooth device (which takes seconds) and play your music. You can connect it to anything with an AUX IN or similar. It's so simple, it's brilliant. The sound quality is very good too. In addition, there is also a usb port in the plug so that you can charge your tablet/phone etc whilst you're using it. Buy two !
Brilliant Piece of Kit
Just a dream ..... plugged and played within 2 minutes of unpacking.
So simple, perfect
Used this to connect my iphone to my home stereo. Its so simple, plug and go. Comes with the required cables to connect to your stereo, banana plugs and 3.5 stereo jack. Audio quality is good enough and i was up and running in two minutes. Perfect to connect older sound systems without bluetooth. You can even charge from the device too! Wow
Does what it says on the tin !!!
This is a great product - easy to set up and use. Only downside is, the bluetooth range is not as good as it could be.
connect to my old cd player
thank you
Excellent product
Works as described. Simple to set up & produces excellent quality music over my hi-fi system. Would highly recommend .
A brilliant device
I wanted a device which I could use to play music from my iPod without having to "tether" it in one place. When I saw the Avantree Roxa Bluetooth 4.0 Music Receiver featured as a special offer, I had to buy it. I watched the video demo and saw how easy it was to use. My Avantree Roxa Bluetooth 4.0 Music Receiver arrived in a day and I have been using ever since! The plug shaped bluetooth receiver locks on to any bluetooth enabled device and streams CD quality music via bluetooth to my stereo via an aux cable. so easy, so effortless and I can sync up to two devices to the unit. The Avantree Roxa Bluetooth 4.0 Music Receiver is an excellent use of bluetooth wireless technology.
Fantastic, music with no wires!
This little device is fantastic!!

It resembles a normal plug, but has 3.5mm stereo and USB outputs. You connect the plug to you amp using a standard 3.5mm audio lead. Pair it with your music device/phone and then you are ready to stream music.

I used both Google Music and Amazon Music players and both work. You simply enable bluetooth on your device, connect to the plug wirelessly, open your music player, hit play and then the music plays through your amp.

I found that it worked best when the player's volume is set at maximum.

You can pair 2 devices, but only use them one at a time. I have both my Nexus 7 and HTC One X paired.

The range is pretty good, I've been outside in the garden and been able to change tracks.

I bought a cheap device that did the same thing from eBay, but as it had a battery you couldn't just leave it on all the time. As this plug is connected to mains power, it's always on and ready to receive.

I'd thoroughly recommend this product!!
Easy to use
I bought this so that I could connect my Nexus 10 to my Hifi to replay music. It took a minute to connect up and pair on bluetooth, and it worked brilliantly. High quality item also has a USB charging socket to power a phone or small tablet. Repeat connection works without hassle.
Very pleased.!
Good customers service...highly recommendable to other customers.!..a job well done...thanks...Johnnymac.
Amazing product - wish price would be cheaper.
I have now bought four of these devices. 1 for upstairs, 1 for downstairs, 1 for work and 1 which I gifted. Have been skeptical of bluetooth receivers but this device hooks up to 5 devices to play from any external speaker system whether your own computer, portable or HiFi speakers. Sound is amazing, no reduction in quality. Obviously a wired connection will always be the preferred option but at least you can use your mobile to watch movies or listen to music without headphones using a very good quality product!! Wish the price would be lower. Costs a fortune but well worth it. I hate wires, and I find headsets too socially isolating. I didn't get a lightening cable with my product. ?why. It has 30 pin, microUSB but no lightning adapter.
Great product
I just received my Avantree Roxa Bluetooth 4.0 Music Receiver. It has the size of a normal electric plug and equipped with the proper cables and manual. the latter is not so much of use since the product is ACTUALLY a "plug and play" one. As soon as I put it on a wall fuse and paired it with my phone, I connected it with my home stereo via one of the cables that came with and...that's it! Ready in seconds and does what is described for. Really convenient! And of course, it can also be used for charging the iPhone. Great product at a great value!
Sing big speakers sing
Avantree Roxa Bluetooth 4.0 Music Receiver

In the ever changing world of technology, a device that transcends the latest fad can only be a good thing!

What do I mean by this? It's quite simple, you buy the latest smartphone or mp3 or tablet and you get a docking station to go with it but as the newer versions or different brands come into your life so your docking station becomes redundant!

Enter the Avantree Roxa Bluetooth 4.0 Music Receiver. This little beauty can solve the problem of the out of date dock and even revive that old HiFi (ask your dad what a HiFi is)

It is simply an electrical plug shaped Bluetooth receiver that connects to any number of docks via a 3.5mm cable or to other audio devices via phono cables.

This little plug will free your music, video and gaming from puny docks and allow those big speakers to sing once more!

The connection process is simple and it can retain two devices at a time (although it will only connect one at a time). It can also charge a device vis an onboard USB socket.

I love it!
Works as it should
Does what it says on the tin. This device has given new life to my old bookshelf music system. It's very easy to set up, and the sound quality is great. If I had any complaint it's that the range of Bluetooth is not brilliant- but that could be down to my phone. I would definatetly reccomend it.
Another fantastic product.
This does exactly was it says and the sound quality is awesome.
"Just what I needed"
This item is ace, does just what in says on the tin, easy to conect with no password needed and works with perfect sound instantly. If you are thinking of buying this item but put off buy the cheep price then dont be, you will be very pleased.
Great little gaget
This is such a handy littler gadget, It works perfectly, pairs with no fuss and the sound quality is near perfect, well to me it is perfect !

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