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Avantree Jogger Pro 4.0 Bluetooth Headset - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A lightweight and splash proof Bluetooth stereo headset in black ideal for jogging and exercising - with Bluetooth 4.0 so you can connect two devices simultaneously, enjoy excellent sound quality and also features hands-free capabilities.
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 4.5 stars from 27 customers

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My husband loves it
Bought this for my husband and he loved it. He goes to the gym quite often and likes his own music but had been struggling with normal headphones specially because of the wire. Bought him this and problem solved. Very easy to use and connect to any phone.
Great fit and sound
These are my second pair of joggers first pair lasted years, great sound for their size, great fit, easy to change tracks and volume, I use them for everything, indoors and outside use, easy fit with sports glasses of all sizes, long battery life easy re-charge, good in the Summer months as they don't make you sweat, out in all weather, heavy rain no problems, bit of wind and traffic noise, just turn them up a bit.For the Winter colder months try the SD10 just as good with a deeper base sound.
Good Bluetooth headset
The headset works well and has plenty of volume. I can get through a couple of days use easily (and haven't yet had the battery run out before putting it on to charge).

It is a shame that the charging port is proprietary and not micro USB but it is very small.

Great value for money.
Headphones are great
Headphones are great, they are not heavy, sound is clear, and battery lasts a long time.
Hot Sweaty Music
Just great - now I can get sweat in my eyes while enjoying myself. I can now get run over by a car without knowing it.
Listening to music on the go is definitely the way to go.
Just a fantastic product. Makes hurting yourself more enjoyable.
Great product
Great product
Having used the awful JBL Synchros Reflect BT I was weary spending anything more than $50 on a pair of bluetooth headphones I primarily use for running.

Having done some basic research I decided to try the Avantree Jogger Pro, a brand/model I had not heard of before.

Music quality is not of great priority to me while I exercise while comfort is and Avantree delivers. I barely feel it.

Only small annoyance is that BT connection plays up if my phone is strapped to my left arm. It's actually unusable due to constant static. Re-strapping the phone to my right arm (as recommended in user manual) solves the problem.
Nice design. Good price. 'Tinny' sound
These are very comfortable and come with spare disposable internal ear pieces.

Even the packaging is above average, e.g. little card about the company etc.

Sound quality only gets a 6/10
Super item if you require a headst to connect to 2 pgones
Bought this headset because I use 2 iPhones (5c, 5s) all the time - work and personal phones. This headset connect effortlessly to both. You just pair the two phones as described in the instructions then when you turn it back on it connects directly to 1 phone and you just manually connect it to the second phone via Bluetooth settings on that phone.
This has its limits though, distance is poor. Even if you have the phone in your pocket it can get distorted sound but the instructions state to keep it on the right hand side of the body.
Battery life is great - about 3 - 4 days on a single charge.
Also when connected to my phone - the battery percentage shows up in the notifications screen on the iPhone.
It comes with the foam buds and the inner ear rubber inserts. The headset will not get displaced from you ear with the inner ear inserts but hard to wear for long periods.
When I wear them at work I use the foams but normally hang the headset over my neck until I need to answer the phone. doing this the foam buds often fall off
Stays put!
I loved this headphone so much that I bought a second one to give as a present! If you don't mind in-ear buds, the sound is good, the headset has plenty of controls (allowing to skip songs, pause, volume and making phone calls thanks to the microphone) and it does not move from your head - even upside down (yoga). The only things is that you must really have the phone on you as it doesn't have a big range.
Good value for good product
They're not as comfortable as they might be, and the sound quality's a distance short of great, but they're cheap, they work and the battery lasts a good length of time. If I want sound quality, then I use a decent pair of headphones (and I'm usually sitting down somewhere), but if I want not to accidentally catch the lead on things and rip an earphone out of my ear while generally moving around or while at the gym, then I use these.
Great Product and Service From Mobilefun
These headphones fit the bill for what I wanted and at a good price. Also delivery time was quick. I will be using Mobilefun again.
Brilliant but won't charge up
I've had to send 3 back. I've of them did charge up and did work for a couple of great months dog walking able to both listen to music and answer calls AND have two devices simultaneously connected on bluetooth rather than fiddling about. But the fault seems to be where you plug in the end of the charge cable. The red light goes on for a few minutes and then off. All headsets need to be able to connect to 2 devices...very sorry this has not worked out.
Best headphones, very good quality
For the price probably the best headphones, very good quality sound equipment with advanced features music playback control and telephone calls. I would recommend strongly.
Super Light, Fantastic Fit, So-so Sound
The Jogger Pro is a great headset for running. Very light, earpieces a lot smaller than other Bluetooth headphones and a fantastic fit. They don't move at all when running.

They have nice big buttons which are easy to use when wearing once you have learned where they are.

I had no problems at all with pairing to two phones at once as well as my Mac and iPhone at the same time.

My only issue is with the sound quality. It is ok for spoken word and listening to music when running where sound quality isn't so important, but this is not a high fidelity headset. The sound is a little 'boxy', not much bass, treble can be a little harsh but for running they are fine and as expected for this great price.
Good sound but uncomfortable to wear
I was impressed by the quality of sound from these 'phones. However, I simply could not get them to fit comfortably. I will persist, but it was disappointing.
Excellent quality, compact size, great price Bluetooth headset
Most Bluetooth headsets are more expensive, but I took a chance on the Avantree Jogger Pro 4.0 mainly because of compact size and multi-point connectivity. I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality sound when I play back music and how simple it is to use. Now I can listen to my jazz, while connected to my personal and work mobiles, relaxed knowing I won't miss a call. Highly recommended.
Avantree Jogger Pro 4.0 Bluetooth Headset - Black.
the jog pro 4.0 is a excellent piece of tech, easy to use, cost is very fair, mobile fun delivery was excellent. i use jog pro4.0 every day. batetery life fantastic and all functions work very well. i am very impressed.
Used for running the joggers are so light it's hard to know your wearing anything , sit on the ear well and don't feel like falling off, sound is good and buttons functional , I can't see myself using any other type of headphone for running , most other ones are in ear that I can't stand and I had some senhiser that were good but wired which was a pain , so well done on the concept of the jogger
Have bought 6
I'm so pleased with them I have recommended them to family and friends and I have now purchased 6 for different people, they are easy to set up and use and comfortable to wear.
Exactly what I was looking for
If you're looking for a headset that will stay in place while exercising, this is exactly what you need. I have used this headset during a variety of exercises and not had any problems with it falling off or moving. Love the ease of the buttons on the side of the earphones.
Bardzo dobre!
świetne słuchawki! Doskonała jakość dźwięku, niezwykle wygodne - po kilku godzinach noszenia wcale nie bolą uszy. Z innymi słuchawkami to się nie zdarza. Prosta i intuicyjna obsługa. Nieduże, ładne, estetyczne i ergonomiczne. Z pewnością kupiłabym je jeszcze raz. Bardzo polecam!!
Fit is nice but sound quality is little bit lower than I expected.
Fits like a glove.
I have just tried the headset and it is a great piece of kit it fits my ears just right. Also it has good stereo sound for a small headset Thanks. John
Avantree Jogger Pro
Have not run with it yet but it was easy to set up and works great under stationary conditions!

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