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Avantree Hive Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Enjoy an immersive audio experience with crystal clear audio and rich bass. Avantree Hive Headphones feature enhanced Bluetooth connection for greater freedom and sound quality.
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$47.98 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 162 customers

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Good value bluetooth headphones
I bought these to listen to music on the move and for listening to movies while streaming also for listening to playbacks of recordings I had made.
They paired easily (I used online instrctions to get it right.) The headphones fit snugly, felt almost a little too tight at first but when streaming (wirelessly) from my phone while doing some stuff outside and the headphone were secure. I haven't used them for receiving phonecalls or used the microphone so can't comment. I thought they wee excellent value.
Great clarity
I absolutely love this product the sound goes really loudand sounds clear. The only downside is you cant change the music from the device.
What you pay is not what you get because it exceeds the pay. This headphone is a 5 star guaranteed.
Top drawer
Own volume control,Connect via 3.5 jack or use Bluetooth.
Does not take long to charge up.
Well worth the money,Would recommend product.Top drawer
Best headphones I've ever owned
This is my second pair. The first pair finally died after a year of heavy use in generally unfavourable conditions (dust, rain, snow, hot, cold). I put those headphones through hell. Wore them daily, often for 12 hours at a time. Great battery life, and fairly comfortable, though after many hours they begin to hurt your ears.
Thought these were a good buy because they are both Wired and Wireless so they can still be used if the battery runs down while on holiday for instance. Quality is very good for the price and the sound is clear.
wow i mean wooow
When you consider the price for most Bluetooth headphones then you look at these. You can buy 3 or 4 pairs of these for the same price as one from other people. Then you look at the quality of the build and well they do not look like the price. if these were 3 times the price then you would be happy. The sound quality is acceptable depending on what your listening to.
i brought these for my little boy so when he play's his tablet or watches a film on it he can do so privately and he loves them
Bluetooth Headphones
Headphones must be charged for about two or three hours until fully charged before use. Automatically connected to my iPhone when my Bluetooth searched for it. Once connected you can play your music through the Headphones. It has a range of approximately 100 meters away from the device playing the music. There are controls on one side and are simple to use. I received mine very quickly in the post. Overall a very good experience through Mobilefun.
Easy to deal with. Fast delivery.
very happy with headphones and service
abolutely delighted
Very happy with headphones and delivery
Very happy with the service and my new wireless headphones
Mic sound useless
Will probably be thrown away
Avantree Bluetooth Headohones
I was very dissapointed at the quality of the microphone in the head set
When researching these type of phones they seemed to be cheap to be OK
bluetooth headphones
having read all reviews my mind was made up .The headphones arrived on the date I was told and I had them working inside a minute.Sound excellent picks out the base,reasonably lightweight.Why pay more these do the job .Don't think twice buy now
read all reviews before purchasing easy quick set up and quick delivery would recommend this product
Great sounding headphones
Got these to use whilst away travelling. Have used regularly and no issues. The sound is great and volume can be easily controlled by the toggle switch on the headphones without having to find the phone to adjust it.

They are that good I have to keep them out of the reach of other family members especially my wife!!
Plus Perfect Piece of Kit
As a simple soul, not a geek or what used to be called a boffin, all I wanted was a headset to keep my iPadAir2 listening private, and so not annoy the rest of the world. Three sets I bought and returned ...difficulty in pairing, poor audio, uncomfortable. Then I turned to MobileFun and Avantree Hive. More than perfect in every way,immediately. And less expensive than any of the big brand-names I had come close to wasting my money, and more time on. I placed the order and they arrived the next morning. Less than five minutes later, I was up and running. Or at least, listening. MobileFun for me, first choice, always, in future. AD
Excellent Headphones
Comfortable to wear with good quality sound simple to connect to my Bluetooth devices, does exactly what it says on the box.
Got here pretty quick Id say considering it came across the pond. Works ok but could be a little louder.
Keeping ahead of the game
I bought these for a birthday present for the wife, she does not seem to be able to use the volume control on her Ipad and keeps inflicting me with her choice of noise! so hope these will improve her personnel experience and improve my enjoyment of the piece and quite.
Delivery could not be faulted and as advised delivered next day, only time will tell now, yours Old Grumpy.
Ps do you have anything like a mussel so I can stop the sing along as well?
So glad I went for this
These are the best that I have had or used before, the only thing that I found is that you may need to wait a little while for pairing, it took about three minutes for My Nokia Lumia 1520 to find the headphones, other than that they are just great.
Great Wireless Headphones
I have tried numerous Wireless Headphones and none compare to the Avantree I have recently purchased. The Headphones are a good weight and feel very good when worn. Very good value for money and I would recommend anybody who is looking for a set of wireless Headphones to buy them. Comfortable to wear and easy to set up the bluetooth function on them.
How to make a wife jump
A pair of headphones that fitted my wife's kindle perfectly and when she put them on, made her jump 3' into the air, listening to her favourite group.I now have peace and quiet, well worth the money and I was also paid back.
if i were a minecraft character the headphones would fit squarely on my ears. was surprised at the amount of effort needed to twist the wire brackets to fit my ears. Switches are cheap and fiddl, padding is circular and not ear shaped. That said...for the price you will not find better. I find the Sound is acceptable but have been using Audio Technica M50's which show detail these cans miss. Still altogether better than expected. Would definitely recommend.
Aventree Hive Bluetooth headphones
When I was looking for BT headphones, I stumbled on the site and read the relevant reviews. I was aware I wasn't spending a kings ransom by comparison to other branded sets and thought I couldn't loose anything by trying a set. Wow, they exceeded my expectations, I think they are fantastic. I have them linked to my PC, phone, tablet, they work brilliantly and now I don't rip my ears off every time by getting caught up with antiquated wired buds. Reviews can be deceiving and bias, you have to be careful, but with the proportion of positive views about these headphones, you'd be mad not to have some in the house or wherever it is you can use them, I won't be going back now, thank you Aventree!
These headphones are very compact and very versatile. Not being over large but comfortable enough when fitted with an amazing sound production. The adjustment is easy to use with being able to simply slide the speaker up or down to fit. Connection is so simple. Turn on your bluetooth device then press the button on the speaker and within seconds they are connected. You also have the adjustments on the speaker to raise the sound or turn it down. You also can skip tracks or pause. A great buy for a small cost.
Great option for blue tooth headset
The headset it's self has an adjuster on either side allowing them to set comfortably on most heads. The sound quality is really good the low end plays well, personally I would like more low end but 8 think that's just me. The controls take a little time to get used to but are well positioned. The battery life is excellent and will suprise most users. Down sides would be that for user like me who cycle against the wind the mic position leaves a bit to be desired how ever the noise reduction work well in most situations. The call button links in well however I have had some annoyance with it activation Google voice in stead of s voice. Over all well priced and a must as a wireless option.
very good for the money
Great set of headphones, sound quality is not up to my Bose but convenience wise the they are excellent. Loud when turned up on headset ( took me awhile to work that one out) connects immediately, overall I'm very happy with my purchase especially for £30.
Best beat and sound ever!
I just got this headset and I need to say they are just excellent. The sound is so clear and the beats are so loud. On the first time I put them on my ears I was so surprised music can be so beautiful I don't want to put them off. The battery power least for very long and even when it's run out you can still plug them by mini jack cable with is included and enjoying your music with no stop. I recommended this headset to every music lovers like me. I still don't believe you can buy so good tool for so small price.
Avantree Hive Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones.
My Experience with the Avantree Hive Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones.
I was pleasantly surprised to find I could make and receive hands free telephone calls with the Bluetooth connection on my mobile phone, as this wasn't included in the description, the microphone picks up an amazing quality sound for the call recipient and my self whilst driving my Landrover which has rather a loud background noise.
The bass and treble sound quality is also very good, I have also found while listening to music the Bluetooth signal works a good distance away from the device while working in my work shop. So much betters than I expected, One very pleased customer.
So far these are great. Have only used them once but they worked fine and they were easy to set up.
Super headphones
I use these headphones to listen to the television as I am partially deaf they are very comfortable and work very well the sound quality is excellent the also work well with the I pad which we use for skype
Very pleased!
I'm loving these headphones! I got them mainly for watching videos and catchup tv, YouTube etc on my tablet as I can not get away with earphones, they really hurt my ears! They look and feel good quality and are light and comfy to wear..So easy to connect with bluetooth and I can walk around the house with them on and still keep the signal. The sound is very good and cannot be heard by anyone close by. The connector fits into both my Asus Memo 10 tablet and iPhone5 chargers as does the wired connection which can be used as an alternative to bluetooth or if the battery needs charging. First charge is 4hours and then around 3hrs after that. Highly recommend, Love them!
love them!
These headphones are exactly what I hoped they would be! They're light, comfy and easy to use. Sound is very good and cannot be heard by anyone else in the room....I use with my iPhone5 and Asus Memo10. Love em!!
Good for its price
Very good value for the price however it takes his to charge and the sound gets blocked out by little thinks like an engine or strong winds. Answering calls is very convenient and it has great controls.
Expectations Exceeded!
How good is this headset? You could re-brand it as Logitech and no one would doubt it.



From low, soft bass drums to David Gilmour guitar solo highs... well... like I said - the sound is incredible.

(If you've the Logitech G930 wireless headset these sound pretty much identical.)

Battery Life:

At least 10 hours! Maybe 15. Plus it's nice to know that enabling Bluetooth on my phone hardly puts a dent in its battery life. I should have done this sooner!


Paired with my Galaxy S3 I can be up to about five, maybe ten meters away no problem - if the battery is not too low.

Build Quality:

They are delicate but that's because they're light. They'll hold up to normal, non-rough handling just fine.


They're on hear so maybe not as comfortable as cup styles. Still, now that I'm used to them, I can go many hours with them on no problem.

It's so nice to get so much for so little.

Great value
Found the headphones easy to sync with my phone, performance is very good, comfortable to wear, no problems at all. Good value.

Usual Mobilefun next day delivery.
Avantree Hive poor battery
Overall quality is very good. Sound is decent for the price, not tinny, very nice lows. Faux leather and metal with plastic parts. Controls are fair, I think they could of did a better job in that area.
The battery is poor and does not meet the advetised specs.
I am lucky to get 4 hours of these on standby if I forget to turn them off. If I do not use for a few days they are completly dead. Maybe I have a faulty pair and am in the process of contacting mobilefun where i purchased.
If it was not for the battery issues i would give this 4 stars.
Top quality product well worth the money does what you need good sound with or without the connector.
great for price would buy again.
Good sound but not as much base as described. Easy to use, good battery life. Well built for money but ear pads are quite small. For the price they do the job.
Avantree Hive Wireless Headphones
Headphones are of a very good quality which is very easy to pair with a range of devices.Bluetooth connectivity is good and handling calls on the move is fantastic. Sound quality and bass is to a very high standard.This product is excellent value for money especially when you compare it to the likes of Sony and Beats headphones.
Avantree Wireless Hybrid Headphones
I was looking for some headphones that were a hybrid bluetooth/plug-in. Searched some reviews and came up with the Avantree wireless. Good sound, and quality. My only complaint is I wish the ear cups were comfier...the synthetic material is okay, just not enough padding.
Love it
Bought this for my 10 year old granddaughter who Lovett it. I think she wears it in bed too, actually the only place she has it off her head is at school

Well made too and value for money too
Just what I needed
I brought Avantree Hive Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones last year. Just what I needed it work very well.
The headphones I purchased the sound is great very pleased with them.
Headset review
This headset is the perfect accessory for the ipad mini when you do not want to upset people with your ipad speaker output. The setting up of the bluetooth couldn't of been easier. After charging the headset ust turn on the ipad mini bluetooth then turn on the headset power and they find each other. From then on if you want to use your headset just turn it on and you are underway, otherwise it reverts back to the speaker. It couldn't be similar .
Avantree Hive Headset ticks all the boxes.
Avantry Hive Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset delivers a high end sound for a budget price. Sits well on the head & has soft ear cushions. Wireless connectivity with my HTC Android phone is flawless & is so convenient whilst listening to music or radio to take a call with a touch of a button. So satisfied with my purchase that I am now awaiting delivery of another set to make as a gift to someone special to me.
Just what I was looking for
I have found that these Bluetooth headphones are easy to pair with each of my three devices (Nexus 7 (2013), Nokia Lumia 800, and HP Pavilion g7), and that once paired they re-connect immediately the next time they are used together. The sound quality is excellent, although initially this was very disappointing when they were connected to my Pavilion g7 laptop running Windows 7. Satisfactory use of the optional wired connection between the laptop and the headphones showed that there was evidently something wrong with the Bluetooth sound settings on the computer. Searching the internet revealed that I was clearly not alone in experiencing such difficulties when running under Windows 7! Thus I have found that on disabling the Bluetooth microphone recording function on the computer results in the same excellent quality of sound as I have with the same music when played on my other two devices.
Freedom from "Tangled" wires!
I discarded bulky headphones years ago because of heavy wires that often get tangled or pull down items that they are attached to.
However, Bluetooth does away with these problems.
No difficulties with "Pairing" these headphones but - they seem to pair to one source at any one time.
Stereo and sound - whether speech or music is very good but adjustment is a little "fiddly" (improves with experience).
Useful for Apple "FaceTime", as a built-in, discrete, microphone is provided.
Buy with confidence.
Much better than I could have expected.
A much better product than I could have expected for the price. Easy to set up, it worked straight out of the box. The reproduction quality is excellent. It may look a little frail but the build quality is excellent. Highly recommended.
Avantree Hive Wireless Blutooth Headphone
Works perfect with all my devices. Great sound and easy to wear.
I recommend this also as a perfect Valentine present, if you buy a pair of them.
an exceptional purchase
Bought these to use with my tablet and phone, easy to set up and use. Had seen plenty on offer for silly prices, these are of good quality and provide superb sound. For this price you can't go wrong, would definitely recommend.
One of the best headsets I used.
After my old ones broke i bought these and i can say it was a very good decision, the sound quality is very nice and they are very comfortable even though i have glasses. The reason why this is not a 5 star review is that the microphone is not really the greatest quality.
Good Product
I recently bought these headphones for my son for his birthday and he is very happy with them. They are comfortable to wear. Sound is very good.Good value for money.
Avantree HIve Stereo Bluetooth headphone
Fast delivery.
Very easy to pair with / synchronise with iPad and
iPad Mini and iPhone.
Excellent sound quality like BOSE
Most competitive price. A great buy.

Headphone not as comfortable as ear pods but advantage is the wireless factor
avantree Bluetooth headphones
Loving them so convenient no wires don't keep pulling on any cables works with my mac pro too and very good quality works about 7 Meyers away from Bluetooth spot. So yea verypleased
Great sound quality, comfort and perfect fit around the ears. Love the effective range from the bluetooth and it's simplistic functions make it a great leisurely listening device.
avant head phone just deliverd in 6 days very good service
avant head phone just deliverd in 6 days very good service
and very good amazing product
Not bad for the $
First things first: they're "cheap" (compared to other bluetooth headsets) and that is their best quality. They seem to be an ok build too, good materials, not too cheap feeling. I like the controls, I like the flashing blue and red icon. Now the dislikes: these headphones are UNCOMFORTABLE. They're "on-ear" and the cushioned ear pieces are kind of firm, after 20 minutes on the ears it starts to get painful, but the upside is they don't ever feel like they'll fall off my head. The volume isn't great, I have all volumes up 100% to get it to where it's comfortable listening. Battery life, it's ok, I've only went through one full charge, it lasted me one entire day, I listen to podcasts almost constantly from the time I wake up till I go to sleep so I'd say I used them for a good 10hrs which means they last longer than my cell phone. All in all I'm not returning my headphones, I'm going to continue using them, but I will replace them as soon as I can for something more comfortable with more volume, but until then these headphones will do the job.
Avantree headphones
I bought these as they were well priced compared to other bluetooth headphones.

I was very impressed with the quality of them. They produce sound quality associated with much more expensive headphones and the bluetooth connectivity is very easy to set up. Very pleased with them, especially for the price. I have now bought my son a pair as well because he keeps using mine!
Works well on Bluetooth
These headphones operate well on Bluetooth and have a good sound.
The time between charges seems tio be really good. I have had these for 3 weeks and although not used all the time, they have not needed to be recharged.

The only down side was the ear padding is on the hard side and not very comfortable. I am hoping that as time passes the cushioning may soften
Awesome headset .!!
I really like the performance.
Very good sound quality.
Price is unbeatable.
Worth buying this. :)
it just works!
Three diverse devices, three use cases, the headphones work perfectly. Sound quality is great plus the microphone is surprisingly clear. Excellent value.
Great headphones for the price!
Bought these headphones to go with the new Nexus 7. Headphones are very personal to the individual as everyone's needs are different. These provide a quality sound for a very reasonable price. I have bought more expensive wired headphones which aren't as good. These are on-ear headphones and so can be a little uncomfortable after an hour or so but I wouldn't be wearing them for much longer than this. I would recommend anyone to try these for the price.
Awesome product at an awesome price
Light weight, super easy to use, good battery backup and last but not the least... superb sound output. Very happy with Avantree Hive Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphone. Good job guys.
all-around excellent headphones
After reading the reviews on mobilefun site I decided to go ahead and buy the headphones. The price and shipping were terrific, the item works seamlessly with my phone; very comfortable wear and yes, the sound is just amazing is all I can say.
item is good but
the range & base is very good the only thing that could be inproved is the padding on the ear pieces
Decent Buy
I`ve had these headphones almost 3 weeks so far and used them every day. I got them while on holiday in Teignmouth.

Connecting to my devices is simple with only a minor problem when swapping to a different device as the headphone can only connect to one device at a time, i have to turn off my bluetooth on my iPhone to let it connect to my Macbook, and the same in reverse. so no biggy!

On the train home I watched a film with a friend using an audio splitter cable, so the headphone cable came in handy and worked as expected.

I tested the range of the bluetooth which was good, i left my device downstairs and went to the furthest point in the house upstairs and lost no signal at all, which was going through 3 walls & the floor, the same going to the bottom of the garden? Ive not actually lost signal yet so i`m not sure how far it will reach but its decent enough for my purposes.

Battery life, i`ve not had them long enough to say but i`ve used them listening to music most of everyday and charged up every other day, not due to running out but to make sure i didn't.

All in all a very good purchase, the optional use cable would be better if it had some where to store it in the headset as i can see it getting lost or forgotten & most likely when you're going to need it!

My only gripe really is: I don't like the "on ear" aspect, it becomes really painful after a short while (especially after long use the day before) and also needs a slight inwards angle at the front so it fits properly onto the ear, it currently leaves a gap at the front (making it feel like they are going to fall off) as the back of the ear sticks out more when crushed in by the headset.

Very much worth the money still though & I would have rated 5 stars if the problems mentioned wern`t there.
good value for money bt headphones
over the moon with them nice tone light weight comfortable easy to setup can't go wrong at the price.
Best Headphones Ever - Avantree Hive Bluetooth Stereo
Comfortable to wear.

Easy to set up the Bluetooth connection.

Superb sound quality.

Great value (matching products costing 4-5 times as much.
avantree headphones
fantastic bit of kit nice and clear easy to set up fits nice on the ears i have used dearer headphones but these sound and feel the same but at a cheap price well worth the money!!
Well worth the price
Im very impressed with these headphones, they feel well made and work well. Reccomended.
avantree hive wireless bluetooth sterio headphones
Bought them mainly for watching films on tablet very easy to install I know absolutely nothing about technology. the sound quality was amazing would highly recommend, the only down side is the volume switch
is fiddly as I have large fingers
but apart from that superb
Avantree Hive Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones.
Excellent. Pairs easily with everything, good sound and very fast delivery. Liked it so much I bought another dismantled it and installed it in my crash helmet, works great.
You can't go wrong with this one.
WOW! Who would have thought that a pair of bluetooth headphones could sound so good?
Really good full range acoustics with Booming bass! Great for all kinds of music.
Works as a handsfree set for your phone too.
Also the battery lasts forever,I have used it for a few hours a day since I got it and it's still going strong!!
Great price for Bluetooth.
Great little Bluetooth headset. OK so at the price you don't expect much but as many have said, I was also pleasantly surprised.

If I was to review these without thinking about the price, I would say there a couple of minor issues the biggest of these being that they are pretty heavy on the bass making the high end seem a bit muffled. That said though, they are not too bad and actually really good when you consider the price.
Great product
Very good sound compares to some very expensive headphones, I liked the fact that they're all black with no logos, being able to use a cord instead when not connecting to Bluetooth is a plus. The sound gets a bit distorted when the volume is extremely high but this is normal. I had a problem after a couple of days of purchase, I was not able to use the forward/backward buttons on the headphones and was going to return them but I realized later that this glitch was caused by my Bluetooth setting and not the headphones.
So all in all I am happy with my purchase and the customer services.
So far so good. I was getting fed up of using wired headphones and saw these and thought why not.

They are very good!
Quality - 10/10
Feel - 9/10
Bass - 10/10
Sound Cancellation - 9/10
Battery - Too soon to tell.
excellent battery,
sound is good enough.
weight could be lighter.
Excellent Buy
Just what I wanted for the train ride everyday, unfortunately my son has borrowed them & forgotten to give them back as he says the are the best headphones he has ever had.
Avantree Hive Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones
I bought the above mentioned headphones about a week ago. I must say that I was highly surprised at the quality of the sound the headphones produces. The bass is strong and the sound is clear. Even chat doesnt seem like a burdeon when using the provided headphones. It pairs easily and is a breeze to use. I would highly reccomend it to everyone as u cant beat the price for the quality you get.
Believe the Hype
I was not expecting alot from this headphones after using bowers & wilkins p5 but i am really impressed and pleased with my purchase not as good as my p5 but far better than any dre's i have ever owned. thanks mobilefun also for s speedy delivery
Superb sound and price
To be honest, I wasn't expecting too much from these headphones, having used some of the world's finest (sennheiser,akg,grado) the sound quality astonished me, had me singing out loud (and out of key I've been told) all weekend.
I can't praise them highly enough, nor can I fault the service, 5 stars for that too..
Definitely ahead of the rest
I charged these for the recommended 4 hours and been wearing them continually. Great sound and no discomfort. I had been using my son's headphones with fibreoptic connection, which is very expensive, through the stereo but now I know which headphones I'll be using. These add mobility and flexibility to be able to enjoy music anywhere at anytime at a most affordable price. All I have to do now is keep them away from my wife.
Very loud, great quality sound, long battery life, great price
Good if you don't break it
The headband is tight, so make sure you don't pull off the padded earpiece. I thought it was a great product until the foam caught on my ear and was lost. Mobile Fun can't help with replacements, so my cheap headphones only lasted two weeks
Just Perfect!
I am very impressed with this modestly priced product. The depth of sound is as good as any of the more expensive headphones I have tried. Simplicity itself to set up. Service from MobileFun - the BEST online service I have EVER received!
Great sound for the price.
I bought these headphones because another reviewer said they were bassy, but in fact they are just right with really rich deep bass and no loss of high frequencies either.
Because these 'phones have their own volume control, the vol. controls on the iPhone become the signal strength which gives more flexibility.
I would have liked to know that you have to charge them for 4 hours before 1st use but I have had them a week and they're still going. Great value.
An impressive item
I use these either when listening to music or watching videos on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet and they are seriously excellent for the price. The sound quality, base and tonal separation are remarkable for the price and better than many at twice the price. The convenience of walking around with bluetooth function is impressive and the sound remains clear over a surprising distance. Highly recommend this product.
Bluetooth headphones...fantastic
I am not a real Hi-fi nut but enjoy reasonable sound. These blue-tooth headphones give me exactly that with of course the added benefit that I can now move around. In fact when lying in bed I can roll over now without pulling my nexus off the side table. I am a big guy and there was ample room for my, head & hair. Controls easy to use (pairing) and so far charge time all fine. The volume control is a bit fiddly but soon got used to that.
Bluetooth headphones...fantastic
I am not a real Hi-fi nut but enjoy reasonable sound. These blue-tooth headphones give me exactly that with of course the added benefit that I can now move around. In fact when lying in bed I can roll over now without pulling my nexus off the side table. I am a big guy and there was ample room for my, head & hair. Controls easy to use (pairing) and so far charge time all fine. The volume control is a bit fiddly but soon got used to that.
to ear-finity and beyond!
After trawling for hours on the Internet, I stumbled across the Avantree Hive Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, and from other reviews decided to take a chance on them. I'm glad I did! Straight forward pairing to my device and a great clarity and crispness to sound. It was beyond what I expected in terms of quality, affordability and comfort. It has a great range and I love that I no longer need to face wire-tangling frustrations, and a single charge has lasted hours. A surprising bonus has been the built in mic that has worked a treat for Video calling. Already recommended to friends who have now purchased their own, and can't recommend enough!
Not enough volume
If there is no noise source nearby the headphones are quite loud enough, but in the presence of other loud noise the headphones can be useless.
Also, the earpieces are too small to fit properly over the ears.
On a positive note, the lack of cables is really good, and the sound quality is excellent.
well happy!!!!
Hey!!!! this is great, sound is clear, well happy, thanks.
Great for the price
Not the most comfortable headphones, but I still use them for several hours at a time. Not the most wonderfully clear sound either, but then much of my music is low fi mp3s so that may be the main problem. The controls are much more positive and far better than some other budget headphones, and these phones also come with a cable to plug in to non-bluetooth players.
I love the fact I can leave my huge and expensive phone in my pocket out of sight of potential thieves, and also know that potential muggers will not give a second glance to these lovely bluetooth headphones.
I was seriously about to spend eight times the cost of these phones on a big name brand, but most of them only properly work with Apple products. Theses phones do a great job with my Android at a truly bargain price.
Great bargain
These Bluetooth headphones pair very easily, have a really good clear sound with plenty of bass. They are also comfortable to wear. Very good value for money.
Pleasently surprised
Bought as a birthday present to myself after GF got me a tab. Don't be put off by the cheap price, great battery life (16hrs+), comfortable and most importantly, good sound.
A little light on treble but a fiddle with an equalizer and it's some of the best sound I've heard. Impressed with mobilefuns next day delivery too!
Good value for money
Bought my headphones 2 weeks ago. I love them, everything
works perfect. Arrived next day inthe morning, delivery excellent. I will definitely recommed to my friends. Better than Amazon though. Excellent service keep it up.
Works brilliantly - slightly too big...
These work really well. They sound brilliant and are very comfy to wear. The fade-in volume is a nice touch. Calls sound good too and the mic works well.

Only gripes are that the smallest size adjustment is still too big for my head and the press-and-hold to change volume always ends up with me accientally skipping tracks rather than making small adjustments.

For the price though, excellent.
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