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Avantree HandiSYNC Sync and Charge Cable for Micro USB devices Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A handy keychain cable that will allow you to sync and charge your Micro USB device from your PC or Mac.
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 4.6 stars from 39 customers

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good size and convenient to use
So far, so good. I really like this charge cable as it is small and fits easily into a pocket or bag. However not sure how sturdy it will be in the long term.
power on. the move
As I travel frequently and use my phone a lot I needed to be to charge my and carrying a cable arond is not the answer.i purchased this very neat piece of kit and goes on my keyring which is so handy and understated. It functions as advertised and I am very pleased I bought it. A great idea and thank you Avantree.
Mixed opinion
I bought one and loved it, prefect to keep on a keyring. However, bought a second one for my daughter and it would not stay shut. Basically the clip holding it shut is not strong enough to deal with the natural tenancy for it to spring open.
Brilliant idea. You can carry it all the time. no worries about long cables. one of the most needed gadgets at office. Liked by almost everybody at work, who owns an iphone.
It does a fantastic job !
This is the item those of you who need to have back up have been waiting for it does everything it says it will but in a small package so very handy to keep anywhere - your key ring , pocket it simply does a great job.
Nice idea but flawed
I bought 2, used mine regularly but it got worse and worse at staying closed. Now using the second one as my wife didn't use it and the same thing is starting to happen. Annoying as when it flips open in the pocket the usb connectors have sharp corners!
Little Treasure
I'm used to carrying an external backup battery for my mobiles but hate having long cables dangling around me or crowding my pockets. This little gem takes up so little space, you would hardly know it's there.
Excellent value for money
The product is excellent value for money and i wud recommend this since its very small little gadget which is very easy to carry in your pocket or purse or you can simply use it as a keychain. Its very good if you do a lot of travelling
Handy connector
I got two of these so that my wife and I could have connectivity - or especially - access to recharge from any usb port.

I has been very handy, fits on a key ring, saved us on holiday when we didnt have enough leads to charge all the devices. Also fits the car charger.

A bit bulkier than some of the newer alternatives, but still a very good piece of kit. and lint free!
Avantree HandiSYNC Sync and Charge Cable for Apple devices
A really handy device. So small it is so easy to carry around with you. Works with my tablet and IPod Touch - brill!!!
Avantree HandiSYNC Sync and Charge Cable for Micro USB devices
Really easy to use. You just plug it in and away it goes. So easy to carry around with you. No need not to be prepared now!!!
Does not charge the iPad.
I have an iPhone 4s and an iPad. This product charges the iPhone no problem, but I have found that it does not charge the iPad. I have tried to do this using USB ports on laptops and PCs to no avail. I used a standard Apple cable as a check and that worked fine, so it's not a USB problem, but a product problem.
Also, it is not a one-off problem as I had the item replaced, and had the same problem with the replacement.
Compact and does the job
Ever been at work, or near a PC and your phone battery is nearly dead? Well this product fits the bill you put it on your key ring and it's there whenever you need it (unless you have forgotten your keys at home but I digress) the cable is very short as the photo indicates so is not really suited to recharge from a tower PC case unless you build something or use a lever arch file, to support your phone while it is charging. It is more robust than those retractable USB chargers.
Only niggle is that it opens when on the key chain. A very small piece of duct tape keeps it closed.. So it's all good.
Neat gadget
Fits easily into your pocket - all you have to do is find a laptop or PC and you can recharge your iPad or iPhone without having to carry around any bulky recharging stuff whatsoever.
I really do not know what I did before acquiring this. Now I just leave it on my key ring and I know it's there when I realise I am about to go flat!
Avantree HandiSYNC Sync and Charge Cable for Micro USB devices
Really useful device for charging up my HTC via USB with my computer while at work. Small and neat and attached to my phone with a key chain.
Just what I needed, great delivery
Very portable, a mobile device. I don't have to carry a pen drive with me anymore. Very fast despatch/delivery. Recommended 100%.
Great, useful, compact product!
I purchased this as a spare sync and charge cable but also specifically to pair with a backup charger for my iPhone which did not come with its own cable. Due to its compact, sturdy design I am very happy with this device and it matches my needs exactly.
A neat gadget that is just perfect for the job!
This neat gadget is so handy and easy to keep with you Shen travelling ... A treat not to have yet another cable to contend with. Would recommend to others.
Better than expected
I was stuck, yep in deep poo. I was in the midlands, GPS failure and phone cord not working. Could not find my way to get to the motorway as no local people knew the way??? popped into a local shop for help, used my newly purchased Handi Sync on there computer and had a coffee for about 30 mins. My phone was fully charged ( i phone 4) used the sat nav from it and it got me home no problem. TOM TOM now in the bin as the screen is dead. Very very happy with my purchased it saved my sanity/. Many thanks
Bernie Fineman
Best thing I had for a long time
I do not know how I managed with this simple connection, its with me where ever I go. Since I purchased it my phone always charged. Just plug it into the car's cigar lighter or laptop's USB, simple!
Nice and pracitcal
Really nice bit if kit. I leave it on my house keys so I always have it with me. It looks really good and does not look out of place on my key. Thanks.
Charge anywhere :)
Love this - I can charge my phone at work quickly. Plus it fits on my keyring so it's always with me. It's the best lil device for S2 owners!
super solid investment
I keep this with me wherever I go, which is very useful if I need to charge my iPhone. I'm always leaving cables at my boyfriend's house so this way I can't forget to both take it with me and take it back! Handy little thing, and for a tenner you might as well have one on your keychain.
YOU NEED THIS if you're forgetful
I travel with a bunch of gadgets, and I'm always sure to miss out a micro USB cable or two when I'm packing my bags. With this on my keychain, I've always got a backup on hand and that's great.
Used thrice
I have had this cable in my pocket for just over a week and I have used it three times already. OK only once was a proper emergency but that is enough to convince me it was worth it.
The biz
perfect for easy charging of your phone. bought this on the strength of the pix, as thought i might need it. now use it all the time. brilliant.
iPhone saver
It is always after I've set off from home that I remember I meant to charge my iphone before leaving. Now I have a back-up as I have a USB socket in the car, Sweet!
Charge and Go
This is a great little device so I can quickly charge up my iPhone without having to rummage through my bag for the lead. Cheap too!
Fantastic bit of kit!!
I've got an iPhone 4 and an iPod Touch and I'm sick of having to carry a USB cable around with me as I find that the end (which goes into the charging port) keeps on breaking and the cable gets tangled. But this item is great! Allows me to sync and charge my phone from any usb port so is perfect if im at work or at a mates house and the best part is that it fits onto my house keys so I never forget it and it's always there when I need it. Great item A********
Worry No More!
I would recommend everyone who has an iphone to buy this. For under a tenner it can be stuck on your keys and forgotten about, until you really need it. I bought 2 as have 2 sets of keys for work and also the house. Have used both charge cables on more than 1 occasion. Great delivery time from this company too.
handy or what !
It's so tiny I have it clipped to my keys. Now I can carry a charger with me where ever I go - perfect for these modern smart phones that get through battery in no time at all :-)

The only downside is the orientation of the 2 plugs, but that's just a minor gripe compared t the usefullness.
just what i wanted
its fantastic, i go out a lot and at the after party is so easy to get the tunes on and even gets the phone charged in emergencies, love its compactness

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