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ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case For HTC One Max - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your HTC One Max with this black ArmourDillo Case, comprised of an inner TPU case and an outer impact resistant exoskeleton.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41561
$17.58 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 9 customers

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Fantastic Product
First of all i would like to acknowledge the service by Mobile Fun, a really good service. Now about the product. Ever since i saw the product on the website i just loved it. The product is simply awesome. Fits the my HTC One Max perfectly all over. Gives good protection for the phone in case the phone is dropped to the ground [of course it doesn't help if you drop your phone screen first to the ground :)]...

Not a lot about the cons about this product, although i want to mention a couple of things (which might be a deal breaker for some):

1. After putting on the case, it is a wee bit difficult to unlock the HTC One Max using the finger-print scanner

2. The stand at the back of the case is a little bit lose and hence it makes that unwanted noise. The noise can also be heard when the phone is in vibrate mode.

So considering the above 2 minute things (which for me wasn't the deal breaker), i would recommend this product due to the superior protection that it provides for the phone and hence my rating of 4.
Spot on
The case is just what I was after, overall protection is very good with the mix of softer silicone to wrap the phone and a hard plastic outer shell which is raised in the middle at the back to protect the camera lense and fingerprint scanner if it's dropped. The sides are quite thin which doesn't make the phone feel any bulkier but still adds protection and the plastic is all very grippy.
Can't be much better out there for this phone especially when you take into account the low price and high quality.
Great protection, a little on the bulky side
Awesome support, great if you drop the phone it'll be well protected. Just one minor problem. The HTC One Max comes with a Biometric Scanner and the ridges on the back of the case get in the way of scanning your designated finger.

Thankfully I am technically minded, and worked out the case is in two parts within a couple of seconds. Although, the none technically minded will find it difficult.

1. Hold the plastic/rubber case in your right/left hand. Looking at the power/volume buttons on the right side of the case.

2. Squeeze the sides of the case with your right/left thumb and the rubber sleeve will come apart from the plastic case.

3. Pull the rubber sleeve out of the plastic exoskeleton backing and pull this apart.

4. Slide your HTC One Max into the rubber sleeve, the rubber sleeve is a little hard on the corners. I found it easier to go from top to bottom.

5. Snap on the exoskeleton backing of the case onto the back of the rubber sleeve, again bearing in mind the corners are a little on the hard side. but with a strong push it will clip on.

This case is a fantastic product and would protect your phone in the event of you dropping it to the floor. The only gripe that I have is the two ridges on the exoskeleton backing near where the biometric scanner is located on the rear of the phone. These are in the way and you cannot successfully scan your designated finger. Unless you have tiny fingers then you'll be fine. Which in my case is... Hands like shovels. other than that this is a great solid case and would most definitely protect your phone in the unlikely event of you accidently dropping your phone. and deserves 5 stars for protection, but it is left down with access to the biometric scanner on the rear access of the case.
Tough case for a BIG phone.
Adds extra bulk to the already steroidal one MAX, but fits perfectly and feels very nice in the hand. I actually prefer the phone with the case on it. All the cut outs for the ports and camera are just right and the built in stand is a bonus. Im sure if dropped this tough case would protect the phone from damage and it also adds extra grip to the MAXs smooth metal rear. The only thing Im not happy with is the silicone part of the white case seems to be porous as it has stained from being in the pocket of a fleece jacket and it wont clean up. If it was not for this I would have rated it 5 stars.

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