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Arkon SM032 Water Resistant Case with Bicycle Mount Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A must have accessory for cycling enthusiasts, the Arkon SM032 is a bicycle mount with a water-resistant case which allows you to take your phone with you through any terrain.
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 4.4 stars from 10 customers

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Solid and secure
I wanted a case that would allow me to use the S2 on my motorcycle both for normal phone use and as a satnav. This fits thev bill admirably. The handlebar mount is secure and simple to fit, though it would be difficult on bikes without a full tubular handlebar. Thew case for the phone is a full-cover type, with a clerar window for the face display, and this seems clear enough for ocaasional glances. The case is closed with a zipper which has very close stitching and seems to be as water-resistant as the title claims. A charge lead (and, I suppose, headphone lead) accesses the phone through a simple gland which looks to be reasonably weather resistant, so if you have the facility, keeping the phone powered is not difficult. The case comes with a set of phone shaped rigid dense foam pads which can be used to 'bulk out' a thin phone to make it fit the case more precisely; in this they are very effective. The case is secured to the mount with the familiar taqb and slot arrangement, but with a difference. There is a separate locking screw which prevents the case from coming loose, and the only minor disadvantage might be that this could get lost by ther less careful owner. The mount has a screw-ring locked ball and socket mount and the thumb ears on the ring are also prevented from moving far by the mount locking screw. Very effective.
I bought this one because it was the only one I had found which seemed to protect the phone from the weather. I haven't yet been unfortunate enough to get caught in the rain, but it does seem that it will do exactly what it says. I like it.

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