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allocacoc World PowerCube Extended USB 4x EU Plug and 2xUSB Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The allocacoc World PowerCube Extended USB is a device that vastly increases your charging options by featuring 4 EU mains power sockets and 2 USB ports for all of your multiple device charging needs. Includes 4 Travel Plugs for DE / FR, UK, USA, AUS.
  • Mobile Fun ID 52419
$27.05 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 5 customers

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Good quality
Good quality and very convenient with remote. Great price.
loving this product
Love this product,its a cube and its great for charging your tablets and mobiles at the same time,the cube lights up so you know all your devices are being charged and not only that,you get this lovely eye catching colour of an orange square gadget that you can stick any where and all you do is press the button to put it on stand by and press it again and all your devices are being fully charged againagain,no need to turn it off at the mains,I just love this attractive orange looking trendy cube and everyone should have one,fabulous product
excellent gadget
Have 2 power cubes inaccessible plugs remote is invaluable safety to turn off cargers
Very good for your needs
Are you Thurgood it does what it says it does I would recommend it
Good item for traveling.
Just needs a bit more detail of using this Item.
Not used it yet as going away next week, but looking good.
Not very good
In my opinion as a user I found the item ( Which I have given away as I do not like it! )

It is too bulky unattractive the mains cable is too heavy.

It's a great shame because the description was good.
Elegant and Excellent
In a world full of electronic devices, most of which are in my study, this elegant device solved the problem of having my telephone and modem on all the time while allowing me to turn everything else off. The extra USB connections were an additional bonus
So good I bought a second one.
Beautifully designed,well made ,looks good on my desk,easily fitted ,runs cool when fully loaded ,so good that I have ordered a second one. Well packed and delivered on time by Mobile Fun.
Excellent product
Beautifully designed ,attractively packaged , well made and works well. Sits nicely on my desk , runs cool and has tidied up my work space .
The cube of power
This is a great bit of kit to have for any tech savvy person. Charge both your phone, tablet or any other USB support device and still sockets spare. A great discreet design makes it an awesome addition to your bedside cabinet or desk!
Spot on
Compact and cool. Does everything you need, looks good and takes up very little space. Bought one for home and will now be buying one for work too.
Power cube
Excellent quality product very please to raccomend
Cubic Convenience
This alcoholic (damn spellchecker) PowerCube does a very sober job of providing four extension mains and two USB outlets. Not only is it compact, it looks good and takes up little desktop space. A big improvement on my old extension cable.
To be recommended.
Great Item But Should be Listed as 3x UK Power Plug
Item looks good on the desk and is really handy being able to just plug in the odd thing like extra power leads of laptop or other things, but one thing I would say is that really you can only use 3 of the sockets as one is covered by the holding plate. However this isn't a problem for me as only got it so I can temp plug items in. so won't ever use 3 let alone 4 sockets.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Clive and thank you for your review.

It is true that if you mount the PowerCube you are left with 3 mains sockets available, however if you unmount at any time, you have access to all 4 again. USB ports are unaffected.
Space saver
Everyone knows how pressuse our electrical devices are and most of us own some kind of surge protection but most are bulky
Well try this little device, not only compact but with the added feature of 2 USB ports to help de clutter your desk space
And at a great price 5 stars

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