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AGL Colour Changing 100cm USB LED Strip TV Backlight Kit - Twin Pack

Twin pack of 100cm strips of USB powered LEDs that will enhance and transform any TV or PC Monitor viewing experience. With a host of colours and modes to enjoy, this fabulous finishing touch will add ambience, mood lighting and help alleviate eye strait.
  • Mobile Fun ID 63174
  • Brand AGL
  • AGL
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Why Buy?

  • Extra value twin pack
  • Enhance your TV viewing experience
  • USB powered - sticks with 3M sticky tape
  • Set the mood for the ultimate viewing experience
  • You want lots of colours? Modes? You want full control? You got it
  • Get more from your gaming
  • Helps to alleviate eye strain

Extra value twin pack

Why have one when you can have two with this extra value twin pack! The AGL Colour Changing 100cm USB LED Strip TV Backlight Kit 'twin pack' allows you to place one set of LED lights on the TV in your living room and another in your bedroom. The choices are almost endless!

Enhance your TV viewing experience

If you worship your TV, why not go the whole hog and put a USB-powered halo around it? In all seriousness though there are many very good reasons to do this. First of all, it looks great. Secondly, it can really enhance the ambience of your room, office or workspace. Thirdly, it can enhance the picture, making colours and contrast seem more vivid and defined. Last but not least, it can help alleviate eye strain, especially when you're watching in the dark. Let's look at the features in more detail.

USB powered - sticks with 3M sticky tape

O.K, so how does this work? Well, all you need is one USB port to power one strip. All modern TVs and PCs have them so powering is easy, and with a 3M sticky tape backing, mounting is even easier. The added beauty of using your TV's USB port means that the strip with turn off when you turn your TV off. When you turn the TV back on, the last setting you had on your LED strip is recalled so you don't have to get it "just right" again. Perfect.

Auraglow Colour Changing 100cm LED Strip USB TV Backlight Lighting Kit

If you do need or choose to use more than one strip, you can always source an external powered USB hub. Also, these strips do not bend around corners easily so if you wish to do this, slight modification may be required. We recommend using multiple strips for angles however. It's easier and more effective, but the choice is yours.

Set the mood for the ultimate viewing experience

Your senses are amazing, Not only can you focus on what is onscreen but your surroundings too and what is happening around you, however subtle, has an impact. It all adds to the sensory perception and can greatly enhance or diminish your viewing experience. With these LED strips you can add colour and effect to add to what is on screen for a richer experience. It doesn't matter if you're a child (though they will love and be enchanted by it) or an adult. Setting an ambience or creating a mood sympathetic to what is oncreen will make viewing media far more rewarding and fun. Try it.

Auraglow Colour Changing 100cm LED Strip USB TV Backlight Lighting Kit

You want lots of colours? Modes? You wan't full control? You got it

Make no mistake, this is no dumb gimmick or decoration. This is a dedicated smart accessory for any TV, monitor or any area near a USB port. Attached to your LED strip is a control unit, allowing you to switch between 20 colours, 20 different modes including fade & strobe, 5 levels of brightness and 5 different speed settings. With this amount of options and control, there's no way you won't find the right setting to suit you or whatever mood you're in or to match what you're watching.

Auraglow Colour Changing 100cm LED Strip USB TV Backlight Lighting Kit

Get more from your gaming

This bright idea isn't just for watching TV of course. If you're a gamer or spend a lot of time on your PC, this is the perfect accessory to enhance your experiences. There are few more sensory intensive experiences than gaming, but what they can't do is influence off screen. Well, by throwing the right light or effect behind your monitors or TV, you can take your experiences to the next level.

Auraglow Colour Changing 100cm LED Strip USB TV Backlight Lighting Kit

If you work from a PC, adding the right mood lighting to your workspace can inspire you to greater things, keep you calm and focused on your work and, maybe best of all, keep your eyes relaxed.

Helps to alleviate eye strain

We don't want to blind you with science (or light) but the theory goes a little something like this: If you watch bright screen images in the dark or low lighting, the sudden changes in brightness and contrast makes your eyes work harder to compensate and so can strain your eyes in no time. Conversely, if you watch a screen in bright light, there is little impact as everything is just as bright as everything else. Who wants to watch a good movie with all the lights on anyway? Have that cinema experience without straining your eyes as the light thrown out by the LED strips will help keep the light / dark in balance and give your eyes a rest while also enhancing the picture perception. So, not only mood enhancing and fun, but friendly to your peepers too.

Auraglow Colour Changing 100cm LED Strip USB TV Backlight Lighting Kit

Length: 100cm
LEDs: 30
Weight: 159g


Please note: If the adhesive's protective layer is removed, this item can only be returned if faulty.

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