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AGL 20 LED PIR Motion Sensor Wireless Solar Security Light

Increase security and safety around your property or business with this motion sensitive infrared solar powered security lamp. With 20 powerful LEDs, 3 modes, a 2,200mAh battery that can last through the night and IP65 rating to endure the elements.
  • Mobile Fun ID 64397
  • Brand AGL
  • AGL
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Why Buy?

  • Motion-sensitive security light for any external area
  • Solar powered rechargeable battery
  • Charge all day, shine all night
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Passive infrared sensor constantly and efficiently detects movement
  • 3 operational modes
  • Bright illumination with 20 LEDs
  • Completely wireless with no trailing cables
  • Easy mounting - fixings included

Motion-sensitive security light for any external area

If you own a property or business and want to keep you and others safe at night, you won't go far wrong installing one of these brilliant security lights. Simply install one of these in any area that requires it. Built-in PIR motion sensor technology ensures that the light will activate each time movement is detected by the sensor - up to a range of about 10ft (3m), so you won't even need to press a single switch. The effect is pleasing and VIP-like as your path is illuminated and it will certainly deter any would-be intruders. Another more important aspect is safety. If you have children moving around in the dark, or even tired, weary adults, the safety benefits of having their area lit are invaluable. If you can't see something, you can trip over it.

AGL 20 LED PIR Motion Sensor Wireless Solar Security Light

Solar powered rechargeable battery

Don't worry about clumsy, ugly, awkward and intrusive wiring around your property as this light is powered by natures greatest energy source - our sun. Light and heat travels 93 million miles to be absorbed and converted into stored energy by the advanced solar panel technology onboard. You obviously don't need to use the light in the day and the 'dusk 'til dawn' sensor will ensure the lamp won't activate in daylight anyway, so it's good news that this time is not wasted, rather spent recharging the integrated 2,200mAh battery.

AGL 20 LED PIR Motion Sensor Wireless Solar Security Light

Charge all day, shine all night

The beauty of having solar powered recharging is that it's not only very, very energy efficient and good for the environment, it also means you have a full battery charge to use every night and this charge can provide all the power needed - over 10 hours of operation per night in fact - or over 90 activations.

AGL 20 LED PIR Motion Sensor Wireless Solar Security Light

Ideal for outdoor use

This light is designed for outdoor use with very little or no maintenance. This also makes sense as it's solar powered. There's nothing to stop you using it indoors if you can guarantee a good amount of sunlight, but as it is intended for outdoor use primarily, it has been rated IP65. This means the weather will not affect it at all.

AGL 20 LED PIR Motion Sensor Wireless Solar Security Light

Passive infrared sensor constantly and efficiently detects movement

The Motion Sensor Security Light from AGL features a passive infrared sensor, which is constantly scanning for movement. When motion is detected, the light will instantly switch on and stay on for 15 seconds after movement has ceased, then blink off as soon as that time period elapses.

The motion sensor hardly uses any battery power, though - this is an efficient and convenient lighting solution. The light sensitivity meter will measure the amount of light too to detect if it needs to activate or not.

3 operational modes

To tailor the right use to your needs, there are 3 different modes of operation. These can be switched between easily by way of a selector on the unit. Let's look at these modes and how they differ:

  • 1- Off - Full beam on motion detection. This basically means the light is completely switched off unless motion is detected, in which case the LED will activate at full power.
  • 2- Dim - Full beam on motion detection. This is similar to option 1 except that the light is always on, but in low power mode for dim ambient light. Motion will still activate the light in full power.
  • 3- On - Constant full beam. The light is always on in full power. Motion detection is not necessary because it is already on full power.

AGL 20 LED PIR Motion Sensor Wireless Solar Security Light

Bright illumination with 20 LEDs

When the security light is called upon, 20 powerful LEDs illuminate the local area with white light. This light is rated at over 400 Lumens, which in darkness is quite something. This is more than enough to deter intruders, warn people of somebody's presence or light the local area so that you can see where you're going. Whether this is getting stuff out of the car, getting the car into the garage or simply to help see where your keys are. There are no end of good reasons why you'd want a good amount of light.

AGL 20 LED PIR Motion Sensor Wireless Solar Security Light

Completely wireless with no trailing cables

The 20 LED Security Sensor Light from AGL is totally reliant on it own internal battery, so there's no need to find a spare mains socket or run an annoying extension cable to your preferred location.

Easy mounting - fixings included

All you need is a good location on an external wall. Consider a place that will get decent sunlight and consider the area that will be illuminated underneath. Make sure it's where you need it. All you do is fix it to a wall with the included fixings. If you cannot manage this yourself, any good tradesmen should manage it in minutes.

Technical specifications

  • Colour Temperature: Cool White
  • Energy Rating: A+
  • Brightness: 400+ Lumens
  • Dimensions: 6.8" x 4.6" x 1.7"
    IP Rating: IP65

Key Details

Part No AG388
Colour Black
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