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Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus - Silver Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Adonit Jot Script is the first in its class: a true fine point stylus for your smartphone or tablet, that allows you to write freely and with precision, just as you would with a pen.
  • Mobile Fun ID 44093

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$81.18 inc VAT
 2.5 stars from 2 customers

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Will be sticking to pen and paper
Not for me - writing with the pen works OK but I found it almost impossible to write in a legible way. The pen has no resistance and this makes writing tricky, it also means my writing is too big (about 4 or 5 words per line). Linking it to Evernote was easy as was syncing the pen with my iPad.

My wife and eldest son have used the pen and also find it very hard to write clearly with.

Service from MobileFun was spot on.
Great for precision and good old fashion scribbling !:)
Does what it says on the tin works with all apps but using an art / note app like paper 53 or evernote then it gets a chance to show off its artistic side, it is fast responsive, intuitive and easy to set up. It is however far to much money for what it must cost to make. No more than $1 a unit, take that up to $2/3 a unit if u include r&d etc. Mobile Fun offer the cheapest I have seen.

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