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Adata Elite CE700 Qi Wireless Charging Stand Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Elite CE700 wireless charging stand's unique design allows you to charge your Qi enabled device in both flat and stand mode. Enabeling your phone to stay in use whilst charging.
  • Mobile Fun ID 43500

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 4 stars from 5 customers

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Charger and desk stand in one.
This is a great addition to the Samsung S5 wireless charging back.
This stops the need to keep opening the small waterproofing door over the USB charging port. Not only does it save doing that but it charges by just laying the phone on the charger or the charger or I have the charger setup as a deskstand as well.
adata elite ce700 qi wireless charging stand
Struggles to connect to the nexus 4 and even when it does, the battery drains faster than it recharges. I use it as a stand now and not a charger.
There are a few wireless charging platforms out there but this is one of the most convenient in my books. Unlike other charging plates it can be used on a flat surface as a plate or simply transformed into a stand.
This stand allows you to charge the phone wirelessly while watching a movie or browsing the internet. no need for anymore pesky cables getting tangles or having to plug in and unplug every time you want to use the device.
As with all wireless chargers however, it does take longer to charge the device than direct mains charger. But the coolness of just placing your phone on a shiny slab and watching it charge is worth it!
No more nearly flat battery
So convenient to just place the phone on this pad. I now go down town with plenty of juice. I used to get caught out with a nearly flat battery. Works well.

I find I rarely use it as a stand. Can't be bothered setting it up. Also while on the stand my Galaxy Note 3 sits too high for the charging field. However it is still handy will watching YouTube or TED clips.

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