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Adarga Leather-Style Wallet Stand Case for Sony Xperia Z2 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A sophisticated lightweight black leather-style case with a magnetic fastener, for ease of use. The Adarga leather-style wallet stand case offers perfect protection for your Sony Xperia Z2.
  • Mobile Fun ID 44477
$17.58 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 12 customers

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Best. Case. Ever
To me a phone case has to have quite a few features, this is the only one with the following in order of importance:

1. built in stand
2. good protection and material (includes front cover, not those damn covers for the back which make no sense to me)
3. reversible magnetic strap
4. at least 1 card slot with 1 note slot (this has 3 card slots + the note slot)

I always search for hours before finding a case for a new phone and hate if something just doesn't do the job. If there was one thing I could change about this cover, it would be to have an opening for the magnetic charger part, (although I had always cut out a bit from cases to charge while the phone was covered) or to have the opening reversed which would allow access to the usb and charging side of this phone.

This was my first order from MobileFun and they were quick to deliver and provided an email to confirm when it had been dispatched, will be happy to order from them again.
Nice quality which would surprise you seeing the cost. Also very handy, can stand up which is awesome!
decent case
Good case for the price
this product came exactly as it was described and is perfect fit for the Xeperia z2. could not be happier with the purchase. worth every cent
this product came exactly as it was described and is perfect fit for the Xeperia z2. could not be happier with the purchase. worth every cent
badly designed to be honest with you.
It is well made and looks good. though it does have several major flaws. it is designed to stand up so you can watch movies and so on. but they have failed to take into account that the power lead goes in on the left side of the phone and is something you would have pluged in while watching movies and so on. but you then can't stand it up in this manner.also whenever you have the power lead in you have to have the wallet open. needs a hole in the side to allow for this.

it has three slots inside for credit cards and so on. but if you put more than one in you can't then close it as the magnetic clasps isnt strong enough nor does it allow for the extra thickness. All the credit cards sticking out the top would also scratch the screen. I dont use any cards in it for this reason but still i get marks on the screen from the slots.

overall. nice idea and well made but not really thought through from a practical design point of view.

wouldn't buy this again.
i find it brilliant when you order an item at 8.30pm on a wednesday and receive the item on the friday this is customer service at the highest point of sales i thankyou you.
Adarga Leather-style Wallet
This is a great wallet. I was pleasantly surprised as it fits my Sony Xperia-Z2 perfectly. All the necessary buttons (on/off, sound, camera, etc., are easily accessible and the fact that it can be made into a stand for easier viewing on a table, for example, is excellent. Would highly recommend this.
Adarga Leather-Style Wallet Stand Case for Sony Xperia Z2 - Black
This wallet stand case is very protective of the phone. The delivery took a while to get here but it was well worth the wait. 4 stars
Adarga Leather -Style Wallet Stand Case
I did my research as to which case I should get for my new Sony phone and while looking at all the cases your fantastic web site I spotted the above mentioned case, I ordered one last Friday after 6pm which meant I would get it on Tuesday of this week, l am thrilled with it, it look really expensive it feels lovely to touch and the phone fits like a glove, it's also very useful having the pockets inside.
great product
So happy with it. It fits to my fone per mm. Look very good.
Exceptional Wallet from an Exceptional Seller.
For it's price what a lovely smartphone wallet.

Saw this advertised on Mobilefun but needed to know if there was an additional slot to hold money notes.
True to form as before, Mobilefun were quick to reply and answered each further question I put back towards them.
The following day I ordered the case and as before a text message informed me the item had been dispatched and would be with me very soon.

The following day the item arrived packaged excellently, so much so I have kept the outer packaging to use for sending photos through the post.

Now this wallet case is not one of your expensive name brand items but where it lacks in a label it makes up for in quality.
It is easily worth the pricing of the 'posh brands'.
Nice to see the Sony Z2 fits snug; easy to insert and take out but fits like a glove.
The 'snap on' that holds the Z2 is of a softer material that does not scratch or damage the phone yet you know it is held securely in place.

The wallet holds 3 credit cards and money. Initially tight which is what I expected but over time the front cover will wear and bed in very well.
I have no issues in leaving 3 credit cards, a few money notes and the Z2 in the wallet. Certainly saves you having to take with you a phone and wallet.

Note the case also acts as a stand to view movies etc. this is achieved by hinging the back cover which bends to support the phone in the wallet.

Overall, worth every penny and as I would expect well done to Mobilefun. You did it again guys...... A very happy customer.

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