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Adarga Leather Style Wallet Stand Case For Google Nexus 5 - Blue Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A sophisticated lightweight blue leather style case with a magnetic fastener, for ease of use. The stitch finishing is a nice touch. Perfect to protect your Nexus 5.
  • Mobile Fun ID 42259

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 3.9 stars from 29 customers

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It's good
It's good but the plastic bit did crack easy..
Smart function didn't work. Otherwise ok.
Nice looking, holds phone tight. Slightly larger than previous one I was using but Ok. Disappointment was that smart function doesn't work.
Adarga mobile phone case is good and functional
Adarga mobile phone wallet case is of good and durable quality, the smart wake functionality also works well with the phone. It also has feature to allow phone to stand on its side.
Good but weak magnet
I like the feel and look and manageability for a weak left hand.

I fear that the magnetic clip, which is weak on dlivery will become weaker and stop working.
Nice but Flawed
Very good quality materials and workmanship; unfortunately the sleep/wake, which was one of the main reasons for purchase, doesn't work very well.
If the front cover moves slightly, which is pretty normal, the phone will turn on while the cover is closed. Vice versa, the phone will not turn off if the top cover isn't in exactly the right spot. This is something that just happens to a wallet, the lid moves.
If the sleep/wake functionality worked as expected, it would be a 5 star.
Decent but doesn't close
The phone wallet looks nice and feels nice enough for a cheap phone wallet. This will not protect your phone from major drops but from minor ones it's good. The cover allows protection for the screen in pockets or bags. I folded the tab back a few times which fixes the issue of it flopping in front of the screen when being used as a stand.

One issue is when the wallet part is in use, with any more than about 2 cards in it the front doesn't close enough to turn off the screen, which is annoying, and then there is a gap too.

It's okay because the cost is lower than other models so that's really what you get I guess. I'd say it's decent. Mostly does what it's supposed to.
I've had this case for a couple of weeks now, and I generally like it.

A couple of minor issues:

It doesn't close very easily with more than a couple of credit cards in it, however that may get better with age.

Also not a super huge fan of the vinyl/faux-leather backing - it gets a bit greasy.

Otherwise, it's holding up well and will keep me from doing major damage to my phone in day-to-day use.
After a few weeks cracks started to appear in the plastic, although item feels and looks good would not last long.
Just what I wanted
This notebook style case for my Nexus 5 is just what I wanted. It protects the screen, does not interfere with the operation of the phone, is lightweight, unobtrusive, easy to open and close with the magnetic catch and has storage for a few plastic cards. And the price was very good. Thoroughly recommended.
- looks good and stylish
- 3 slots for ID, credit card etcc

- plastic frame looks weak and it actually broke when a phone was dropped from approx. 50cm to the floor
- the case is a bit 'flippyfloppy' and slippery

A decent product, but the price is too high for the quality.
good value
Great value for money, this phone case is very stylish, and for the price I was happy to find I didn't have to remove from the case to charge on my wireless charger, excellent.
Adarga wallet for Nexus 5
This wallet fits the Nexus 5 beautifully. As the wallet is nice and wide, the credit card fit into the slots nicely and there is a section behind the card to put a few dollars. It would have been nice to have the photos of the wallet illustrating the money pocket as I took the risk this wallet would contain this feature. This particular wallet is blue which stands out in the deep dark depths of the handbag making it easy to find. I am keen to see how long term wear and tear has on the wallet but it looks as if it should last at least 18 months before needing to be replaced.
All good
I looked for it, this was the cheapest, I entered the details for ordering it online and it came in the time specified. Cucumber.
A great buy for the quality, very well made and functions as needed.

While the case looks good, the plastic frame which holds the phone doesnt look substantial enough to withstand an impact.[we have sent the case back] The PDair cases are much better in this respect, but were not available for this Nexus phone.
Purchase f nexus 5 cover
Very good communication and delivery very speedy. Item was a perfect fit for my phone. Came very well packaged. Would highly recommend this company
Nexus 5 cover
Excelent thanks and received quite fast considering ChristmS!
A quality product.
I have found this item to be a quality product which I feel will give my phone very good protection against impact damage.
great cover
this cover is very attractive and provides easy access to the buttons on the phone. It provides adequate protection while looking good also. I really like it

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