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Acardion Aluminium RFID Blocking Armoured Wallet Case Reviews

Meet Acardion. Built like a tank yet small and lightweight, with card slots and space for all your cash, as well as RFID protection to help stop wireless card fraud, this is a perfect travel or everyday solution for carrying all your valuables securely.
  • Mobile Fun ID 64512
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Rugged little metal wallet
Received on time and well packaged,
Well constructed and perfect for my needs,
Tested it with London underground oyster card inside and no matter how hard I tried or what angle I placed the wallet on the card reader the barrier would not open till I took card out of wallet .
Highly recommend this wallet and the two for one was a big bonus.
Credit cards -protected
Great for credit cards and smaller than a conventional wallet however okay for a few notes but would be difficult to fit many new plastic notes as they flick out.
Overall a good purchase and provides protection for credit cards plus I got the bogof promotion.
Great little accessory
This is a great little accessory for keeping your cards securely and handy.In addition to the blocking for increased security it is great if you have a number of cards cluttering up your wallet or notecase.My wallet is now half the size it was since I moved my cards into this great little case.
Great product and service but .....
Well made sturdy item but compared to others I have owned I found it rather tight even with only 4 cards and several paper coupons which fitted easily into my previous holder along with 6 cards. Perhaps it will slacken off with use. I would recommend to a friend/colleague but with the above reservations.
Great idea
What a great idea. Device has 4 pockets enough for 2 cards in each and 30 quid in tenner. Perfect size for pockets and hand bags ideal for men and women. I used to go through 1 wallet every 6 or so months. With this protected device no more wallets and defiantly value for money. Yes I give it 10 out of 10 lightweight and handy pocket size well done to mobile fun.
Works okay; very good value
Works okay, clasp seems quite robust, opens with spring action, accommodates up to 10 cards in the concertina type pockets, though you can't cram much more in or it won't close. Haven't been using it for long so don't know how resilient it will prove, but amazing value for money at two for a tenner. If your initials are MW so much the better, as that's stamped on the cover.
Just in case
One of those products that you never quite know if it works or not but worth giving it a try! :)
Very good piece of gear
Basically, I liked it. I suppose there has got to be a limit to the number of cards you store in it. Not like a wallet, if you absent mindedly drop a wallet, it will probably not be noticed however if you dropped this wallet, it would make enough noise to make sure you don't lose it.
Wallet case
Did everything that it said it would, however you can't really put your paper money in it without screwing it up or folding it four times. Sounds ok, however it makes you look like Fagin when you come to get it out without throwing it everywhere.
Stylish security
Very impressed with this product as we would be travelling soon and wanted to keep our cards safe, I bought ne for myself and my husband

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