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Ten One Design Mountie Universal Laptop Clip - Black / Green

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Product Reference: 61709

Multitask to the max with the Mountie Universal Laptop Clip from Ten One Design. This secure, stable mount attaches your smartphone or tablet to your laptop, PC monitor or TV, creating a cost-effective, intuitive multi-screen setup.

  • "Multi Screen Solution that Works"
  • "Brilliant little gadget"

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Mike Reda
20th June 2017

Macbook Pro
Multi Screen Solution that Works
As someone who has been waiting for the multi screen Slidenjoy Kickstarter solution (18 month wait!) and considering the Packed Pixel option (too much money when you include cable converters), I decided to look at another solution. Hey presto, I found Ten One's Mountie option. It allows you to clip your tablet or smartphone to your laptop screen via a USB cable (standard USB cables you own) and in combination with Duet Display (a separate app with a small cost for laptop & iDevices), you can experience the magic world of multi screens. Every clip comes with various thickness of rubber pieces, so to snuggly fit your device securely to your laptop screen. You then press on the clip to secure for example your iPad. Connect it to your laptop with your USB cable. Start the Duet app on the laptop and on the iPad. Bingo, you now have two screens without lag. I can doe my work on emails, while watching the news on my iPad or open my Excel spreadsheet, so I can quickly reference, without having to switch apps to do that. I'm very pleased with this solution. The iPad stay on securely as long as you use the appropriate rubber piece and then clip it to the laptop screen. If you press the clip and then force it onto the laptop screen, it will start to very slowly slide away. Here's a great review on this product https://youtu.be/jwhFr5Ax3Fk
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21st March 2017

Doesn't quite wirk
Good idea but doesn't quite work. Hard to get both devices facing in a useful direction. Wide range of size fittings but they are not duplicated so hard to make it work if both sides are of a similar fitness
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Pete Barnes
9th March 2017

A very neat and easy to adjust clip
A very neat and easy to adjust clip, that enables you to clip a tablet or smart phone to the side of your laptop screen making it easy to monitor or transfer items between devices.
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Graham Lucas
9th March 2017

Brilliant little gadget
Brilliant little gadget. I've used a number of little phone stands, but they're freestanding and tend to get knocked / fall over etc. This one is great; attaches to your screen, so it's out of the way of harm and flailing limbs and really secure.
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Graham Lucas
26th February 2017

Brillaint idea
Brillaint idea. Use mine with Sony Xperia Z5 and a Fujitsu laptop.
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Carina Chu
Hong Kong
25th February 2017

Great product
Great product. Sturdy grip.
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30th January 2017

Not bad
It does what its supposed to. Holds on to my phone pretty solid to the laptop. Its pretty secure I dont worry about the phone slipping out even if I happened to accidentally pulled it. The only issue is that it clamps on my laptop pretty hard so I can see the edge of my screen appear whitish. This must be related to the size of the bezel of the screen on my laptop but may be this product could improve further. People dont want to damage their screens!!
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12th January 2017

Just Brilliant
Perfect solution to mount the iPad alongside a Macbook Pro display - the iPad in portrait orientation is ~ the same length as the vertical side of the Macbook Pro, so this looks fabulous. Strong grip strength too, I think that over time the iPad will stay exactly in place!
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10th November 2016

perfect item to buy!!!
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4th November 2016

good buy!!!
good buy excellent product...
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3rd November 2016

Missing link found!
What a great innovation! Now I can extend my MBP desktop to an iPad for a really convenient video editing setup on the road.
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Tullimbar, NSW
7th September 2016

Didn't fit laptop
Unfortunately the clip won't stay clipped on my Toshiba Qosmio laptop which has rounded edges. It will clip on just enough to hold something light like my iPhone. However the thing I wanted to connect to it was my Surface tablet to use it as a second screen and though it fits and holds the Surface securely, as soon as I clip it on the laptop with the Surface attached it just slides straight off and won't get a grip. It needs to be a bit bigger on the laptop side to get a firm grip to hold the weight of a tablet or IPad when the laptop has curved edges.
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6th September 2016

I bought this for attaching my iPad pro 12.9" with MacBook Pro 15". It is solid and hold the iPad pretty good. I wont advice you to move taking them along. Mountie holds iPad very good but iPad weight is a much higher to hold; thats what i feel. The grip is very strong but I think if you attache iPad pro with 2 mountie that would even be better and you can move taking your setup with you. Am pretty much sure that mountie can easily hold smaller and lighter iPads/tablets with no problem at all. Over all my experience with this product is excellent. Genuinely excellent quality and material. As far as MobileFun is concerned. I must say Excellent service and timely delivery
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23rd August 2016

So Useful & Well Engineered
I bought this after seeing a review on Unbox Therapy. Very satisfied with how well it's made & how well it works. MobileZap has the best price in Australia & is the most reliable seller, by far. 10/10 Would buy again
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Josh Smith
Dorset, UK
29th July 2016

Macbook Pro & Ipad
Mountie is perfect
A fantastic little device from a brilliant design company. Robust, strong fit. No marks to macbook or ipad. The perfect productivity pal. Use with Duet app! Wont be without it now and highly recommend it.
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2nd May 2016

interesting design
but don't try and use it with a Surface4. There is not enough side real-estate. Also overlaps the screen on modern narrow bezels.
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