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Olixar iPhone 7 Edge to Edge Tempered Glass Screen Protector - White

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Product Reference: 61158

This ultra-thin full cover tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 7 from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package. Features complete edge to edge screen protection for white phones.

  • "Stress free of broken screen"
  • "A screen protector which actually fits the screen!"

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David Goodrow
Huntsville,Texas USA
30th January 2017

iPhone 7
Best screen cover on the market by far!
This screen protector is absolutely wonderful! Covers edge to edge perfectly. Can't even tell you have a cover on it. Also works with Mophie Charge case. Wonderful product.
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22nd January 2017

IPhone 7
Stress free of broken screen
With this tempered glass screen protection on my phone I can rest assured my screen won't have no damage in case of an accident. Covers from edge to edge so you don't have one of those lines just under the screen. You can barely notice it has a protective screen. I am very happy I got it.
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21st January 2017

A screen protector which actually fits the screen!
For some reason the majority of screen protectors being sold on the high street don't quite cover the whole screen, leaving annoying tramlines and a rough feel to the edge of the screen. This fits brilliantly. My only slight complaint is it's not quite sticking in one corner regardless of what I try. But that's a better comprise then the alternatives.
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10th January 2017

Iphone 7
Expensive but worth the money. It provides FULL protection of the glass and it's easy to install.
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Ian Milner
30th December 2016

iPhone 7
Top Quality Screen Protector
This is the ultimate screen protector for your iPhone 7. The smooth edges plus edge to edge coverage make this protector the best there is. Easy to fit, and any air bubbles disappear after a few days, making the protector invisible. Simply, you get what you pay for, but if you've spent >£500 on an iPhone 7 and want to protect the screen without spoiling the look and feel of the phone, then this is the one.
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22nd December 2016

Seems resistant, and really almost no detectable
Really nice seems to be without any protector on. Seems resistant, and really almost no detectable . Nice
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13th December 2016

olixar glass protector iPhone
i think the best and nice iPhone 7 glass protector
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10th November 2016

iPhone 7
Perfect screen protector
Excellent product. Easy to fit and no bubbles whatsoever. Edge to edge so even all round the Home Button. Phone well protected and not a scratch in sight.
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Vural Akdeniz
7th November 2016

iPhone 7 plus
Best Screen Protector!!!!!!!
Excellent quality covers the entire screen best money I spent.
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John Spruce
7th November 2016

iPhone 7
Excellent and easy to fit
This was a replacement for a faulty one but I am delighted with the item. Fits perfectly and looks part of the phone.
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Bryan Yu
United States
5th November 2016

iPhone 7
Best Tempered Edge to Edge Screen Protector for your iPhone 7
This is by far the best Tempered Edge to Edge Screen Protector, in fact, it's the only kind. I live in the United States and no one sells them here. I've looked at Zagg's and Bodyguardz which are the two top companies when it comes to Screen Protectors. They both offered their own version for the iPhone 6 and 6S but not for the 7. This made me go out of the country and think where I could find one because I hate using cases. I rarely drop my phone and I love the way the iPhone's look so I only use a screen protector and a skin to cover up the back end of the phone. When I found this Tempered Screen Protector I knew I had to have it because I just didn't want to wait for someone in the US to make them even though the front of the screen is similar to the iPhone 6 and 6s. I wanted the real deal. At first there was a shipping problem. The screen protector was lost in the mail and I contacted them and they immediately sent me out a new one. That goes to show how important customer satisfaction is to this company. When I received it I had to install it pronto and so I did. Installation was easy and the outcome is awesome. Perfect clarity and perfect touch sensitivity. We all know about the 3D Touch and how sensitive the screen is and the screen protector did not interfere with anything. I bought the white version and most people can't tell that it's even on the phone and it covers my whole phone Edge to Edge. I had a similar one with Zagg's on my iPhone 6 but you could tell it was there and it was thick. This one is so thin yet so strong. I have dropped it 3 times on its face from waist hieght and nothing happened. The Tempered Screen Protector was still in tacked and did not crack or scratch. It kept my phone from breaking. Last but not least, the screen protector is case friendly for those of you out there that like to use cases sometimes like me, I use he Tech 21 case from The Apple Store. It fits perfectly in place and doesn't peel or bubble. It really is worth every penny because it is an expensive screen protector. Don't wait, if you're like me and want to keep the phone from being trapped in a case you need this screen protector! You won't find another of its kind. I can vouche for this company, they have great customer service and they made the buying process easy even though it was an international purchase. I'm estatic and I know you will be too if you buy this protector and install it correctly.
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1st November 2016

iPhone 7
Best Buy - expensive but you get what you pay for
I was sent this screen protector as a replacement for the standard Olixar iPhone 7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector (not edge to edge). This one worked a dream, very pleased with the end result especially as it’s fine with my Apple Leather Case. A couple of points to note, • Make sure the alignment stickers are well stuck down as mine became loose as I was doing the final positioning which cause a bit of a panic as the protector dropped before I was ready to fit. I managed to re-stick alignment stickers but the adhesive was beginning to lose its adhesion. • By this time there were a few dust particles on the underside of the protector. Don’t try to clean or wipe the underside of the protector as it smears easily and can’t be removed (I found this out on the previous protector). If you do see dust particles on the underside remove them gently with the dust-absorber and again check carefully the phone screen before re-positioning. The black edges have what looks like a curved gasket which mates neatly with the iPhone’s curved edges and being black in colour doesn’t show up any small edge separations which can be seen on the clear versions. This company has one of the best customer services I have experienced, so if you have problems do not hesitate to contact them.
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Bryan Yu
United States
1st November 2016

iPhone 7 Gold
Best screen protector yet!
I just purchased my iPhone 7 and I didn't want to scratch it so I bought a case that I really didn't want because it made the phone bulky and just plain skins work for me. After searching for a couple of weeks I stumbled on this website, the only website that sold the Tempered Screen Protector for the iPhone 7. It took a while to receive but it was well worth the wait. It came perfectly packaged and i stall was a breeze. I would recommend anyone looking for an Edge to edge Tempered Screen Protector to buy this one because it really protects your phone. I've dropped my phone on its face a couple of times and it doesn't even have one scratch on the screen protector and it looks great. Did I mention that the screen protector is better than what Zagg and a Bodyguardz are selling? It doesn't come with a lifetime warranty but you don't need it on your screen protector. I would buy from them again and again. They are the real deal and I'm happy with the purchase.
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25th October 2016

Iphone 7
Broke within a week.
This product really isn't worth the money, expected much more. Withing a week it had cracked a slight bit however it has now cracked down the length of the phone. The phone has not been dropped and has been in my pocket the majority of the time, not impressed.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Sean Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item, please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
1 of 1 found this helpful.
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21st October 2016

iPhone 7
Almost perfect......but
The screen protector is high quality, easy to mount and fits perfectly across the width of the phone and, for the most part, is very tough. However, this features a circular cutout for the home button, rather than a horseshoe style cut out I've seen on other Products. As a result there is a thin strip of glass underneath the home button. This is very delicate and broke very quickly, leaving sharp edges around the home button, not great given that's where you'll touch the screen most. Kudos to mobilefun customer service though who have promptly resolved my complaint. TL:DR: circular cutout looks better but fragile ; horseshoe cutout might be more suitable for phone abusers
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Bryan Yu
Baltimore, Md USA
19th October 2016

iPhone 7
Perfect fit!
This screen protector was an ease to install and looks great on the phone. I was able to install it without any troubles. I like this style screen protector because I use skins and I don't really use cases because it make the phone bulky. This is the perfect screen shield.
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Antoni Meli
17th October 2016

Stunning piece
Stunning piece. A lot better than the flimsy cheap tempered glass covers that don't even cover the full screen. Go for this, a bit more expensive but the quality is excellent. Full screen is covered, edges aligned smoothly, nobody could even tell there was a screen protector on my phone. 5 stars
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15th October 2016

Screen protector
Line it up and put it on
In the box there was the tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 7 a little wet cloth and a dry one.So you can clean and dry iPhone face before you put on the protector.That was a very easy thing to do.Line it up and put it on.
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14th October 2016

Won't fit with case
Beutiful looking and good quality I think…all the cut outs are perfect but the main problem is with even a low profile case such as uag monarch it presses against the glass especially in the corners if you knock or squeeze the case. Very frustrating as large air pockets appear. I have tried a replacement and it's exactly the same.i think it is ever so slightly too large for a case. Perfect without a case.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi John Looser fitting cases such as FlexiShields, Olixar Ultra-Thin and others should be able to work with this style of glass screen protector. Hope this helps.
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7th October 2016

iPhone 7
Sleek and Excellent
Definitely the best screen protector that I have used, very easy and perfect in its application. Very sleek in it appearance , you simply will not notice that it is there and yet feels like a tough glass. It is definitely worth its price and I recommend it.
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