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Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch

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Check out Facebook posts, catch up on tweets, texts and email as well as play music using the newly designed Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch complete with black leather strap.

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Ismail Fadel
7th December 2016

Gear s3 frontier
I loved the show great intuitive I received it quickly
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Gary Mucklow
6th December 2016

Samsung Gear s3 Smartwatch
Beautiful and clever
This is my first smartwatch. I never liked the styling of the Apple watch and besides, I recently switched to Android. The Gear S2 was a bit too small but the Gear S3 is just perfect for me, I like a good chunky watch. It feels very well made and I have had no issue with any of the many features. I use the health tracking to monitor heartrate, exercise and sleep. This all comes together great in the S health app on my S7 Edge. The battery is great, my typical usage is upwards of three days between charge, but I generally top the battery up on an evening before I go to sleep. It is great for receiving notifications so I don't have to get my phone out of my pocket. Call quality is excellent, calls made from my watch sound good the other end and the speaker on the watch is pretty loud and clear. Overall I am extremely happy with the Gear S3 Frontier. The only slight downside at the moment is lack of apps, but for now it does everything I wanted and more!
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Owen Jenkins
6th December 2016

Galaxy s7
A very smart watch which actually looks like a watch
I have been waiting for a smart watch that doesn't look like a small tablet on your wrist with a black shiny screen blinking on and off occasionally. The S3 is none of those things, it strikes a wonderful balance between a good looking watch and a smart wearable. You could argue that it's slightly on the large side, however I am not sure it could be smaller, and truth be told it functions as a watch to be worn in the outdoors, so I don't want to take time (excuse the pun) to figure out the time. Pros: -Very easy to use -Great features -Always on and multiple faces make it a very natural looking watch -Lots of smart features eg. auto recognise excercise starting, and very clever stretch recommendation if you are ignoring the get up and walk (as a result of being in a 3 hour meeting) -Very customisable in terms of navigation -Compatibility with regular 22mm straps. Mine looks great with a black metal bracelet which adds a nice weight to the wrist -I've only used it once by accident when my phone failed to sync to the car but the call facility on the phone is far better than I expected, sound was super clear and the caller had no idea I was talking to my wrist Cons: -Not convinced by the 4 day battery, I am getting about 1.5-2 days but then I am playing with, use it for messages, have it always on. I am sure if turned off the display, disabled various features then yes it would run to 4 days - but doesn't that defeat the object of having a device like this -Not sure if it's the same for all, but the bezel seems just a touch lose, which just takes a slight edge off the quality feeling For £350 I love this watch/device as it does everything I hoped it would, and looks great as well. Does it take pride of place next to the Brietling? Of course not, but then again I haven't taken the S3 off since I got it.
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Muhammad Akhlil bin Mohamed Ridza
Nottingham, UK
6th December 2016

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch
Best Smartwatch out there
Up till today, MobileFun has not disappointed me with their brilliant service. The communication between the customer service and the customer (Myself) was brilliant. There were delays with the item shipment from Samsung themselves but MobileFun were quick to inform me of any changes. The item arrived in pristine packaging and is of very high quality and build. All I can say is thank you to MobileFun for the delivery! Would highly recommend buying tech from them
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Jamie Tallon
6th December 2016

Samsung Gear S3 Classic
My Opinion
On opening of the box the Samsung Gear S3 Classic looked better then expected, not too big, not too small on my wrist and a classic look that I could wear for all occasions. The OLED screen is crisp and clear presenting an overview of information at my fingertips. The rotating bezil is an easy and intuitive way to navigate the menus, with the touch screen also very responsive giving you complete control over your navigation. Finished off with a black leather strap there is a quality feel to this product.
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5th December 2016

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier
Great Product!
I will not fault this product at all, after owning the product for some time now ive gotten to know it really well and i cannot fault this for being one of the best if not the best smartwatch on the market. The watch itself is a sturdy and great quality which feels like a watch and feels really at home on my wrist. It sounds ridiculous to say that a watch doesn't feel like a watch right but this however feels and functions amazingly. Although the screen may feel big to some, i having small wrists feel that the watch fits perfectly and is comfortable to wear, the straps on the watch are easily swapped out and can easily suit anybody's needs. The convenience of being able to answer text messages and phone calls without having to get my phone out of my pocket is a blessing and with the popularity of the watch and the Tizen software everything sooner or later will have something to work with other messaging services. At normal anyone using Facebook messenger will be able to easily reply on the watch from default and this alone is great. Overall the product has been promoted and delivered really well, Samsung has done an excellent job in delivering not just a watch but a next generation device and have done so really well.
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Gary Mucklow
26th November 2016

Samsung Gear S3
Such wow
This is my first smart watch and is the first I liked the look of: nice and large with a great design. It feels great on the wrist, has a nice heft to it and feels very well made. I will have to use it for a while before I can prove or disprove Samsung battery life claim (guessing I won't reach the claimed 3-4 days but may be because I am using it a lot on my first day). It's great to be able to make or answer calls on it, has good sound quality and is plenty out enough. Overall very happy with the watch. Thanks Mobilefun, it was delivered super fast a day after I ordered it. Very impressed.
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John Silver
15th November 2016

Samsung Gear S3 Classic
Samsung Gear S3 classic review
My Samsung Gear S3 Classic has finally arrived, so here are my thoughts :) It is a large smartwatch and wears big on my 7.5" diameter wrists. The leather strap I bought at the same time is only just long enough to fit. The watch sits some 4-5mm off the skin (due to the heart beat sensor) and because of this, the lugs are well clear of my wrists (a bit like on the original LG urbane watch) - maybe the reason why the strap is only just long enough. A bit strange is the addition of a thin chapter ring inside the bezel marked in one & 5 minute intervals. As with the S2, rotating the bezel changes the function from watchface to weather, add contacts, create reminder, events, calories burned, steps, Alti-Barometer and music player. These widgets can be added to as required. Pressing the bottom button selects apps in a circular menu. The menu and swipe are very slick with no lagging what so ever! Music can be added from your phone via blue tooth and of course the watch can be linked to bluetooth headphones. My only gripe is the OS - ie Tizen. I have owned a LG urbane and a Moto 360 and both ran Android Wear. I have bought and collected many watch faces used through Watch Maker. Unfortunately, these watch faces and Watchmaker are not compatible with the Tizen OS on the smartwatch. There is no google maps at this time (or any map software from what I can tell) This means you can only use watch faces found on the Samsung Gear app store or those through the Mr.Time Maker App - this could end up being a deal breaker for me So in summary, the smartwatch has the best hardware I have owned (and 4 day battery life is great) but it remains to be seen if enough apps and watch faces are offered, for me to swap to an Android Wear OS watch in the future (Maybe an updated Moto360 or Huewei smartwatch)
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