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Kidigi Omni BlackBerry Priv Desktop Charging Dock

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Product Reference: 58606

Synchronise and charge your BlackBerry Priv with this stylish and case compatible desktop dock which also acts as a multimedia stand.


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Woodside, NY
6th June 2017

Blackberry Priv
Great Product
I love what I ordered...very useful and easy. Great idea for my Blackberry Priv..I could multitask while its in the cradle charging dock and could easily see what I'm doing without the hassle of cords in the way.
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7th May 2017

Samsung galaxy note 4
Love it
I bought this because I was sick of buying usb cables literally every week they would stop working.I absolutely love this not only can I charge my note 4 but it also charges my Samsung Galaxy tablet I will definitely be buying a back up one and my daughter has asked me to get her one too. Buy this you won't be disappointed.
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Christchurch NZ
14th March 2017

So So
The concept of this charging dock is OK but there are real issues getting the phone on and off the charging point. It is far too tight attaching the phone is a two handed job. Once in place does it's job well but I now don't use it as more trouble than it worth
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27th January 2017

LG G Stylo
The cradle works well with my phone.
My phone fits nicely into the cradle both with and without the phone's protective cover. It provides just the right angle so that I can leave the display on to view alerts and messages while it is charging. I think the cradle would work with any micro USB phone with a bottom connector.
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21st January 2017

Really Clean and Nice
I really like this product because it stands my phone up next to my monitor. I used to have to pick my phone up whenever I received a notification by now with my phone standing up I can just look over and see it. The dock feels sturdy in your hands and I personally think is well worth the cost. The many varieties of the product ranging from apple phones, android ect. Sent me to buying one after my friend showed me his. I think it is very good for making your setup look cleaner and removing cables for phone power. It is also a very good item because it can connect your phone or tablet to your PC via the usb cable it uses to charge. One tip with the dock is that you don't need to raise or lower the port to successfully and easily charge your phone at any time. Also the dock takes 2-3 seconds to start charging your device so don't worry about that, but once charging has commenced the device will charge without fault or hinder.
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Juanma Ledo
7th September 2016

One Plus One
Device compatible with One Plus but with a drawback
This charging deck works pèrfectly and is extremely adjustable. However, my main problem with this device is that the One plus One has the USB connector in a reverse position. So that when I connect it to the base, the phone is not face forward, which is a pity.
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9th May 2016

Item is extremly versatile
Item is fantastic. Not only does it charge my phone but it also charges my bottom charging vape as well. Was a bit expensive but I doubt it will need replace any time soon.
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Captain Michael Falvey
29th March 2016

Galaxy 7
Speedy delivery as always. The charging dock works....i.e. it docks the device and it charges it. I have purchased Kidigi docks before and they have been superb. I was not so impressed this time. The construction is solid enough but there are limitations in the design. Thier earlier manifestations were model specific so the seating and general fit were snug and firm. This generic version suffers just a little in trying to be everthing to everybody. There are no comforting side walls and the earlier versions had four non skid rubber feet which did a better job of preventing slippage when working on the phone when docked. This brings me to my last point. the recline angle is shallower by a few degrees than in the model specific incarnations and therefore not so comfortably usable when inputting data by stylus and checking calendar etc. However having said all this I am keeping the dock as it does what it was supposed to do very well with a very stable 100% solid connection for data transfer and charging.
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Formby Nr Liverpool
17th March 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Modern Desktop Charging Dock Kidigi
A compact and modern desktop charging dock for you Samsung Galaxy S7 /S7 Edge can also be used for several other Samsung mobile phones and other products. With a height adjusting docking point for equipment requiring a longer contact / connection. Sleek circular design with a support for your phone U.S.B. connectivity to your laptop and computer system an all-round charging system for your desk / office.
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Vick giles
14th March 2016

Samsung galaxy s7 edge
Charging dock
Just what i wanted to look at when i was laying in bed to see the time and charge my phone at the dame time
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