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Spigen Slim Armor Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case - Armour Violet

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Product Reference: 57771

The Slim Armour case in violet for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has shock absorbing technology specifically incorporated to protect the device from any angle.


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10th March 2017

Samsung galaxy edge 7
Best investment
I'm normally the sort of person who buys a novelty phone case. Something with animals or mythical creatures. Theyou are run and look cutensils but generally provide little to no protection for your device. This case has converted me. It's durable and so handy with the stand that just pops out from the back. Especially if you're like me and watch everything on catch up. No more risky balancing acts required!
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Daniel Bolton
10th March 2017

Galaxy S7 edge
Worse than useless
The case meant that I coudlnt use a protector film that I already had, due to the case being forcing the protector off. As the case was more robust and expecting the rubber corners to provide enough protection in the event of dropping the phone- I opted to use just the case. This was a mistake as I dropped the phone this morning and the screen shattered, the case providing no protection whatsoever. Therefore if this case doesn't protect the expensive screen, what purpose does it serve? I would have selected zero stars but one is the minimum.
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Kevin tevell
18th January 2017

S7 edge
Nice case
Pleased with the case so far. Only problem is with the spigen screen protector as a matching pair theyre not very compatible as the as case tends to push the screen protector edge off. seperately both are great.
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9th January 2017

Like the case . All buttons work. Good access to sockets. Thought it came with armor glass for front like in picture but it didn't. Have now ordered armor glass for screen.
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8th January 2017

Sumsung Galaxy
Very pleased with product - already protected my phone as dropped today... Looks great also
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M my
22nd December 2016

Galaxy s7
Good quality
Good solid case nice touch with the flush stand
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21st December 2016

Samsung Galaxy Edge 7
pretty good
Its a bit pretty good case, well made and fits very well. Only time will tell how it copes in a drop test. You can fit one of these so called tempered glass (plastic) covers although i have opted now for a different method to protect the front. The case doesnt add much to the weight and is grippy enough with dry hands.
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12th November 2016

Samsung S7 edge
Great case
This is without doubt a very lovely case. It completely complements the phone. My S7 onyx black and the case is white with black trim. Solid build makes the phone feel very very solid.
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4th November 2016

Good value for a wonderful phone case
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30th October 2016

Good case with kickstand
When the case arrived I was impressed. Fits well and has the little Spdgen branded kick stand that works as advertised. Case has a rubberized interior with a hard shell on parts outside. The cover is also suitably thin (The S7 Edge is very thin). I had a Patchwork cover for my Note7 so this was a bit of a change and my first kickstand case). The phone fit is firm, easy to remove and easy to insert into the cover. I suspect the hard shell will scuff after months of use, even so it had a nice firm grip that is far better than the glass laminated metal back of the S7 Edge. Well worth the purchase.
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26th June 2016

Great case
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Jeven Nock
17th June 2016

I love it
I love it couldn't wait for it to arrive
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Orlando Silverwolf
14th June 2016

Than ypu
You seem to have Covered what I needed to know. Than ypu
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10th June 2016

S7 edge
This case is perfect for what i was looking for. I wanted a case that offered a good amount of protection but didnt add to much bulk and the side stand comes very handy too.
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Mark Ramage
9th June 2016

S7 Edge
Great fit, wireless charging works and doesn't get in the way of the screen edge.
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Simon weekes
4th June 2016

Samsung Galaxy s7 edge
Great item, fits like a glove
Great item, fits like a glove, great quality which gives good protection.
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11th May 2016

Samsung Galaxy s7 edge armor case
Works great protects my phone looks good
I love the armor case I had one for my last phone and it protected it 100 percent there wasn't a mark on it so decided to get one to fit this phone and delighted with it I love the protection and how good it looks would recommend for everyone
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6th May 2016

galaxy s7 edge
As second skin
Really perfectly fits. It fits perfectly in the hand and stand at the back of the ideal thing. Recommendable and at a good price compared to others.
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30th April 2016

Galaxy S7 Edge
Great Design
I am delighted with my purchase of this Spigen Case ,It looks and feels great and gives protection without feeling bulky and clumsy like others I viewed.I would certainly reccommend it for any phone .I certainly give it my thumbs up .
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29th April 2016

Great case
This case is exactly what I needed. It looks and feels great and has that premium build. Highly recommend spigen.
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Marcus Laycock
28th April 2016

Very good item fits phone well
Very good item fits phone well looks good nice feel to it all round thumbs up
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26th April 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Awesome Case
I've gotten Spigen cases for the last few phones I've had and I'm happy to say they're still making them right. I work in construction so my pocket is always getting hit with tools at some point or another and the case takes the beating. I've had the case for over a month and only have some minimal scratches and that's from laying it on rough concrete surfaces repeatedly. The only downfall I found with it is that the button covers are smooth and pretty flush with the case and can be hard to find. Other then that it's smooth and fits well in pocket and hand. The case also adds much needed grip which this phone definitly needs.
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