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PowerUp FPV - Paper Plane With Live Streaming VR Controlled Headset

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Control the movements of this paper plane with the movements of a VR headset - you're basically flying! With a built in camera and VR headset you can control and view the plane through your own eyes. Aerobatic greatness and unlimited fun awaits.


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26th November 2016

Waaaay too complicated to actually get up in the air flying. We spent an hour trying to get some air time, instead we spent most our time trying to find pieces of the plane that bust off on crashes. MAKE SURE you buy spare parts!..
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Hugh Webber
11th November 2016

PowerUp 3.0
Paper fun
Made paper airoplanes as a kid and thought this would be fun. Queried wheteher it would work with my tablet and they are right, it does. Makes others flying standard indoor models look on in amazement that this can fly. Great fun trimming and flying.
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Alec Hayter
4th November 2016

Great deal of fun
This was purchased as an Xmas present for someone who is nuts about aircraft and flying, and I cannot therefore comment on the item too fully as I must not open the packaging! However, outwardly it looks just the present for the man (in this case - not a child!) who will open it on the big day, and he will be as happy as a sandboy! From what can be seen, it appears that this is a well-made item, as well as being a good concept which will provide a great deal of fun.
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1st November 2016

Fun Fun Fun
This item is so fun for any techie or aviation minded person. Someone in our office personally had one and we were looking for a conference door prize. BINGO very well liked
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2nd October 2016

iPad mini 2
You = best
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1st October 2016

Great fun
Great fun once you build the right plane and choose the right day with no wind.
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27th September 2016

Samsung note 4
Great price
Little tricky to learn but my son loves it
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San Diego
27th August 2016

PowerUp 3.0
Funny and good toy.
It is very funny. My little bro likes it. We can create the plane by our imagination and it can fly. So cool.
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Chris Paul
25th August 2016

A fun gadget for someone who has everything else
A fun gadget for someone who has everything else. If I win the £20 voucher for writing this review, I'd be sure to use the voucher buying another one.
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1st June 2016

Good stuff
Like the idea and how you can DIY your plane, would be better if it has more customized plane templates
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Asbury, New Jersey
12th April 2016

iPhone 6s
Love these!
This is my stress reliever. I take my phone and a paper airplane, go outside and fly it around the backyard and it just de-stresses me. I love PowerUp 3.0! And is reliable and quick at shipping my order. I even had a defective unit and they replaced it without hassle. I highly recommend PowerUp 3.0 and!
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15th March 2016

PowerUp 3.0 App Controlled Paper Plane
Fun gift for the Aviation Enthusiast
This is an odd review: I've purchased THREE of these PowerUp Controlled Paper Planes, and I have NO idea if it's a good product. Why am I writing this review, then? Because it's a great little gift for people who like planes, fly planes, and/or have a child-like excitement for planes! I gave one as a retirement gift and 1 each went to a guy and gal who were both turning 50, so I've decided it's a great gift for adults who have everything but a motorized paper plane! As I've just begun handing them out like candy, no time has elapsed as to their recipient's success flying them. However, one will be given on a cruise and I hope we don't fly it out into the ocean to never see it again!
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11th March 2016

Great service. Weak product
We received the product within 5 days and could track it so great work and thanks. Why can't Australian companies do this. Sadly the product broke within 3 flights and will be returning it. Good concept though just need to be more robust
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29th February 2016

iPhone 6 plus
Very Fun!
Tower, this is Ghost rider requesting a flyby. That’s a negative Ghost rider, the flight pattern is full. This power 3.0 is amazing. It was so easy I had my three year old daughter flying it with in minutes. If you can fold a paper airplane and download an app, you can become Maverick. I got so good at flying (a day of practice) I was able to demonstrate how easily it can be flown indoors at a convention for STEM. (Science Technology Engineering Math) But it's best if you keep it outdoors and not in heavy wind. Great intro level flyer and it doesn't break the bank either. MobileFun is the cheapest place to find this power 3.0. Grab one and enjoy flying!
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Bethlehem, New Jersey
17th February 2016

iPhone 6s
What a lot of fun!
I love this thing! It is my stress reliever and I really enjoy going outside and flying a paper airplane around the backyard. Well worth the money!
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10th February 2016

PowerUp 3.0
Lots of fun-Takes practice
Bought it to play with my 4 year old grandson. Great fun folding the different planes and getting them to fly on there own but put on the motor and the excitement goes way up. The only problem is a tree grabbed it and by the time I got it down the prop was missing. The package comes with one replacement so I bought a package of extra props. Find a large open space with no trees to practice. The battery is small so it only runs for about 5 minutes before needing a recharge. It needs a USB port to recharge so be prepared. The iPhone app is easy to use and control the plane with some practice. I'm thinking about getting another one to build the twin engine model which is also supported by the iPhone app. All in all it is really a kick to see a paper airplane soaring around your head.
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New Jersey
2nd February 2016

iPhone 6s
Tons of Fun!
I've purchased several of these now and they are a blast to play with. Now, I'm buying them as gifts for friends. I'm trying different plan designs and just having a ball playing with them. You must buy one!
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29th January 2016

Very fast delivery and great to use. Thank you for the fast delivery and service.
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New Zealand
23rd January 2016

Fun once it gets going...
For the first 30 minutes that I had the PowerUp kit, the paper planes I made (from the PowerUp tutorials) always seemed to nose dive into the ground. After spending 10 minutes on their 'how-to' videos on YouTube, my planes started to 'glide'. Sadly it ended up gliding into my pool. Oops. I was at least 20 metres away from the pool. (Sometimes the motor doesn't want to co-operate with the app and continues to fly at whatever speed you last set it at; minus the control of the rudder.) To be fair, it functions as advertised and only died due to my own negligence. Don't expect to pick up the kit and start flying paper planes like an ace pilot. Fine-tuning and adjusting is pretty essential to the success of this kit. It was fun for the 2 minutes I had it going...
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20th January 2016

Fantastic service and product
I ordered this item to replace one bought on a different site. The item contained not only the item but replacement parts. I will always look at this site before purchasing electronic items.
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New york
15th January 2016

Plane didn't fly
Bought for gift could not get if to fly very sad about that It was a great idea the motor to heavy for the material
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Nancy Sorry to hear you have had problems with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
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14th January 2016

This paper airplane really rocks! It's a bit hard to fly it in the beginning but once you mastered it, it's easy!
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11th January 2016

didn't work
unfortunately none of my 3 boys, ages 12-14, were able to get theirs to work. the propellers etc.. work but they don't seem to actually be able to carry the paper plane.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi, sorry to hear you are having problems. It seems as if you may have a faulty item. Please contact our customer service team, who will help you to resolve this problem.
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4th January 2016

Lawn dart
I bought this as a gift. It was a neat concept but the nose was so heavy it was described as a lawn dart. Not worth the money.
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Jupiter, FL
4th January 2016

The product was a complete failure. It did not charge up or operate
I emailed a customer service person where I purchased the reply. I now own a paper airplane that will not fly under power and want my money back or a replacement powertrain. It does not accept a charge and does not work. My hopes to have it fly for my 9 grandchildren at Christmas are dashed. Please reply with a satisfactory solution.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Jim Sorry to hear you are having problems. As you can imagine over the Christmas period, our response may be a little slower than usual. It does sound like you may have a faulty item, and you can request a replacement or refund using our 'Returns' link at the bottom of the page.
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4th January 2016

I purchase the power up controlled paper airplane for my son. I was a little worried for the price it wouldn't be worth it. My son really likes it and it works well. He loves making paper planes and with this it makes it even more fun. It came quickly in the mail. I used their e mail to ask a question about delivery since we were purchasing close to Christmas. They responded right away.
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29th December 2015

Very good experience
Responsive, easy to use, good prices
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22nd December 2015

Powered paper plane
Very good
Lots of fun better outdoors than inside
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22nd December 2015

Neat product, nerve racking delivery time
After a 3 week delivery with no tracking information on the order, I almost gave up but this neat little plane enhancer came in good shape. Maybe get it somewhere else...
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21st December 2015

A gift for a bright boy.
This item is a gift for a friend's grandson. He is a bright and lovely boy and I wanted to buy him something special and something that would make him think. He will not get it until Christmas Day but I am sure he will love it.
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Richard Hood
17th December 2015

Iphone 6
A Marvellous App Controlled Paper Airplane
This is a great little gizmo which will provide hours of fun for you and the kids. This is so good that I've bought 2 more twin packs.
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New york
16th December 2015

Perfect item
When i saw your item. I like your site and item thats why i bought powerup 3.0 by this site
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south west
16th December 2015

app controlled paper plane
fun very good
very good product does what it says
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jeremy Cobb
15th December 2015

galaxy S3
paper aeroplanes just got serious!
This is awesome! you can design you best paper aeroplane and then fly it around the house and control it! Finally aeroplane design is more than a simple 60 second flight. rechargeable from your pc or standard USB charger, so the designing and tweaking never ends. You may want to keep it from the cats!
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26th October 2015

Looks impressive
This is n gift for my son, have not given it to him yet, but he loves making paper planes, so he will absolutely love this!!
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ken reeves
24th October 2015

huawei ascend Y 550
good idea and lots of fun
I am a member of a model aero club and find this unit great fun to use. great for holidays with the caravan nice and compact.also am going to build a foam indoor model for the power unit.and cause havoc at the scale events ( a scale paper dart) should be great fun during the winter evenings . I had not heard of this product before.My cousin in America had one and I bought one as soon as I returned from holiday in America. Ken Reeves
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30th September 2015

Good product
Flies well, but after 10 charges, it loses at least 50% power.
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Greenville, SC
26th September 2015

Very fun!
I bought this for my husband for his birthday, and we've both had a lot of fun with it. You fold your own paper airplane on sturdy paper provided, then put it on the airplane chassis provide. It's easy to get the hang of to fly, but very fun and quickly rewarding. I don't think it would work well for young kids, but for older kids and adults, it's a lot of fun!
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Jason Roberts
20th August 2015

Great product
Great product as detailed on the webpage and delivered on time.
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29th July 2015

Works well, easy to fly.
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David K
New York
24th July 2015

Cool toy
My son loves this thing. I was skeptical about it but it works as advertised. He can fly paper airplanes around the yard and control them. I think it is a little overpriced but it definitely works well.
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Alex Sarakinis
Guildford, Surrey
1st June 2015

Iphone 5
Excellent product, great fun.
I found this company whilst searching for a gift for my partner. They offered the lowest price for the product I wanted and this included delivery. I was very impressed with the delivery speed and the quality of service that was provided. I would have liked to have seen a video of this product in action, however this was easily found elsewhere. Overall I was very impressed with the product and the service provided, delivery was fast and good value, and I was updated via email once the item had been dispatched.
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