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Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Wireless Charging Battery Case - Black

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Place your Samsung Galaxy S7 into this convenient black case to wirelessly charge your phone when you are on the move. Thanks to the built-in battery, you can still use your Samsung Galaxy S7 while it is charging wherever you may be.

  • "Excellent"
  • "Very useful for those would want extra power."

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20th January 2017

Samsung S7
Excellent back up plus it makes it much easier to hold phone as I found the S7 far too slippy to handle It adds a bit of a size to the phone but I still thought it was excellent Always use when away from home/work so I have plenty of battery
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Matthew Pullen
Ashford, Kent
15th January 2017

Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Wireless Charging Battery Case - Black
Very useful for those would want extra power.
The Samsung S7 is an excellent phone, but it lacks a removable battery which I hate. However since I needed a new phone, I needed a way to keep powered up on the move as I use a lot of power. Pros 1. Its a case, so your phone hits inside it and is protected on the back and the sides. 2. Gaps where needed to access all ports. 3. Wireless charging so no need for cables. 4. Can be recharged AND charge the phone at the same time! 5. Doesn't increase the profile of the phone on the sizes or length. Cons 1. Doubles the weight of the phone 2. Doubles the thickness. Tips 1. When charging the case, if you leave your phone in it, it will charge both the pack and the phone at the same time. 2. Remember to turn off the case when you don't really need it by holding the button until the lights go off. Save it for when you really need it. 3. Get a screen protector.
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John Anders
Virginia, US
5th April 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7
S7 Wireless Charging Battery Case, first impressions
I like the extra heft of the phone with the case fitted. The fit is good, however, not as tight as I'd hoped for. Additionally, the case would be better if it were ribbed on the outer edges in order to provide a better grip. Note: You can't use the NFC features nor can you use Samsung Pay while the case is installed on the phone. If you need to use the NFC or SamsungPay features it's a simple matter to quickly remove the case since it's not as tightly fitted as are most cases which are seldom removed. That said, the case is the next best thing to having a higher capacity replaceable battery. The 4 state of charge lights are welcome as is the on/off switch for the backpack. The backpack lies dormant until powered on and only then does it begin to recharge the internal battery wirelessly. The case increases the thickness of the phone from approximately 1 cm. to 2 cm. The increase in height and width are negligible; the front edge of the case is basically level with the front surface of the phone. The charging port for the battery pack is at the top; the bottom cutout allows access to the phone's jack, charge port, and speaker. All perforations all well placed.
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