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Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Clear View Cover Case - Silver

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Product Reference: 57045

This Official Samsung Clear View Cover in silver is the perfect way to keep your Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone protected whilst keeping yourself updated with your notifications thanks to the clear view front cover.

  • "Very cute and worth the price"
  • "For the money I think it could have been made so that the cover stayed closed"

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19th May 2017

Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE
Don't waste your money
One of the much-lauded features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is its 'always on' feature. I assumed that the official Samsung Galaxy S7 clear view case would support this function but how wrong can you be? You can see the display until it times out but after that you either have to open the case or hit the power switch to activate the phone display again. Seems to defeat the purpose somewhat...
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ian mclean
17th May 2017

samsung galaxy s7 edge cover
Quickly does it.
The description told you everything you wanted to know and the service-delivery was first class.
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4th May 2017

Samsung galaxy s7 edge
Fits perfectly
Fits perfectly. Looks good and colour matches. Arrived quickly. Would recommend.
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Kate Stocker
East Sussex
30th April 2017

Samsung galaxy cover
For the money I think it could have been made so that the cover stayed closed
For the money I think it could have been made so that the cover stayed closed instead of flapping open. Otherwise not too bad does as said. It was great dealing with mobileFun would certainly deal with them again.
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21st April 2017

Great product
The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge clearview covercase looks like a good product. I can see the time and active apps without opening the cover flap.
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11th April 2017

Love it
It is everything I ask for and more.
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Texas Beers
9th March 2017

Samsung Edge 7
Good Case
This is the second case I have purchased from here. I loved the case that got for my Edge 6 and so when it was time to get a new phone this is the first place I selected to order my case. I love having the ability to see notifications through the case. I appreciated that the order process was quick and easy and the case arrived very timely. I have only had this case for a couple of weeks but the previous one was still in good condition after 2 years. It protected from a few drops from my hands to the floor and my old phone still looks like a new phone when removed from the case.
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Robert Wymer
1st March 2017

Samsung galaxy S7edge
Perfect fit
Great cover for S7edge,fits good and see through cover gives clear view of screen on standby and starts
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30th January 2017

I have had this item for my 6S Edge for 2 years still in good condition love it so have bought one for my new 7S Edge. OH no they are half the price today that I paid for it.
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29th January 2017

Samsung S7
At first I thought this was a lot of money but considering cost of phone this case is not expensive. Don't have any 2nd thoughts about purchasing as it's fantastic. It so nice to be able to answer a call without opening the cover & I could never go back to my old type of case. This cover protects the phone when at same time is practical & the colour matches phone perfect. My husband was so impressed we had to order 2 days later same style for his S7 Edge. Two very happy customers.
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12th January 2017

Love colour and look, doesn't shut properly and lid pops away all the time
Love the colour of cover, goes really well with the phone. I think the cover is flimsy though, it doesnt shut properly and pops away all the time. For the price I expected it to be better.
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Brenda Leithead
10th January 2017

Samsung galaxy s7 cover
Looks great, fits perfectly, love it !
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30th December 2016

fast service
I liked the service, it was a fast delivery, and the product was exactly as advertised. Thanks
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Suzanne McGarry
23rd December 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Product is excellent
Fits easily and blends in well with the colour of the phone. Love that you can see through the cover when the phone rings or a text comes through. CLosure of the screen turns the phone on standby so no more accidental pressing keys. Great product to go with a great phone.
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3rd December 2016

samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
I am now made up with the purchase, at first I had only had it 5 minutes and all the back was scratched... I thought what a waste of money, however REMEMBER TO TAKE THE PLASTIC COVER OFF that always helps. Now I love it. It is slim, and protective ! just like me.
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30th November 2016

Samsung S7Edge Clearview Case
I wanted the rose gold case and Mobilezap sent it from the UK to my home town in Central Qld in a matter of just over a week. Excellent Service.
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Patricia moore
9th November 2016

Samsung galaxy s7 edge
This is a great all round protector case
This is a great all round protector case.It is very stylish and elegant looking too and doesnt take anything away from the s7 edge phone.I fell in love as soon as i received it and would definately recomend it to others.Ive also had plenty of compliments too.It is a bit pricey but you get what you pay for.Its worth every penny.I have rose gold colour and love it so much i may also buy the gold colour.
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Fran Stewart
Croxley Green
6th November 2016

Samsung S7
Good product
Slightly surprised that the front cover doesn't stick tightly to the face of the phone. Otherwise good fit,
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Peter Godkin
28th October 2016

Very pleased with it
my son has got one and I wanted one very pleased with it and your quick response in sending it
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3rd October 2016

Even thought there was a rather lengthy delay in delivery the product itself was exactly as expected.
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Nasar yaqoob
18th September 2016

Samsung galaxy s7 edge
Very good
Only thing is it doesnt bring photo with an incomming call
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Rich Packham
12th September 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Marks the screen after a little use
I bought this case on release with the phone, and on first impressions it was great, however after several months use, marks have appeared on my screen, so before it gets any worse I've bought an S-View cover.
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Suleman desai
South Africa
29th August 2016

S 7 edge black clear view cover
Excellent s 7 edge cover
Hi just received my s 7 edge clear view cover and I must say it looks and feels great and looks awesome after all original izz original keep it up Samsung and fun mobile for speedy delivery
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20th August 2016

It seem to be very good i'm very happy that i brought one
i brought a samsung galaxy s7 edge cover for my phone i thought it was gonna be cheap quality but it seem to be very good i'm very happy that i brought one
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9th August 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Beautiful Case
It's a beautiful case, probably the only one that shows off all the sexy curves of the S7 Edge. The corners are well protected, so too is the screen. The front cover is somewhat touch sensitive so you can answer/decline calls by touching the front cover. You can also control the Samsung music player app through the cover as well (though only for a few seconds until the screen display times out) The only con, and a significant one, is that the Always-On feature is disabled by the case - go figure. But I knew that when I purchased it - hence I'm scoring it 5/5 because it has met my expectations. Overall, I would recommend (only if you don't mind the Always-On feature being disabled).
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Dennis Edwards
South Wales
5th August 2016

Excellent Gold case..worth its weight in gold
Excellent Gold case..worth its weight in gold.Excellent fit and looks supreme. All functions accessible.
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Amar Waraich
20th July 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Overall a decent case
Good strong product which covers the phone all around. Lovely front display. The only down side is you have to hold the flap open all the time when watching a movie or something, also the price was a tad high i thought. Overall a decent case
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Carol Brathwaite
20th July 2016

Samsung S7 edge
Good quality product
Quick delivery, efficient Customer Service, good quality product, yes I would recommend this company
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Derek young
3rd July 2016

Samsung s7
The product was received on time and in good order no confusion no messing around. Fitted my phone perfect no problem at all would recommend this company was great
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Karen Robertson
2nd July 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
It fails on the number 1 thing that it's supposed to do!
The whole point of this clear view case is that you can see the screen at all times using the always on display feature. However the case isn't compatible with this feature which I find totally laughable!! It's like buying a toilet that doesn't flush!!! That was the number one reason why I got this cover so understandably I am disappointed! Apart from not being able to do its main function, it is a nice case. Lovely colour, matching the phone colour perfectly and I like the materials used. It looks and feels good quality although I find it slightly slippy due to its sleekness (I'm sure that's a real word) I like it enough that I didn't return it even after the heartbreak that I felt when it didn't do what I thought it would
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Gary Morrison
23rd June 2016

Samsung S7
I love the case
I love the case. This is the dearest case I've ever bought. Loving it :-)
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10th June 2016

Galaxy s 7 edge
Exactly what I expected
Well my cover is very good fits exactly to me 7 edge the only thing that I would love is not to flip the cover and just type over the case just opened t okAkers calls and text it would be a great feature I guess just my comment.
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7th June 2016

Samsung Galaxy Edge S7
Excellent Cover and protection
Light weight and easy to use. The clock feature of the S7 Edge shows through the top screen nicely. This is excellent at night with almost no light intrusion which could disturb you. Phone fits securely and is well protected.
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Nicky Allen
5th June 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Love it!
I got the gold cover to match my new phone and I absolutely love it! It fits perfectly and looks so stylist. I am so glad I spent the extra to get a proper Samsung cover!
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Frank Williamson
5th June 2016

Samsung S7 Edge
This cover works with the phone, in that you don't have to lock the phone
This cover works with the phone, in that you don't have to lock the phone. Just close the cover and it displays the time for a few seconds and locks your phone. When you open the cover the screen wakes up ready for you password or fingerprint. Excellent buy
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3rd June 2016

Galaxy S7 Edge
They work perfectly, were delivered quickly, we're happy.
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28th May 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Good protection
As a cover it works really well. Well designed and built. Shame, 'Always on display' is disabled. It does also require additional screen protection for the screen. Unfortunately for Samsung S7 edge, at the moment, good screen protectors are not available.
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Evelyn Chua
21st May 2016

Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Clear View Cover Case - Gold
Speedy service and authentic item
This is my first purchase from MobileFun and would definitely come back if I needed something in the future. I am not too confident on buying stuff online as some of the items you would get are second class, and it proved me wrong as I get the product I wanted which is cheaper as well. The product fitted perfectly and it arrived in time. I will definitely recommend it as well to my colleagues because I know you will not let them down. Great expectations and well done guys!
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18th May 2016

Great at start but a lot of issues
Loved this case at the start but now after only 2 months my screen is scratched, caused by the case. It has also embended smudge marks onto the screen that I can not remove . The s6 edge case had similar problems I have seen in reviews. I'm very dissapointe that a case that comes from the original manufacturer would cause such damage . It is also very prone to scratches . Mine has now cracked but this was my own fault to be fair . Overall I could not recommend this case . The main reason is the damage it has caused to the screen . Very annoyed
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28th April 2016

Galaxy s7 edge
Nice looking case
Nice looking case but as others have stated, it disables the permanently on display. It also seems to be getting scratched after a few weeks use.
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Marcel Merrix Stannard
24th April 2016

These are great cases very stylish and sleek
These are great cases very stylish and sleek. The only draw back is the lid opens too easily at times.. but all in all a great case
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Robin Rhaney
Broughty Ferry, Dundee
15th April 2016

Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Clear View Cover Case - Gold
The Name tells the story
I have never had a cover for a smartphone before, and found the reviews a bit confusing, particularly regarding what you could do with the cover shut. In fact, what you can do is see the time, date and state of charge, which all shine through the cover. This is not on constantly though, you either need to press the side "On" button, or flip the cover up a fraction to get them, and they go off after a view seconds. The cover covers everything, except for a cut out at the back, which allows the camera to be operated without taking the phone out of its case, and smaller cut outs for the speaker, microphone, micro USB and headphone jack. You do need to open the case though, to do anything except get the basic data referred to above. The case is really very attractive. the colour and texture matching the gold phone pretty precisely. It feels sturdy, though not indestructible, don't stand on it or run it over with your car! The hinge side seems to have been engineered carefully, but I worry whether it might fray in a year. It seems to be made of a reinforced fabric of some sort. Works fine now, but its new. I am not intending to do a drop test, but I would have some concerns that falling onto a hard surface on a corner or edge might break it, or cause the phone to spring out. That's unlikely to happen otherwise, it sits pretty securely. Initially I was surprised that the case does not have any closing mechanism at all, it just sits closed by gravity. I have not found that to be a problem. In summary, this seems like the right cover for the best phone in the world (till next Thursday) if you're not worried about the high cost.
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Mark Hinchcliffe
4th April 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Disappointed by the lack of quality
Once the case finally arrived I was disappointed by the lack of quality of the cover not securing properly over the phones face, it flaps about freely and does not do the phone justice.
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3rd April 2016

Samsung s7 edge case
Good protective case
Really love the ability to see the phone display through the case cover. The sleek design is quite nice making it easy to store the phone in my pocket during the day. The case provides some protection to the phone itself but the case cover does come open when the phone is dropped.
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Martin Mcgrory
1st April 2016

Samsung S7 Edge clear view cover case.
I thought that it would have had more functions available with the case closed.
Feels cheap and looks cheap. Doesn't do anything for the phone. If you are looking for a case with more functions then the s view case in my opinion is way better with more functuallity.
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John Sykes
31st March 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Another excellent product from Samsung
I ordered this cover to protect my S7 from scratching as the shell back seems potentially susceptible to this. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this case detracts little from the great look of the phone and provides all the protection needed. There's a technique to making/receiving a call whilst holding the front cover open, but it can be done. The case is a little expensive, but it's worth it to protect the phone.
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28th March 2016

Samsung clear view case
Very cute and worth the price
It is a magical item. very cute and worth the price. I will recommend it every one.
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Joanna Palmer
27th March 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
An excellent, genuine Samsung case
A great looking case which snaps on easily and fits securely. The clock/notification feature is also very useful.
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24th March 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Looks nice, but overall I think its an overpriced rubbish case. There are much better ones for cheaper on the market!
When I received this case two weeks ago I have to say I was slightly disappointed, for the price its rather flimsy. The lid doesn't stay shut, it can just flip open if held a certain way (only way it stays shut is holding it flat), and the edges of the phone not as covered as I thought (only the corners). I was going to send it back but after seeing my dad old leather case for an older Samsung, it had the same similar issues and yet phone still intact. So I thought I was being a bit too picky and I kept it but I have found from using it for 2 weeks, their are more issues with the case. The lid of the case if you have had it bent around the back of you phone for 5-10mins, when you come to shut it will just flip back open. The only way I have found to put it back in shape so the lid stays shuts is to place the phone face down for 5-10mins. The 'Always on Display' which was the main reason I brought this phone case never stays on, when the lid is closed it will stay on for max of 10sec then disappears. Which is rather annoying as I have to keep flipping to case to get it to come back on, which goes against the whole idea of it for saving battery etc. Also the case scratches and marks super super easy mines covered already in little buffs and scruffs, I work from home so its hardy ever in a bag/pocket and if it is I have a dedicated pocket in my bag for it. Seems if there anything on your worktop no matter how small it will scratch it. I think the only plus for this case is it looks nice, shame its just a bit rubbish with everything else. Now I just wished I sent it back when I could, now Im just stuck with it. *Sad Face* I think its too expensive for its quality! Now the phone has had its general released there so much better value for money cases out there that seem to do a better job than this one. Shame would of expected better from an official case.
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Christopher Hamilton
24th March 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Superb cover!
Very much impressed with this item. It neatly protects both the front and rear of my phone without adding significant bulk. I particularly like to ability to interact with the screen such as answering calls even with the cover closed. If this cover had a kick stand it would be perfect but otherwise it is excellent!
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22nd March 2016

S7 edge
Galaxy S7 Edge clear view case gold
I would have wanted to know how much protection there was on the edges as the issue that if the case falls on the floor the flap may open and hence leave no protection for the screen. The case is nice and the Qi charging works well, and has functionality such as can play music and answer calls and cancel alarms. Over all it’s a nice case and looks the part that is the reason why I purchased it. Il just have to be careful with the phone. One last thing would say it is quiet slippery, and I would say the finger prints are not to bad on it
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22nd March 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
It is pretty!
Matched the phone in size and detail. Doesn't seem too protective of my device, that makes me nervous. I don't use the case as often as I had planned because it is that way. Convenient delivery, hassle free ordering.
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Austin, TX
21st March 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Clear Silver Samsung Case
Cutting edge look and functionality
I am absolutely in love with my Samsung Case. It fits snugly to my brand new Samsung S7 Edge, and I feel confident that it is protecting my investment. People have stopped me several times since I received it to ask if it is part of the phone itself. It looks, feels, and performs just like you would expect it to, since it is an official Samsung product. In fact, my husband who is a longtime Apple phone user has decided to switch now, after seeing this paired with the phone. Buy this one and you won't be let down.
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19th March 2016

Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Clear View Cover Case - Gold
Waste of Money
Far too expensive for the quality of the product! Case stayed open and would not stay shut by design of the fabric hinge & no magnet or fastening. Would not recommend and have returned and awaiting refund. I can't believe this is an endorsed official Samsung product!
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Heath booth
14th March 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Reassuringly solid and looks the part
This is a great case that fits the phone aesthetic beautifully. It's solid and yet opens and closes easily, and the ability to hit the power button quickly to check notifications without opening the case is great. Note though that the "always on display" doesn't work with this case otherwise - by design according to Samsung. The case has a high-gloss look, but it's surprisingly fingerprint resistant.
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5th March 2016

S7 Edge clear view cover
Excellent product, protects phone well but looks really good. Really quick delivery also
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