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Olixar Powercharge Portable Charger - 15,000mAh

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Product Reference: 56378

Massively increase the battery life of your smartphone by 5-10 times with this slim and lightweight 15,000mAh power bank with integrated detachable charging cable from Olixar, ensuring your USB devices are fully charged when you need them the most.

  • "2amp outlet is ideal for smartphones"
  • "Quality device that delivers on its promise"

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Ian Martin
20th October 2016

Samsung Note 3
2amp outlet is ideal for smartphones
The Olixar Powercharge Portable Charger does just that, used twice so far when any from him, 2amp outlet is ideal for smartphones.
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17th October 2016

Samsung galaxy s4
It is a lovely sleek design, just marginally bigger than my phone, and i love the integrated sync and charge cable
I had been about to purchase a similar item from an on-line shpping site when i received a promotional e-mail regarding this charger and was impressed with the specs. I then discovered that it was included in your recent sale at a substantial price reduction. I went ahead and bought this one instead of the previously chosen item, and am very pleased that i did.... it is a lovely sleek design, just marginally bigger than my phone, and i love the integrated sync and charge cable. It does take a good 9-10 hours to charge from the mains, so i connect it before i go to bed and then it's ready for the next day - just the job to keep my over-used tablet going for the day and evening!! All in all, a great item at a great price :-))
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13th October 2016

Olixar Powecharge Portable Charger 15,000mAH
Best Ever
I don't need to tell you in 200 words but I will say this is the best Charger I've had , it's fast and powerful charges my iPad and iPhone in next to no time , simply it's the best , enough said. Bye.
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Steve Mills
10th October 2016

Samsung Note 4
Quality device that delivers on its promise
The moment I picked up this portable charger it had an immediate appeal - a quality feel to it both in its silky surface and its weight. Compared to competitor products that I had considered from other popular suppliers its size was much more reasonable for its capacity. It came with very clear instructions, and a very fair description as to how to calculate how many times it could recharge other devices - it said: approx 25% of the power is used in pushing the charge into the other devices meaning that 11,250 mAh remains, so you divide (say) your phone battery capacity into that and the result is how many times you can recharge your device; in my case my Note 4 has a high capacity 3,220 mAh battery which can be recharged 2.5 times from flat to full. I liked the fact that the charging cable is built into the edge of the device so I don't have to carry a cable and that it can be detached and reversed in order to recharge the device. It also has a high speed charge port as an additional port so, with a second cable that you provide, it can charge 2 devices simultaneously. To keep its battery in tip top shape I regularly charge two devices from it overnight instead of using their mains powered chargers (one of those devices using the high speed charge port since it supports being charged at high speed). I would definitely recommend this device. It's my first Olixar product and I had never heard of them before so I was wary of buying, but I needn't have worried.
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Keith Newman
8th October 2016

Apple iPhone 6s
This power bank is the best by far
Bought a few power banks in the past but I can safely say that this power bank is the best by far,totally recommend
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St. Helens
7th October 2016

It's advertised as iPhone 6s charger but it's not really because you have to take your charging cable everywhere you go , The charging cable on the battery charger is not for a iPhone, when I bought it I thought they would have a little piece on the end to convert the cable into an iPhone charger cable , so think twice
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Steven The power bank features a universal USB charging port and you can purchase short Lightning cables (56150 for example) for extra convenience. Hope this helps.
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6th October 2016

Lived without one for long enough
I had read a few reviews on on this particular product in America last year,but after seeing it on sale in the UK it was hard to resist at the sale price,having a power hungry device is OK providing your back up is up to scratch,well people this is the one,my galaxy S7 edge now is never dead,4 days on a beach without running bk for electricity to keep the party going is a product not to be without,get one or stay in the past.....
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Hans Hulzebosch
6th October 2016

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Generous little charger
Bought the Olixar Power charge after my phone battery kept running flat whilst roaming. A quick re-charge of anything power hungry makes for a happy punter. Two units at the time? No problem. Besides that, it's a superbly looking piece of kit. Mean and moody with little LEDs telling you what's up. This has been one of my better buys.
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Peter Bell
17th September 2016

Samsung Galaxy
Well-made and pleasingly designed
Well-made and pleasingly designed, the Powercharge Charger is very nearly the same width and length as my phone, though noticeably thicker and heavier. With a supplied and housed cable, it is self-contained, charges quite quickly from the mains, and is no slouch in transferring charge to another device. Well worth keeping in your brief-case, rucksack or igloo.
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Scotland, United Kingdom
31st August 2016

Samsung Galaxy S5
Excellent portable charger, with a monster amount of power, and superb build quality. Charges devices fast! Only concern is that you need to use the cable that came with the device to recharge the portable charger itself, other cables doesn't seem to work with it, not with what I have anyway.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Michael We are glad you love the power bank. We have tested charging with a Micro USB cable other than the one included in the packaging and it charged absolutely fine. Worth checking your other cable to see if the problem resides there and check where you are plugging into to charge. Hope this helps.
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