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Love Mei Powerful Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Protective Case - Black

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Protect your Sony Xperia Z5 Premium with one of the toughest and most protective cases on the market, ideal for helping to prevent possible damage from water and dust - this is the black Love Mei Powerful Protective Case.

  • "A Tank"
  • "The Money Saving Case"

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Ben Flitney
Milton Keynes
14th October 2016

Sony Xperia Z5 premium
A Tank
Tough cases are not easy to come by for Xperia's...previous handsets I've owned I've always had Otterbox's...this case is a Tank..chunky it is and light it is not,took some getting used to but now had it for a while it's fine..military look with no detrimental effect on signal...good case.
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John Wigham
10th October 2016

Xperia Z5 Premium case
BIG investmet!
I bought this case as I keep breaking phones... bear in mind the size of a Z5 Premium and then imagine making it bigger and heavier! The quality of the case is fantastic but not for daily use unless you want to perform a manual handling Risk Assessment. Would be great for a phone used in an industrial type environment.
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Craig O'Neill
8th October 2016

Sony Xperia z5 premium
Over the top and dangerous
I purchased the love mei case for the z5 premium Sony. I needed the case because the phone is so wide, thin and slippery I kept dropping it. The case looked awesome but when it turned up and I fitted it I realised it was..... Well just huge and heavy. It's safe but now not a mobile phone and more a tablet that talks. The phone fell on my hand yesterday and the "super tough" glass shattered and cut my hand up. Have a rethink....
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Craig Sorry to hear you are not happy with this case. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
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bangalore, karnataka
5th July 2016

sony experia z5 premium
excellent product
gives my sony z5 solid look. Bit heavy but gives more protection from accidental drops, water splash etc. excellent quality product
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Joanne Nuttall
30th May 2016

sony xperia z5 premium
The Money Saving Case
This product has succesfully protected my phone from my clumsy ways. There is not a scratch on my phone or the case despite me having dropped it on several occasions. I am so thankful because without this case I probably would have had to buy a new phone by now, or at least pay for repairs. The only negative thing I can think is having to carry an allen key with me just incase. But apart from this minute inconvenience the case is brilliant. I would definitely recomend it to others.
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Coolbellup, Perth, WA
23rd May 2016

Excellent material, very strong
The material received is so great and strong. It took a bit time but when contacting the support team I got an argent delivery which is great. Fully recommended.
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19th May 2016

Sony Z5 premium
Super strong cover
If you want a bullet proof cover this it but it does make the phone a nice bit bigger in your pocket
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26th April 2016

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
Awsome but heavy.t
This case serves the purpose well. I bot it to safe guard costly phone from frequent falls during my crazy outdoor activities like byking, cycling, trekking and off-roading. This has a mettalic covering with soft rubber strips on the sides and back to offer sufficient grip and cushioning. Phone basically sits in a rubber pad which basically absorbs any shocks in the event of falls/impacts. Comes with a safety glass to safeguard the screen. So the screen guard I bot cudnt be used . This arrangement makes it waterproof too.
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19th April 2016

Great protection
My review I'll give you positives and negatives. Positives: - Very Strong material - inbuilt Gorilla Glass Screen Protector - Sound is still clear - Tools given required to screw the back plate and front together. - Wipes and screen cloth also included as well as a wrist strap. negatives: -very heavy (adds Three times the weight to the phone) - headphone jack area can only fit normal headphones (eg. Sony in-ear headphones. Eg. won't fit Senheisser HD380 Pro )
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29th March 2016

Sony Z5 Premium
Bomb proof case!
Put your phone in this case and drop it from the Shard. It will still be ok!
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23rd March 2016

Sony z5 premium
Built Like a Tank!
wow, where to start. 1, its heavy! 2, it will protect your phone as if it was an egg... no kidding, 3, as I am a tinker'r... I mod'd it and added a QI charger back to my z5p and now i have a bullet proof case protecting my investment without ever having to pop the bottom cap to charge the phone.. LOVE MUI, give me credit for this QI integration suggestion!
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Pete Garraway
20th March 2016

Sony Experia Z5 Premium
A very substantial case, excellent protection whilst leaving the phone fully functional.
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Nick read
10th March 2016

Sony Xperia z5 premium
Love me case
This phone case does exactly what it says it does.would recommend to anyone.i had the phone not even a day when my son who was upstairs watching Mickey mouse on it.He decided to let my phone go as the phone went crashing down the stairs.i ran to the bottom of the stairs expecting the worst.not even a scratch.BEST CASE EVER.
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Kate Head
11th February 2016

Sony experia z5 premium
Great heavy duty case with glass protector built in. Easy to assemble hard to break; definitely suitable for clumsy people or those prone to breaking expensive handsets.
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2nd February 2016

Came within two weeks, wrong size
The order came on time. However the phone case order was not the correct size? Still can use the phone case but some buttons and camera don't match up
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Allan Gatt
18th December 2015

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
Quality Case but Weighs a Ton
This case certainly feels like it could take a bullet and still keep your phone ticking. It's brushed metal with a fine padded lining to absorb bumps, and has 6 screws that you have to remove whenever you want to unwedge the phone from its case. Another one of its components is a tempered glass screen protector which feels rock solid and doesn't impair screen function in the slightest. The only niggles are that you can't use fingerprint access while using the case (it completely covers the lock button/fingerprint scanner) and that the case WEIGHS A TON. Really, it is incredible how heavy the case feels in the hand. The moment I put it in my pants pockets, it felt like it was gonna pull them down to my knees.
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