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Sorry, but Mozo Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Genuine Leather Flip Cover - Cognac has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Mozo Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Genuine Leather Flip Cover - Cognac

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Product Reference: 55624

This elegant flip wireless charging cover with NFC in cognac from Mozo is beautifully crafted in genuine leather with a slim look which offers fantastic all round protection for the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL.


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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
24th January 2017

Very high quality
This flip case actually replaces the back snap on plate to your 950XL and has the wireless charging capability built into the casing like the original snap on back plate/casing. Its magnet is strong and will keep the flip locked down until you need to use the device. The look and feel of this casing in of a very high quality, which is what I've found with all the Mozo gear I've bought previously. 
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11th January 2017

I've had this a few weeks now and am very happy with this Beautiful cover. It protects the phone well and does not increase the size of the cell phone more than a couple of millimeters, but because it is so thin, I would probably not want to drop my phone on hard surfaces.
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12th December 2016

Mozo Microsoft Lumina 950XL Genuine Leather Flip Cover
Sleek looking and doesn't slip out of my hand!
I love the way this fits my Microsoft phone and love the way it looks. It protects the screen and is also easy to hold on to. The original cover could get slippery. I purchased red so I can easily see it in my purse...purses all seem to have black interiors! I like that I can talk on the phone with the flip closed as there are small holes for both the earphone and the mic. One concern is the stitching around the edge is starting to unravel. I can probably stop it with a drop of clear nail polish.
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25th November 2016

Moso Mobile cover
Finally got it! The Mozo Microsoft Lumina 950 XL Genuine Leather Cover - Cognac is beautiful and fits perfect.
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17th November 2016

Microsoft Lumia 950XL
Makes my phone look really classy and protects it
Several people commented that it's difficult to remove the cover but that's to do with the phone design, and with this cover I don't think I'll ever want to remove it. The cover is snug and looks amazing without adding any bulk to the phone, so it's still comfortable in my pocket. The red could be deeper but it does look stunning with the gold/brass metal trim. The cover protects the screen and keeps the rear camera lens clear of surfaces. Mobile Fun were great, I've had it a week and I love it.
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Hlov beyond
1st November 2016

Nice looking case
Looks great and fit perfect, the only downside: Buttons are a bit hard to press, No cutout for the charging port
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Glendale NSW
28th September 2016

briliant product love it
Great product works well love it.
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Cam banh
chaska mn 55318
21st September 2016

Microsoft lumia 950xl fixed good
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15th September 2016

Kaikki toimi niin kuin piti
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15th September 2016

excellent quality
looks great and the fit is near perfect
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30th August 2016

A few minor irritations
Case is beautiful and slim. I have one small problem and one tiny problem. It is very difficult to remove. I had to use the point of a metal finger file. Also, there is no opening to connect a charging cable, so you would have to unfold the case and leave it unfolded to change via usb. Other than that, no problem.
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Plainfield, IL
19th August 2016

Lumia 950XL
Solid Build Quality
I would give the build quality and materials of the flip cover a solid B. The cover does not eliminate the squeaking in the corners of the phone (common problem with the 950XL) which I am disappointed in. Also, the cover is exceedingly hard to remove, almost to the point of breaking the cover or phone. The flip mechanism and magnets for the tab work well, and the phone protection is top notch. Wireless charging works without a problem too.
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9th August 2016

great case
Great slim line case
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29th July 2016

great quality except for magnet
Thank you mobilefun for delivering the product so quick though it is an international purchase. The product was well packed and quality is very good. But looks like you will have to carefully use it. The Magnet is just stuck using some adhesive and I fell that's not classy for a product that is so pricey. Otherwise this is a good product.
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19th July 2016

lumia 950xl
very sleek and stylish
very professional looking. case contains built-in back cover with nfc and wireless charging and replaces the lumia back cover. very sleek and stylish.
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Adelaide, South Australia
8th July 2016

Love it!
It is an excellent protective cover for the whole phone. The last cover I had only covered the back and sides. Of course, when I dropped it the screen broke; that wont happen with this one. And I like the flip-style. I also love the fact that I can use it on my wireless charger without a problem.
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6th July 2016

Lumia 950 XL
Best Case Ever
Mozo makes the best fitting case for Lumia devices. If you're willing to drop $700 on a device, spend the money and get a nice case. This case fits like a tight leather glove. I brought a black one a while back, the red and gold trim is awesome. Looking forward to purchase the walnut wood case as well.
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New York
5th July 2016

Lumia 950XL
Been waiting for a long time and finally I got it. Excellent product and worth every dollar spent. Customer support is Excellent! I would like to THANK Magda for being so helpful!!!
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2nd July 2016

Lumia 950 XL
Smooth, thin, sturdy
This case is thin and smooth - it's real leather and very sturdy as well. I didn't know I would like it so much but it really does the job well of protecting my phone while being EASY to pack - as in, in and out of my pocket with no time to spare. It also features a card slot for my credit card. I rarely need to pull my entire wallet out to pay for dinner, items, etc. - my Windows 10 Mobile wallet has my visa stored inside, and my Mozo wallet has my debit card stashed away in the card slot. Very convenient and it comes with NFC/Wireless charging so that means I can pay for things easily WITHOUT opening my case/unlocking my phone. I can't say anything negative about this case because it's light years ahead of my previous Mozo case (from Amazon) - it's not peeling or coming apart, unlike the black leather flip cover that I had before. It's magical, it's amazing, it's Windows 10 Mobile and Mozo together. Thanks, MobileFun.com, for the fast shipment and well-packed box. I'll be ordering again from you in the near future ;) ***** 5 stars!
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29th June 2016

A very nice and functional case
This case fits very nicely, offers reasonable protection, and has a handy card slot inside the front cover. It replaces the standard back cover completely, and all buttons, sensors, lenses and meters etc are still exposed appropriately.
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California USA
28th June 2016

Lumia 950 XL
very good quality
All around great cover. I only wish it had a a cut out at the bottom so I could charge my phone without having to open the flip cover
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27th June 2016

no complaints!
The product was less expensive than other sites it came on time it looked wonderful and the packaging was small enough to fit in my mailbox. No complaints!
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Nihal Jayasinghe
24th June 2016

Good quality and finish
Good quality and finish. Works perfectly with wireless charging(Nokia DT-903). Good protection.Highly recommended.
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Temecula, CA
10th June 2016

Lumia 950xl
a case can be beautiful
The Mozo cover, red with golden rim, is beautiful. I bought it for my wife and she simply loves it! This cover not only adds beauty, but also protection all around. Wireless chargers can be used with this cover on.
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6th June 2016

Excellent phone case for Lumina 950XL. As presented in the ad. Replacement back so very slim in the case. Soft leather -excellent
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North Carolina
6th June 2016

Good protection
Most cases do not fully protect the screen. This one does. It does not in any way make the phone/camera more difficult to use. The magnetic closure is fantastic. The case replaces the 950XL's case keeping the overall package light weight and functional. Best choice for me.
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1st June 2016

lumia 950 xl
looks great
Looks and feels great fits perfectly, and overall quality case. One downside is the buttons don't feel as good as the original casing.
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31st May 2016

Thanks for your deal. You save me and my phone lumia 950 xl.
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Bill A
31st May 2016

Lumia 950xl
Great product
This MOZO flip cover is as described - first rate quality and finish. Works perfectly with wireless charging. Improved the look of the 950xl, stylish and professional looking. Highly recommended.
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jon bone
30th May 2016

lumia 950 xl
Good product, so far
This is my second attempt as first case the magnets fell off. The case fits perfectly and the case protects the phone well. The magnets work really well for closing case. Quality of materials is good. Just hoping the magnets last this time.
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Barry Oakley
23rd May 2016

Mozo Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Genuine Leather Flip Cover - Black
Poor quality for the price
One of the lugs at the top of the case, that the magnetic strip connects to, became detached from the case. On closer inspection you could see they are joined by just a blob of glue. I could have re-glued it myself, but for such an expensive case, I decided to contact MobileFun. They were excellent and exchanged it with no fuss. Now, unfortunately, the new case has exactly the same issue. This is just not good enough for the cost of the case. The fit and feel of the case is very good, but for this issue to happen with 2 cases, is unacceptable.
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19th May 2016

... loving my cool, clever, cow hide phone cover
... loving my cool, clever, cow hide phone cover :) (it solved the overheating issues of other, plastic, covers too !!). Great service too by you guys/girl. Cheers and thanks
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9th May 2016

Lumia 950 XL Cognac Case
Great Quality
The case is great quality. The feel of the leather is one of best on phone cases I've seen. The way the case flips on the end versus right to left, surprised me. It's a great case but I wouldn't buy again due to it flipping vertically over the top.
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6th May 2016

Generally ok.
Overall I am happy with the case,except... The rubber raging of the case is peeling off. This is not affecting overall performance, just looking a bit shabby...barely 2 weeks old!
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2nd May 2016

Great look and feel. Easy to install. Works as advertised.
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27th April 2016

well made
Don't waste your time with any other brand, mozo makes a truly excellent product, it's light weight and fits like a glove. The leather is top notch, also it's super easy to put on, just take the original back cover of and it snaps on.
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16th March 2016

Lumia 950XL
Nice feel and look
I'm happy with the Mozo case. It looks and feels great. Even though I wanted a different color other than the black. I had ordered the cognac flip case but after the order being backdated for almost 3 months I got tired of waiting and got the black. I was kind of surprised the case flips down from the top and not from the side. Something I'm sure I'll get used too. You can't go wrong with the flip case, it will help in protecting your screen and is fits great.
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11th March 2016

Lumia 950 XL
Excellent case. I admit I was hesitant to go with a flip cover however, this is the ideal solution since the tempered glass protectors all seem to lift up in the corners (I've researched this via web). I was hyped from day 1 about the Mozo leather cases and this one does not disappoint. The look is sleek and professional. The fit is outstanding. No creeking or raised areas whatsoever. The protection of the flip cover married with the strength of the magnetic closure makes this a no-brainer. If any drawbacks, it takes a little getting used to flipping the cover down to view your screen. The plus side I've found to this is I have exponentially cut down on using my phone while driving. I think of it as a bonus. :) Also, the wireless charging works flawlessly even with the cover flipped down and under the back of the phone! I highly recommend this case for looks, functionality, and features.
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Csaba Ruszkai
9th March 2016

Microsoft Lumia 950XL
It makes my phone elite
Product delivery was little bit slow, but it was a known issue by Mozo.
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9th March 2016

I've purchased a few different cases on amazon/ebay, but after finally getting this case in the mail, this is hands down my favorite. The volume buttons are risen more than the power button, this helps you feel what button you're pressing, The magnetic closure on the top keeps the screen protected.
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Winter Park, FL, USA
8th March 2016

Lumia 950 XL
Absolute perfection!
Mozo makes some of the finest cases in the world for smartphones. They're crafted with exceptional precision, thoughtfulness and quality. This flip cover notebook-style case for the Lumia 950 XL is, by far, the most utilitarian and beautiful cover I've ever had on any of my 8 smartphones over the past 15 years. In the short time I've had it, it's received more inquiries and admiration from folks than all others combined. Absolute perfection!
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Tomball, TX
4th March 2016

Lumia 950 XL
Great case
I ordered the MOZO flip cover for my 950 XL, and the case is a thing of beauty.
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1st March 2016

Lumia 950 XL
Beautiful Case
I should have seen it in the picture, but the case opens vertically - like a flip phone. That's my only issue with the case. Other than that, it looks and works great. People can still hear me if I close the case. Wireless charging works fine and I have no issues taking pictures.
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Graham O'Mara
28th February 2016

Microsoft Lumia 950XL
Makes a solid phone feel amazing
This product actually makes the 950XL feel the way the phone should. It fits perfectly, works (qi charging/NFC) perfectly. Also, it does that thing you want most from a cover, protects the phone. Finally, the build quality is fantastic - recommended for any 950XL user (Also, I have seen the 950 version, and that is the same)
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