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Olixar Sony Xperia Z5 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Product Reference: 55144

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Sony Xperia Z5 by Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.

  • "I thought it was amazing very good value"
  • "Fantastic with bubbleless application"

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Jamie Wright
14th April 2017

I thought it was amazing very good value
i purchased the screen protector and i thought it was amazing very good value for money and fitted perfect i would diffently do another order and i have done i got two.
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27th January 2017

A must get for your new phone
These types of new Polymer/Glass phone screen protectors are fantastic and not all that dear for what you get. They feel like the original phone screen and go on with so less hassle than the old style covers and with no bubbles on the screen. you can feel the added strength that they give to your glass front. They are not totally unbreakable - I dropped the phone with the last protector and it cracked but no crack on the phone screen and was easily replaced - but they give a cheap added level of protection as the drop would have undoubtedly cracked the screen. these are great with an open type tough case and make you feel you have just received a new phone.
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Auckland, New Zealand
28th September 2016

Xperia Z5
Does what it should
I had previously purchased a standard screen protector (which lapped up scratches the way flies take to garbage). Out of frustration I decided to give tempered glass a try. Oh boy, was it worth it! Three weeks in and not a scratch for miles!! (by comparison, the standard protector soaked up one or two light, but visible scratches by the time 3 weeks had rolled by). Installation was straight forward, with an understandable, sequenced and numbered, step by step guide. From memory, there was an alcohol swipe, a cleaning cloth, 2 stickers that you stick on opposite ends of the tempered glass (to act as grips to avoid fingerprinting the sticky side of the glass), and a microfibre cloth. I had to perform the installation twice because one or two tiny air bubbles had formed the first time round. Summary: -Delivery was prompt. -Product was of good quality. -Installation was relatively straight forward, save for a few tries. -Hardly notice it's there (unlike most plastic protectors, where the little dots are as visible as Trump's tuopee) I would definitely recommend this product if you want a step up in screen protection.
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17th September 2016

Great but faulty
Love these screen protectors they are so easy to apply and look great, unfortunately the one I received has a small chip out of the top of it
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Sophie Sorry to hear one was damaged in delivery. Please contact us so we can send you another.
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3rd August 2016

Easy fit no bubbles
Goes on very easily with no bubbles. Just line it up and press gently in the centre and it magically sticks down by itself. However the 'oleophobic coating' is useless and does not resist fingerprints at all.
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22nd July 2016

Excellent client service!
Excellent client service! After mistakenly ordering the wrong product and sending it back, Mobile Zap immediately shipped me a replacement.
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Christchurch, NZ
12th May 2016

Great screen protector
This is a glass screen protector for the Sony Xperia Z5. It's very easy to apply and works very well, much better than the thin plastic films. However, there is a 1 - 2mm gap all around the edge where it isn't quite large enough for the screen. After talking to Olixar tech support, it appears this is expected and is to allow for the use of a case. If the screen protector went all the way to the edge, the case may damage the screen protector. I don't use a case, so am disappointed with the look of the screen protector, but it doesn't change that the screen protector is very clear, feels nice to touch and was easy to install. It would get 5 stars if it was a bit bigger.
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30th April 2016

Good but not perfect
Comes well packaged and very easy to install. No air bubbles or signs of any dust under the glass. However, for something that is specifically for the Z5 there is greater than 1mm gap all around the edge where the screen protector could be that little bit larger. Because of the gap all around, it looks like a piece of glass stuck on top, while if it were the correct size it would be invisible. Small gripe for an otherwise good product.
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Elliot Robinson
11th April 2016

Sony Xperia Z5
Strong glass protector but still marks
This protector is strong and easier to apply then plastic ones as it's a sheet of thin glass so is rigid. This does however mean it still gets fingerprints quite easily and took me 3 attempts to line it up to the screen without bubbles. It does bubble underneath like other protectors no matter what the manufacturer claims, however it does remove then easier because of it being a rigid glass sheet. Could be cheaper and not fingerprint but is strong and recommended so far
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29th January 2016

easy fit
The tempered glass screen protector almost fits itself. Attaches like magic - very pleased
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Trieste, Italy
4th January 2016

Sony Xperia Z5
Best screen protector available
Old flexible plastic screen protectors are definitely dead. Forget the dust, hairs and bubbles under the transparent film. This tempered glass perfectly fits on the phone and it's very easy to install with excellent results. Quality seems very good, but only time will confirm that.
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Tom Ayres
3rd January 2016

Sony Xperia Z5
What screen protector
Wow, this glass protector works a treat, I have applied mine to a new phone and you wouldn't even know it was on. Clean the screen and position over the screen. It was a little tricky lining up around the camera and light sensor but it went down without any effort. And not one bit of dirt underneath. Definitely a step up from the old gel protection screen protectors, highly recommended
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Graham Clements
26th November 2015

Sony Xperia Z5
There are much cheaper, better protectors
Expected a lot from this screen protector given the high price but, alas, after following the video instructions 'to the letter' and applying it to a brand new phone, the bottom edge failed to adhere properly to the point that it detracted from the appearance of the phone. Even though it is as thin as any other glass protector, for some reason, I also felt that it added quite a bit of bulk (height) to the screen. In the end, I decide that I couldn't live with the 'crazed' appearance along the edge and so threw it away and bought an alternative (different supplier), at a quarter of the price, that came with beveled edges. It looks much better and stuck first time without any bubbles. Gave it two stars (rather than one) on the basis that there is obviously my interaction with the item but I still feel that I applied it precisely as instructed.
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25th November 2015

Good fit
Fits the z5 better than others I tried. Easier than plastic ones to install. Great product overall
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20th November 2015

xperia z5
Soooo much easier!
Anyone considering purchasing this little accessory should buy it now - its incredibly easy to fit and is much less hassle that the flimsy screen protectors supplied with the phone/tablet.
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john nelson
West sussex
11th November 2015

Sony Z5
Top Quality Top Service
Heard a lot about MobileFun but never actually used them before, after looking at various sites decided to venture to browse MobileFun best decision, firstly I ordered wrong screen cover I contacted Customers services via chat on home page...Very professional explained my dilemma and returned product and my replacement sent to me within four days. Would certainly buy again and recommend any one to use MobileFun
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Simon Osborn
14th October 2015

Xperia Z5
Fantastic with bubbleless application
Brill, completely clear and very easy to apply, the packaging is the best I've ever seen, I didn't want to throw it away! Very happy indeed
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