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Sorry, but Official Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Style Cover Smart Window Case - White has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Official Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Style Cover Smart Window Case - White

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This official SCR44 smart case in white from Sony houses your Xperia Z5 Compact smartphone, providing protection and functionality through the incorporated Smart Window, allowing you to view incoming notifications, change your music and even take calls.

  • "Likes the design as it protects the screen but allows to see received messages and other info"
  • "The white case gets dirty, fast."

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26th January 2017

Awesome Product
Love the product and how quickly it was sent
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Eduardo Carranza
18th January 2017

Likes the design as it protects the screen but allows to see received messages and other info
Product seems to be working fine. My partner is really pleased and likes the design as it protects the screen but allows to see received messages and other info without having to open it all the time. Delivery was really fast.
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Adelaide SA
26th November 2016

product does the job ok!
A good product worth waiting for. Great work in keeping me up to date during the order process Thanks.
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9th September 2016

Great company
Great product. Easy company to deal with. Received an incorrect product and had it exchanged with no problems at all. Highly recommended.
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24th June 2016

Easy to set up and does the job very well.
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Philadelphia, PA
17th May 2016

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
Stay away - this case sucks
I thought I'd join the club of wallet like cases for your phone when I received my new Sony Z5 compact and my experience with this particular case has been horrible. I used it for just a few days and dirt from normal use has collected on every inch of the case. The dirt won't come off the top of the case because it is like a soft felt. Well, just like white carpets, a white carpet on your phone case will just plainly not work if you want it to look nice. Not only that - but this doesn't really protect your case. the top is kind of loose and if you drop your phone, expect many parts of the phone to be exposed. The clear screen in the front also gets dirty and pointless to use because of all the dirt it collects. I ended up buying a glass screen protector and thin rubberized shock absorbant case and it only cost me like $15. I learned my lesson that the high price tag with this cool looking case does not translate into a quality product. STAY AWAY. SONY should do better.
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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
3rd May 2016

fast delivery, excellent product
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Simi Valley
5th April 2016

Sony Xperia Z5
Beautiful Case
I was all set to buy the Sony Xperia Z5 and then I was talked into the LG G5 instead. However, when I received this case and saw how beautiful it was and truly hot a feel for the size of the Z5, I decided to switch back. So, goes to show what a beautiful case can do to change your mind about a phone.
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Si Haw
1st April 2016

Sony xperia z5 compact
The white case gets dirty, fast.
The case stayed white for about an hour. The built quality is exceptional as you would expect from Sony but this case (being white) attracts a lot of dirt which is not easily removed. Overall happy with the case and the smart features work well I just wish I knew the material before I purchased.
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24th March 2016

Great cover
This is a great cover, worth spending the money on a genuine Sony product. Variety of colour to suit your personality and be the envy of others . Highly recommend.
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Padbury, WA
4th March 2016

Nice and compact
Does not add much size which is great. Some rubber for impact protection on the edges would have been good
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2nd March 2016

Great but not comprehensive
I really like the cover. I wish there were more widgets for the cover though and I thought it would shut magnetically but it doesn't so kind of risky in terms of dropping the phone.
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Richard Hardcastle
24th February 2016

Sony Zperia Z5 compact Style Cover Smart Window Case
Fits the description
The cover does exactly what its rather long title says. Delighted.
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18th February 2016

Zona Xperia z5 compact
I liked of product in general, but the window not working well.. When me close the tap the phone is off.. And in the descriptions said that I could use my phone with the window is closed. But all is very good
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Richard Hardcastle
13th February 2016

Sony Zperia Z5 Compact Style Cover Smart Window Case
The description says it all.
it works very well.
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Amy Robinson
13th February 2016

Sony Xperia Z5 compact
After ordering this item from my network provider only to be told the item was out of stock and my order cancelled. I ordered it from mobilefun in the afternoon and received the item the next day! That's what I call excellent service!!!!
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20th January 2016

Swinging in the breeze
I bought this recently and have found it to be pretty but useless from a case/protector point of view. It is much more of a window cover than a protective case. The window flap is flimsy and doesn't secure shut defeating its purpose and has to be held shut or folded back on itself during calls. I have turned NFC off as I am finding my phone is heating up and battery is draining quicker due to the reader on the inside of the flap. I have also had issues with the screen going black during calls (proximity sensor) with this cover. There aren't too many cases around for the Z5 compact yet and I thought that being from Sony it would be a no-brainer. However don't be fooled by the aesthetics, the window flap is a dud and not made of plastic, feels more like cardboard. The limited functions available when the case is closed does not outweigh the limitations and frustrations imposed in my humble opinion- not to mention the exorbitant price tag, Hope this helps
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Point Clare
18th January 2016

Nice Cover
This cover is slim and functional. Small improvements can be made on the app functionality like allowing the music player to start up from the window itself rather than having to open the cover and start the app and then close the cover. But other than that a very solid product.
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15th January 2016

Looks and feels good
Looks and feels good. Seems to have good protection
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Point Clare
12th January 2016

Great Product
Just got this item today for my Z5 Compact. Easy to setup just need to sync it with your phone and the phone will prompt to download the app. Once installed it works well. Very sleek and functional... as expected from most Sony products.
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12th January 2016

Sony Xperia Z5 compact
It got here around 9 business days I did international delivery to Texas thx will be a returning customer
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6th January 2016

its ok
It does what they said it would do so no complaints from me. You can answer calls and take photos with the cover closed. It could be improved if it had a clip or magnet to hold the cover closed. It isn't a tough protective cover like an otter box. My work environment is harsh so I will be looking to get something like an otter box when they bring one to market.
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3rd January 2016

well designed but minimalist cover
Good cover specifically designed for the phone. Integrates with the OS to give good visuals through the clear opening. Not particularly robust though and probably only provides minimal protection to impact damge.
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20th December 2015

good looking case
I like this case, especially because I can answer calls without opening the flap. Also, it is nice that the phone adapts to the case, allowing critical info to be viewed through the window. The only downside is the price. It should be cheaper.
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27th November 2015

Functional product with useful features
Not the prettiest case out there but very functional. Snug fit, adds minimal bulk, and protects the phone as well as any fold-out case. Bonus is you can access apps in a limited way through the window or answer calls without having to flip open the cover. Works well. Good case and adds extra functions to your Xperia. Downsides are that it's a bit plain and pricey compared to its competitors.
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10th November 2015

All good
Was worried about not having the clip, like the Z3 case had - but it's all ok so far. Case seems to stay closed regardless of lack of clip. Everything that you would need to access when the case is closed, is accessible - but you still can't see the LED. I guess that is what the window is for. Case does not have sticky stuff to keep phone in case, like Z3, it's a clip in instead. Less glitchy software, and corners get much better protection as well. Overall, I'm happy.
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3rd November 2015

It's nice for a professional look but the widgets are very limited, does provide extra protection for the price I won't recommend this.
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Matthew Deakins
22nd October 2015

Excellent well made Xperia Z5 compact case
As I am sure others are I was worried around my other half dropping her brand new phone when she got it. Mobile fun had a great range and we picked the official yellow flip front case. It is well made with a strong clip-on surround and a soft cover with a very useful window. Perfect! Useful tip - when you put the case on ensure you have NFC switched on and it should prompt you to download the accessory software. This means you get a nice display through the window which means it is easy to see time and notifications.
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