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Olixar Quicktap iPhone 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Product Reference: 54797

This all new tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 6 from Olixar offers the ability to navigate menus from the bottom of your screen using active screen elements.

  • "Amazing piece of kit"
  • "Tempered glass"

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Tania Mc Areavey
30th January 2017

iPhone 7
Amazing piece of kit
The quick tap is amazing for women & men with small hands, it truly allows U to use the buttons on the top of ur phone at the bottom so moving around is fast & much more comfortable, coupled with the shatterproof glass which has saved many breakages, this is truly worth the money, I love it & have converted many of my friends & family, I have recently moved on to a 7 so can't wait for it to come out for that. This is a little gem & once U have 1 U will wonder how U ever did without it - guaranteed
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6th December 2016

Wow . Not very often I'm 100% happy with online purchases. Your products are of the best quality but the fast delivery was a bonus for me cause I live in the country and sometimes it takes weeks and weeks to arrive . I will defs be purchasing more and recommending your company . Thanks :)
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D.B. Sam
14th October 2016

IPhone 6 Plus
Little disadvantage
I like te product very much, bottem keys are handy when you use the phone with one hand, the only thing that bothers me: in the upper left and right hand corner is the sensitvity very low and for normal use you have to press firmly on the screen, (annoying when you play a game) otherwise great screenprotector with good warenty! (Broke 1 after a month and send me immediately a new one)
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Stephen Paul Emery
9th October 2016

The screen protector is very good well worth the money
This was a replacement item because I broke of a corner on the first one . The screen protector is very good well worth the money
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22nd September 2016

iPhone 6s
Don't buy this product
I bought this product from my iPhone 6S after I fitted the screen protector The screen would not respond to touch as a result my phone was useless with this cover on .as soon as I removed the cover my phone worked perfectly again .
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Shay This is very unusual, can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate.
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6th September 2016

Very Good
I'm always terrified I'll position these screens wrong and the phone will look terrible for the rest of it's days but this one was no problem. I did end up with a bubble, but a gentle raising of one corner and a squeeze and it looks really impressive. This screen is thicker than most and gives one a confidence that nothing is going to get through it, but because of it's thickness, the phone is not always as responsive as it might be especially with characters near the edge like 'p','123', etc. However, I tend to use a stylus, and if getting problems, then I change to finger. All in all an excellent product which fills me with confidence it will do its job.
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Chris mc carthy
22nd August 2016

Iphone 6
Tempered glass
Excellent quality at a reasonable price,bought for my daughter's phone so peace of mind gauranteed,fitting guide made fitting easy
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Bay of Plenty
5th August 2016

Great product. Great service
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2nd August 2016

iPhone 6s
Poor Sensitivity
Unfortunately whilst the protector is a joy to watch when it's sticking itself down with absolutely no bubbles or blemishes at all, and he tap buttons work but need a firm and quite long press, the one I fitted had no sensitivity at the points on the screen where you have my emails and edit. This was the same for any app that used the top part of the screen. You may think well it has the buttons at the bottom for these, yes only just useable in portrait mode, but useless in landscape mode. Bought a Pulesen one, absolutely superb at a fraction of the cost.
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17th May 2016

Brilliant. Extra buttons wonderful.
Great product. The quickstep function is very useful.
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30th April 2016

iPhone 6
Good if it was consistent.
I've had two of these screen protectors and they're a bit hit and miss in my opinion. While the concept of them is good they are not 100% scratch resistant as I found out when a small stud earring in my pocket left a deep scratch across the screen. Also the edges of the screen protector was easily chipped. The second one I got doesn't always seem to respond to the quick tap buttons the way my first one did, (it was very responsive). I found the difference between the two so far apart that I was beginning to think they were from different makers. I didn't want to go to the bother of sending the second one back and leave my phone without a screen protector. Maybe the second one was just a faulty one but who knows?
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18th April 2016

After 2 weeks the edge of the glass is already chipped from where my bumper case sits so now have rough edges
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Mr K D C Cook
17th April 2016

The Olixar Quick Tap Screen not only protects the iPhone, it also enhances accessibility
The Olixar Quick Tap Screen not only protects the iPhone, it also enhances accessibility by giving access to the top of the screen from the bottom. I still work the phone with both hands but this gives me extra flexibility. However, sometimes the touch screen access does not work straightaway.
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8th April 2016

The product has simple instructions and was easy to apply
We purchased this product for iPhone screen protection for our mobile phones. The product has simple instructions and was easy to apply to the iPhones screens. This product protects the glass screen from scratches, etc and we are satisfied with this product. We would buy this product again if required.
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3rd April 2016

Good but
the product delivery was perfect, and the screen touch was great, strong and amazing but the features that i actually bought it for often make my touch screen slow and when holding it flat on a table or bed, it does't work, i have to hold it upright before it works.
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14th March 2016

I phone6s
Glass cover
Fantastic easy to put on no bubbles tough and strong
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Gary Allen
6th February 2016

iPhone 6 plus
Top screen protector
I can recommend this screen protector if you have a big screened phones. It's very easy to fit. It's great that you have a back opinion at the bottom of the phone.
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10th January 2016

Apple 6 plus
A Clear Screen
Easy to align and apply. Clear as crystal and easy to clean fingermarks. Buy with confidence and armour plate your screen.
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30th December 2015

I highly recommend you dont buy this product
This is a review of the screen protector, not Mobile Fun. It is absolutely useless. The first one I had broke within a week, but Mobile Fun replaced it free of charge. The replacement has now cracked in the top RH corner, so this time I dont even want a replacement. It will be removed and binned. I got 6 weeks out of it, working out at £3 per week.
MobileFun Reply:
We're really surprised and sorry to hear this Kevin as this has so far been well received. Please don't just throw it away as an alternative product or refund must be preferable.
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10th December 2015

Great Product!
Actually works! The one regret switching from Android phone to IPhone was lack of back button. NO MORE REGRETS! It does just what it says - it takes you back to previous screen or action as long as has upper back arrow in the program you are using. And has a right hand action button too! Whether is edit, menu, if program has upper right action, has right button that works. I have noticed no hesitation, no freezing, it just does the job!!!!! Thank you! Have already shown many friends this and ALL have said they want one!!!! What a great product!!!!!!
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4th December 2015

iPhone 6S
Great idea
Having used and been very impressed with olixar screen protectors in the past, I was very intrigued to try this product and man I'm glad I did. It did take me a while to get used to using it having never owned an android device before but after a few days of practice I quickly realised how fantastic this screen protector is. I honestly think I couldn't use my iPhone without it now. One thing that is disappointing is that when laid flat it tends to work erratically but other than that it's been brilliant and such a great way of navigating your phone without having to reach up into the top two corners.
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3rd December 2015

The only thing holding me back from being totally in love with my IPhone 6s Plus was not having back button or menu button. VOILA! This screen protector has solved that completely! I had been Android all the way until I decided to find out what all the hype was about with this phone. I'm hooked TOTALLY now! And there is no problem with the screen sensitivity at all. I am truly impressed. Thank you for the technology! Now if you could just manufacture one for my IPad Mini 3, ............!!!!
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30th November 2015

Does as promised
I haven't dropped my 6s plus so I can't comment on drop protection. Screen impact protection is great. Sensitivity is pretty much unaltered unless you're out in the very cold. Then it can take a few clicks to get going. The left back button at the bottom is a godsend on this large screen device. It works. It does not activate the smaller options like Back to mail. But it does take you back if there is a larger option. Recommended.
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Margaret Saville
22nd November 2015

olixar quickstep iPhone 6 plus tempered glass screen protector
This was tested this week as i dropped my iPhone and fortunately it didn't break i feel this was down to the screen protector so go for this it does what is says on the tin.
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22nd November 2015

iPhone 6s Plus
I would not recommend this product
Totally disappointed with this screen Protector, I had 2 of these screen protectors. 1st one would not stick properly and edges started to lift and the 2nd started chipping around the edges and also lifted. This screen protector only lasted 2wks before i had to place it with a zagg invisible shield, the only positive comment i have to say about this screen protector is that the Quicktap worked ok but the Zagg i am using know looks and feels better. I would not recommend this product!!!!
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21st November 2015

IPhone 6s
Interesting concept
Interesting Concept but unfortunately it chipped along the edges within a couple of days of use. Also the touch zones were a bit hit and miss and in apps like mail where there is more than one object in the target area then none is able to be selected from the lower zones and because of the displacement from the true position makes selection harder. I've had to remove it in favour of a standard tempered glass screen protector.
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Michael Vincent
19th November 2015

iPhone 6s
Less functional with a case on
The quick tap function works fine with the case off but as soon as it is on it works very intermittently. To make matters worse, if I try touching my actual screen as the quick tap isn't working, that doesn't work all the time either! Highly frustrating. As a screen protector it is prefect, very easy to put on. I only ended up with 1 small bubble that I was able to push out.
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12th November 2015

Apple mobile
Much better fit than previous one
The finger print access is much improved since the cutout of the lower edge. Easy to apply. The earlier protector was inclined to chip around the side. Worth having if you have the occasional drop.
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7th November 2015

iPhone 6S
Fantastic idea but…
…it adversely affects the overall performance of the iphone. I had really high hopes for this and initially it was great, but after just one day it need harder presses on other areas of the screen and the 'extra button' became inconsistent. And yes it was installed correctly, as per instructions. With the screen protector fitted it turns the iPhone into one with a poorly performing touch screen. It also makes the 3D touch of the 6S less effective, especially on the left hand screen edge. On a positive note, it's well made and very well packaged however it lasted just a day before going in the bin. I've not taken the time to ask for a refund as by the time I've email, checked for responses, repackaged for return, driven to the post office, checked for the refund, etc. it's really not worthwhile, given the purchase price. It's a lesson learnt though. If you value the performance of your iphone over the limited extra functionality that this provides then, to avoid disappointment, my recommendation is don't purchase.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Ash Sorry to hear you have had problems with this screen protector... Sounds like you may have a faulty screen protector as in our tests the buttons and the screen response is very good. However, it should be noted as is mentioned in the description that the zones the bottom buttons of the screen protector trigger do have a weaker reaction when you use your finger instead. If you wish to contact us, our Customer Services team will see what they can do to help.
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5th November 2015

iphone 6 Plus
Its a fantastic screen protector, the back button is a bonus.
This is the best screensaver Ive used as it isnt a fingerprint magnet. Some of the cheaper ones smudge and smear really bad, but not this one. My only gripe is that it most certainly doesnt put an Android style back button onto your iphone. Its similar, but nowhere near as good as a purpose built back button.
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27th October 2015

iPhone 6
Good but..........
Good quality & fits to phone really easy without any of the bubbles you get on normal screen protectors. Do definitely a thumbs up for that but ..... the big feature of this is that tapping at the bottom right or left on the little dots sends a signal to the top of the screen to perform the action in the top left or right. On my one only the left works - can live with it but annoying
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21st October 2015

I just applied this to my new iPhone 6s and it does what it says and does it nicely. Down to the left and right of the home button you can control the top options. I was always reaching up to try to tap on the close, messages, details, edit, whatever functionality was offered by whichever app you're using at the moment. First it absorb's itself onto the screen verse having to stick or apply, pull up and reapply so that it lines up or try to remove the air trapped. Again I just lined it all up and press the center of it. It then absorbs itself pushing most to if not all the air out before air pockets could form. And now its like I have a iPhone Android device with the additional unnoticeable action buttons at the bottom. I went to the local Apple store to ask about the soon to be released Apple TV, the sales rep was in awe and wanted to know where I got it and info.
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Roger Murch
Easr Grinstead
10th October 2015

iPhone 6S
Excellant accessory
I was looking for a screen protector for my new phone. There were several available, but this one offered, in addition to the protection I was looking for, 2 'hotspots' alongside the buttin which act on the menu options at the top of the screen. The glass was easy to apply and there were no air bubbles. Very leazed with the result.
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