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Olixar LG G4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Product Reference: 53085

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the LG G4 from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.

  • "Great value"
  • "Good protection for phone"

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This product has been given an average rating of 4.5 by 34 customers. | Write a review
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1st April 2017

Easy to attach
I though the glass was too thin, but then I realised that was enough to protect the screen and it fits perfectly. Easy to attach to the screen.
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4th January 2017

Worked well
Everything provided in order to stick the screen on. It went on well first time without a hitch. No bubbling or air pockets. Easy to do just follow the instructions.
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12th September 2016

Broke another one
So, My wife's phone with screen protector is still in great shape after 6 months of use. My phone, on the other hand, has been dropped many more times. I actually just broke my second screen protector. BUT... the phone is still fine. The tempered glass cracked in multiple places in both instances, but did not shatter and is still totally usable. Breaking the first screen protector, the drop was questionable but the second one I basically threw the phone and it landed on concrete, screen side down. So far, these screen protectors have done their job flawlessly.
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21st August 2016

Perfect fit for phone
Product arrived within time frame. Perfect fit for phone. Thank you.
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12th August 2016

Happy with my product
Order made via regular mail & happy with my product.
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28th July 2016

Tempered Glass
Great Product!
Never ordered this before but it had been recommended and am very impressed with what I received. I am confident that it will protect the screen better than a simple screen protector! thanks!
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15th May 2016

good product. prompt service.
probably a bit premature for a full review as I haven't dropped or knocked it yet. however one minor issue is that it shows up fingerprints.
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Coimbra, Portugal
7th April 2016

Loved it!
Very simple to apply. Gives very good protection to my smartphone. A minor problem: very visible fingerprint marks.
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30th March 2016

Nice product
Seems like a very durable product. We have 2 of these on 2 G4's with different cases and both seem to fit well. It is easier to apply than a normal screen protector but there were still a couple of spots toward the edges that I couldn't get all of the air out. Maybe it just has a spec of dirt in there.
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28th March 2016

Very good choice
It is an excelente product. Very easy to apply and it is a good money saver because it really protects the screen of your smartphone.
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Ray Goldston
12th March 2016

Screen protector
Great value
Bought a new phone and decided to protect the screen with a screen protector.I have had the thin ones and decided to purchase the tempered glass type. They maybe a bit dearer but are worth the difference.
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4th March 2016

Good protection for phone
Glass screen protector easy to fit following the instructions. May be worth using plastic gloves if you have then, as even washing hands before and just holding the edges it is too easy to get a bit of finger grease at the edges, but it can hardly be seen. The clear plastic back is perfect to still show the leather back on the G4, while it feels brilliant without a cover I know it would show wear marks soon without a protective case
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10th February 2016

Works well
Works well and easy to apply.
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1st February 2016

Great product, thin but protective.
This screen protector was easy to put on the phone and its nice and thin so it doesn't even feel like there is anything on the screen. I haven't dropped my phone at this stage so I can't comment on how well it actually protects the screen.
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31st January 2016

Great mobile phone case well designed and durable
Spigen Rugged Armor LG G4 Tough Case - Black - this is an excellent mobile phone case well designed and durable - camera lens is well protected and the cuts for the usb cable and hands free headset are perfect thoroughly recommend this mobile phone case
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3rd January 2016

Excellent Product
The tempered screen is extremely easy to apply, however make sure you take the time to clean your screen before application. It is considerably easier to align than flexible screen protectors and once aligned a firm wipe a cleaning cloth removed all air completely. In use it has a much more pleasant feel than the flexible types not suffering from that slight drag you get with a non-glass screen. I fortunately haven't tested it's impact protection ability yet but would expect it to be better than a flexible protector. Note that for the LG G4 there is a considerable cut-out to allow for the speaker, front camera, flash and proximity sensor, hence the 4 stars.
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22nd December 2015

Great product and service
Product is superb. Best screen cover i have ever bought and so easy to apply. Service once again top notch.
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3rd November 2015

Pretty cool
I was impressed with how easily this screen protector went on compared with the flexible plastic kind. The top and bottom edges didn't adhere perfectly, but this is only really noticeable when the screen is black, and then it's not actually on the screen itself. No scratches, yet, but then I haven't really put it through much yet.
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11th September 2015

Very good screen protector
This is the first time I have ever used a tempered glass screen protector but it is so worth it. None of the discoloration you get with cheap plastic alternatives and it fits the screen perfectly, you can hardly tell its there.
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27th July 2015

i like it but expected a bit more
My glass screen protector is working really well. I can't judge its ability to protect the screen if dropped but it has protected my phone from scratches and my screen is even more responsive with the glass screen protector then it was with the plastic screen protector that came on my phone from the factory. The only downside is that despite thoroughly cleaning my screen there are 3 bubbles under my screen protector at the bottom of my phone.
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13th July 2015

Lg g4
It was okay I have had better screen protector then this
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David Singer
12th June 2015

Good fit. Easy to install
Not bad at all. Would recommend it for anyone looking for a glass finish. However, I haven't had one before so don't know if it could be any better. However. As said, its a good fit and there was no issue with air bubbles.
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Sahil Shah
12th June 2015

Tempered glass protector
I think the overall product is very good and does an excellent job in protecting the screen. The feel is good and responsive, you almost forget it's there. However the instructions could be much better. Following the instructions to the letter I still ended up with a massive bubble in the corner. Later checked online forums, which gave alternative better instructions to appplying this type of screen protector. Google 'tempered glass screen protector bubble' for better instructions. I would still recommend this product though and Mobile Fun.
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