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Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge Qi Wireless Charging Car Holder - Black

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Wirelessly charge your Qi-enabled Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge in-car, with this wireless charging car holder. Securely position your S6 / S6 Device in either portrait or landscape all while enjoying convenient and efficient Qi wireless charging.

  • "Very Good."
  • "Works well - shame it doesn't trigger Car Mode"

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Geoff Walker
19th April 2017

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +
Works well - shame it doesn't trigger Car Mode
I used to have a proper Samsung charging cradle for my original Galaxy Note 1 phone, and it was great. That phone expired some time ago, and I have been using a car with good bluetooth and SatNav that linked so well to my Galaxy S6 Edge + that I didn't need a separate car holder. However, I've now got a new car that has such poor Infotainment (it's a brand new Mercedes but it can't cope with the number of contacts in my phone, it doensn't do voicedialling and the SatNav is way inferior to Google Maps) so I bought this charging cradle to use the phone in the good old-fashioned way, stuck to the windscreen. The cradle itself is nice and solid, the suction device onto the windscreen is very easy to use but holds very securely, the clamping device to hold the phone makes it very easy to put in and take out the phone. The cordless charging works even when the front cover of the phone protector case is folded right around the back - so the induction has to pass right through the folded-back cover. The only downside of the experience is that whereas my old Galaxy Note 1, when in the Samsung car charger, automatically detected it was in the car, and went into Car mode - and automatically activated car-specific apps, and automatically put the display into "always on" mode. With this wireless charger, the display will still dim and turn off after a little while, which is a disadvantage if you want to use it as a Sat Nav. I've got round this by changing the power settings to not turn off, but that's not as good as the automatic detection of the old system. Overall, this is a good bit of kit, that's worth the rather high price. I like it.
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Champaign, IL
2nd March 2017

Samsung Galaxy S6
Works Great with Otterbox Defender Case
I purchased the Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Car Holder and Charger (Product #50468). I had previously bought another charger, but due to the Otterbox Defender case, the phone would not charge in the holder. The Samsung charger has enough power to charge the phone while the case stays on, I highly recommend you get this charger.
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15th September 2016

Great Value
This product was great value - it is a Samsung charger but for around half the price that I could buy it for in Darwin!
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2nd August 2016

S6 edge plus
Works perfectlly
The charger works flawlessly. It holds to my dash with no problem. Even In the high heat it held firm. The charger itself works great just set the phone in the cradle and your all set. Very sturdy, holds the phone nice and tight so even go off road in my truck the phone held tight and continued to charge the entire time. I would definitely recommend this product.
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11th May 2016

I have a galaxy s6 edge and i use the charger in my work ute. It is mounted on the windscreen and it doesn't move at all. So easy to put the phone in and to take out. Definitely the best cradle I have ever had. Will be getting another one for my machine!
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15th April 2016

Samsung Galaxy S6
Very Good.
Very good holder, used in lorry with no vibration of holder, ample adjustment for most uses. Good quick service included.
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