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Sugru - Mouldable Glue - 3 Pack - White

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Introducing Sugru, the world’s first mouldable glue that turns into rubber. Thanks to its patented silicon technology, Sugru sticks to any surface whilst being flexible and durable. Ideal for fixing damaged cables!


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20th September 2016

Very nice very good product I like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lovely item,i am super satisfied with this product. will buy again. thankssssssssss.
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17th September 2016

Very convenient stuff and good buy.
Very convenient stuff and good buy. Fast delivery. Thank you
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san pedro, ca
15th September 2016

MacBook Pro
Forget it!
This is ridiculous to advertising something as a glue that can't withstand any heat, any weight, and is easily pulled apart. What's the point? I threw it away.
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Covington LA
11th September 2016

Htc 10
Absolutely amazing!
This product is truly amazing. It is a great adhesive but the most astounding part, is the ability to manipulate it and mold it for the perfect fit. I have a case for my phone that has a cover. It had begun to crack on the edges of the part that closed. I was able to use this glue to smooth the crack and therefore make this expensive case last longer. My husband laughed at the fact that I continued to say over and over again while working with it, " this stuff is amazing! This stuff is amazing!" Because if it's low dry time I was able to manipulated so well that one could never tell that the case was repaired. Having the glue come in two colors made it blend very easily for several products. I used the white to repair ear plugs that had a loose connection and reinforce some delicate charging cords. This product is truly amazing and I have already recommended it to my friends. Worth every penny!
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New Zealand
29th August 2016

Fun to use
Product arrived promptly. Easy and fun to use. First was to cover the connection on the USB cable. Next made a set custom fit earbugs
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15th June 2016

Great product
Great product, have only used it to reinforce device cables but works as claimed. Great packaging, good instructions, easy to use, fast delivery.
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21st April 2016

Perfect Fix
I ordered a Netbook online and it arrived with a hole in the casing. Sugru was a perfect fix, and it looks great too! Thanks Sugru! I'll be using this in lots of projects!
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19th March 2016

Handy and unique product
I like this product which I first saw on a YouTube video on Facebook. I have just completed my first project with it, to cover the joins on the plug card and plug for an iPad charging cable. Instructions were fine. Very easy to use. It took some time for my order to arrive. The coloured Sugru was out of stock but B&W are probably going to be fine.
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4th March 2016

Great product small problem
Definitely an excellent but pricy product. The only problem is once it has been opened Sugru gets hard and is not usable. I followed the instructions to the letter but was disappointed that I could not use the rest.It is the second time I purchased Sugru and used it for repairing broken china items, cables,even a crack in the car key and more. Happy with the results and recommended it to a lot of friends. I would be grateful to have your help regarding my issue.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Marie, sorry to hear you are having problems with this product. Please contact our customer service team to resolve the issue.
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Kunal Mathur
Delhi, India
26th August 2015

Awesome Product
Strengthened my iPhone charging wire and saved it from breaking.
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27th July 2015

Service in all area of this purchase was great.
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Paul Baker
19th June 2015

Galaxy S4
Bought some white sugru - works well
My wire for my Galaxy S4's headphones was looking a bit 'worn' and tired near the jack , I moulded a bit of surgu around the wire near the jack and slightly on the jack itself , now I have a thicker rubber grip that still bends but not as much , hopefully should make the cables inside less likely to break as they don't get crimped at all now when I put the phone in a pocket. Really good product...
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