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Sorry, but Nillkin Qi Wireless Charging Magic Disk 2 - White has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Nillkin Qi Wireless Charging Magic Disk 2 - White

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Product Reference: 51409

Wirelessly charge your Qi compatible smartphone on the move or at home with the slim and stylish Qi Magic Disk 2 from Nillkin in white. With non-slip feet and intelligent adaptive brightness sensor, the Nillkin Magic Disk has been taken to the next level.

  • "great product very impressed"

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28th December 2015

iPhone 5s
This doesn't work with the iPhone 5s and I will be returning the product The delivery was very quick but when I ordered this product it stated that it would work. However it doesn't I tried a Samsung and I worked so it's not compatible with my phone unless I change the back of my phone which I am not going to do. I researched the product and I found that metal back phones will not work in this product If this was compatible but I needed a back for my phone this should have popped up when I purchased the product.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Teresa Not all handsets support wireless charging 'out of the box'. Certain smartphones will require an adapter to be able to perform wireless charging, please check your phone supports Qi wireless charging before purchasing. This is stated in the description and there is also a guide at the top of the page as well. For more information and advise, please contact our Customer Services team.
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26th December 2015

lumia 930
A bright wireless charger!
Works really well, charging my Lumia 930 quickly while it is in it's case. The charger has a usb cable but no plug, just so you know. It has a blue glow from all the way round the base, which looks cool, and stays on until your device is charged. Might be a bit bright though if you charge your phone up next to your bed!
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Denise Morris
5th August 2015

Great piece of equipment really easy to set up and really easy to use. Just plopped my phone on it and boom it's charging. Definitely great value for money and a must have for charging also the blue light is pretty cool.
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30th June 2015

Wireless charger
Wireless charger
Very pleased with my charger, it was really simple to set up and works perfectly. The only grumble I have is that when the phone if full charged it keeps vibrating loudly no matter what time of night that is and I can't stop it. Other than this I'm very happy with my purchase.
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Springfield, VA
3rd June 2015

Samsung S6 Charger
I bought a Samsung S6 and needed a charger for my desk. I wanted something that would look classic on my desk. This fit the bill "PERFECTLY"! Extremely nice looking and all I have to do is just drop it on the pad. Works great!! I have bought another one for my home.
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Springfield, VA
27th May 2015

Amazing Product
This charger is amazing and extremely easy to use. Have it set up on my office desk. Sleek and modern. Charger has worked perfectly. Would highly recommend.
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rich bown
21st May 2015

nexus 5
expensive, but worth it
Having several qi charging pucks dotted round the house I thought I'd upgrade to something more stylish. The nillkin oozes quality as well as a beautiful glow when my devices are charging. Highly recommend it, expensive, but then the best things usually are.
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Mr brown
west sussex
7th May 2015

nilkin qi wireless charger
great product very impressed
Brilliant product a lot cheaper than Samsung original and better looking with the groovey leds
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steve kiff
South Wales, UK
25th April 2015

Samsung S6
how did I live without this...
I've owned mobile phones for donkies years and have seen many changes since my first house brick sized phone and without a doubt the best thing i've ever found is a Qi charger! pluging phones in to charge is hardly a chore and a gadget like this is something i think we would all say we could live without but once youve tried one, especially with a phone like the Samsung S6 which has the charging gizmo built into it you wont look back the Nillkin is a small round disc that you hardly notice sitting on your desk or bedside cabinet but to charge your phone you just place it on the disc... yes it really IS that simple and even though you only save a few seconds pluging in or unpluging its amazing how much you appreciate the simplicity offered and soon come to realise that you wouldnt be without one... so much so im ordering a second for my office desk just to top the charge up as i do tend to run the battery down quickly. looking online ive seen a few things that almost put me off buying a Qi charger as they all have the same limited abilities... or at least thats what they say i have seen no issues. firstly its slower charging than a standard charger... BIG DEAL 99% of us charge our phones overnight so an extra hour to attain a full charge isnt even noticed as when we get up the phones fully charged secondly they reccomend charging the phone out of its case, ive read this in a few palces but i have a bulky otterbox defender case and it works perfectly through the case so again no worries... only thing i have noticed is the rear of the phones warm when you take if off charge but only slightly and i dar say nothing to worry about... i have a brand new S6 and am not worried to explain its simplicity as i type tjhis review, i get a message on facebook.. pick up the phone reply and put it down on the charger without even having to look where im putting it... as our friend alexander the meercat would say.. seeemples
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chris coplin
north west
28th March 2015

nexus 7
excellent value
Works great with my 2nd generation nexus7. Appears to charge quicker than the supplied charger but i am using a 2000ma supply
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