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Official LG G3 Standard Battery

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Product Reference: 51001

This official LG replacement battery for your LG G3 will ensure that you have enough quality and reliable power available for your needs.

  • "A good working battery"
  • "You know where you are with a branded battery"

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Joan Kelham
15th October 2016

L G G3
A good working battery
After considering a number of offers where I could buy a battery to replace the worn out battery in my phone at a cheap price. I decided "you get what you pay for in this world". My phone is important to me so I bought "the best" After several weeks of using the battery I know I made the right decision.
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Mr Shipman
7th October 2016

Fantastic official LG G3 battery, good price and excellent service as always
If like me you’re in a desperate need for an official LG G3 battery because your old one has died and your phone is continuously in a reboot cycle, then look no further! I can guarantee that this is an official LG battery and has now restored my phone back to a usable state. Mobile Fun is always my go to place for official phone items, their prices are competitive, check-out is easy and delivery is fast. An all-around satisfying service. Thank you Mobile Fun!
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3rd October 2016

LG G3 battery
Poor Quality
Bought this battery as my phone is 2 years old and battery does not last a long time anymore. Disappointed with this product as my old one lasts longer and its 2 years old.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi James Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. Sounds like you may have a faulty battery. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can send you a replacement.
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Muzammil Mukadam
14th July 2016

LG G3 battery
Excellent. Works a charm.
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Martyn William Moore
12th July 2016

I'm very pleased with its quality and performance
This battery has a higher quality finish than the one supplied with my phone. It is giving approximately twice the service time with each charge, although the original battery will have been getting tired. I'm very pleased with its quality and performance so far.
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Andrew Georgiou
East Northants
7th July 2016

You know where you are with a branded battery
I needed a replacement battery. I needed it fast, and I needed it to work. This is no time for using "an internet auction website", and ordering one from Mr D Trotter because it's £12.47p. Solution - buy an official branded battery from a place you can trust. A no-brainer. Result - a lovely new LG G3 battery, dated 04/2016, with 53% charge when I put it in my phone, and I was connected to the world again.
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29th June 2016

Lg G3 Replacement battery
The one from mobile fun, I could see straight away, was a genuine LG battery
I purchased a LG G3 replacement battery via mobile fun, after having gone down the auction site route only to find that the battery purchased there was not genuine. The one from mobile fun, I could see straight away, was a genuine LG battery but almost from the off I started having problems with it. I persisted with the battery for a week, not using battery draining apps, etc, but still it lost power quickly. In the end I contacted mobile fun and explained all this to them, they were happy to replace the item and gave me a Collect+ number and I returned the battery. I had a replacement out a few days later which worked far better. I cannot recommend mobile fun highly enough after the excellent service they provided.
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St Helens
16th June 2016

Original product and top notch customer service
This was a replacement for a battery I bought 3 months ago that developed a fault (it had expanded). Contacted customer services who asked me to email a picture of the battery which I did. Couple of hours later I got a confirmation email that a replacement was on its way. Got the replacement next working day. No hassles, arguments or anything like that. Simply a case of something has gone wrong and they've put it right. You might pay a bit more than you do elsewhere, but at least you're getting an original product and top notch customer service.
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Andrew Allen
East Sussex
30th May 2016

LG G3 battery
Genuine battery
I wanted a replacement battery for my LG G3, and having done some research decided to make sure I got an original genuine battery. That ruled out certain auction sites and large American online sites, where it would seem a lot of compatible batteries were the order of the day. The price of the battery on this site seemed reasonable, and the ordering process was straightforward. The battery itself arrived within the time stated and so far seems to be working well .
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27th May 2016

So far so good
I both this product more than a month ago to fix the classical issue with LG G3 stuck into restarting loop. Magically the issue is fixed with this new battery and working fine till now.
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Adam Hagerty
11th May 2016

5 Months and beginning to swell and break phone
I ordered this LG G3 battery as it was promised to be an original product and not a fake (that malfunction easily). I have had the battery for just 5 months and it is already beginning to swell and put pressure on the back of my screen, pushing the screen from the case. I am not happy at all that I am now going to have to find and purchase another one after such a short period of time! As a student, I thought I'd pay the higher price for what I thought would be a reliable product that would last me longer, yet has lasted just over 5 months! I will be trying to get in contact with customer services about this poor product.
MobileFun Reply:
Sorry to hear you are having problems Adam. Yes please contact us and we will see what we can do for you.
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Andrea Wright
3rd May 2016

Official LG G3 Standard Battery
Battery works well, got me out of trouble
Received the next day, battery works well, got me out of trouble, as my battery died within days of arriving in the UK, nerded it for maps, time & contact back home.
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17th April 2016

The only place for quality
I only trust Mobile Fun to get my 'original' brand batteries.
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David Furnival
8th April 2016

Genuine battery delivered next morning perfect thanks
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Simon Taylor
10th March 2016


Good product.
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James Phiri
Huddersfield, England
12th February 2016


the product was perfect and I now have a working lg g3 with battery that fits nice and well.
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Kenny Robertson
30th January 2016

lg g3
lg g3 replacement battery
Looked online for a replacement battery for my lg g3 as my battery stopped holding a charge. As per usual went to Amazon but mixed reviews, went to my local shops but none available so typed into Google and mobilefun came up, good reviews so went for it. I am now writing this review using the phone that had my new battery put in. No problems at all, will definitely use mobilefun again. Thank you
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Phil Reading
27th January 2016

LG G3 official battery
A good product
So many substitute or so called compatible items about at far cheaper prices that it is obvious that some people will go for these. If you want to be certain that the item is going to work properly then paying extra for the real thing is the thing to do. Yes this battery is three times the cost but it will be worth it in the long run. (I hope!!!)
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Matt Garwood
19th December 2015

Service Excellent
Well, what can I say. I will give Mobile Fun top marks for their service. Ok,I will admit that it is just a battery HOWEVER, it is a battery that is a necessity. Plenty of fakes out there and needed an original. Found them on Google (never heard of them before) and noticed the number of awards that they have won so went straight ahead and purchased. Extremely quick turnaround and the service of notifying me of the tracking progress was second to none. Many different types of delivery but I had to go with the DPD delivery but a great company ! Will definitely recommend although.... Their great and genuine deals may make me break the bank as i will be back again and buy more 'Mobile fun' items :)
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11th December 2015

Original battery, really!
Anyone looking for a spare battery for thier phone will be met with an avalanche of "original" batteries available for sub £10 (I'm looking at you Amazon and eBay). The overwhelming majority of these batteries are fakes, I know as I've bought a couple over the years for older phones, they are generally so/so (they start to fail after about 6 months or so, if you are luck you might get a year). Finding an original original can be tricky, which is where mobile fun comes in, proper original manufacturers batteries from a Google Certified Shop, it will cost a bit more but it will hold a charge better and last significantly longer and basically thats all you need to know.
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Emilia Smolka
12th September 2015

Lg g3
Its a battery
My previous battery was bent so i had to buy a new one so my phone doesnt go up in flames. I ordered it, it came quick and well.. Its a battery and it works.. What else would you expect or want from a battery
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Daniel Anderson
2nd August 2015

It works
It works
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Lucio Francosi
24th July 2015

Great service
The battery arrived in very good conditions and in a very good time!! I reall y recommend this company
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22nd July 2015

Fast reliable service. in stock..good value..what more do you need
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Lap Chieu
28th May 2015

Battery life seems to be almost as good as my stock g3 battery. Quick delivery.
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