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Sorry, but Magtron Magnector X2 Xperia Magnetic Charging Micro USB Adapter has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Magtron Magnector X2 Xperia Magnetic Charging Micro USB Adapter

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Product Reference: 50871

Charge your Sony Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact, Z2 and Z1 Compact and other Xperia Z devices using the magnetic port with any Micro USB charger with this Magtron Magnector X2 Xperia Magnetic Charging Adapter. Includes a X2 case with a carrying pouch.

  • "ideal for easy charging"
  • "very good quality product"

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Sydney NSW
15th October 2015

Good product, slow delivery
The magnetic charger is a great product! It's so much easier than fiddling with the flap on the Z3 Compact and this newer version even has an LED light on the end that lets you know it's securely attached. If it wasn't so expensive I would buy several more for around the home and office.
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8th October 2015

Does the job
Had it about a week, seems to work v well. Small so could be easily lost (I will be careful!). Note it attaches to power cable it doesn't come with one. Happy customer. Recommend for Sony Xperia so that you don't break off the flimsy-seeming cover to the micro port. Has an indicator so you can see if it's charging & changes from green to red if battery is flat when you plug in - reassuring as you know it's charging :)
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3rd September 2015

Very happy with the product
Very happy with the product so far. Great customer service as well! Could be little bit cheaper though :)
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29th August 2015

Highly recommended
Works as expected on Experia Z3 Compact. Full charge in under 2 hours. Fits without removing Ringke Fusion cover. Magnet is quite strong and charge adapter fits well.
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28th August 2015

awesome attachment
Awesome magnetic charger. Feels comfortable and locks in to the side of my z3. Fits perfect with the silicon cover.
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Firoze Sethna
Gujarat, India
29th July 2015

Taut Silicon Case
Very good case. Didn't realize once before purchasing that this would be a silicon case, and that is why I mentioned it in the title for future purchasers. Doesn't mean that I was disappointed of its build quality, it is quite well made. It's got gaps in all the right places including the MicroUSB slot as well as the magnetic strip. The 3.5 mm jack guard is a nice touch, but I'm afraid it'll wear out after plugging/pulling it a few hundred times. Doesn't matter, it's water proof anyway, at least that's what Sony claims! Loved the case and loved the delivery time of about 14 days to my rural-ish town from UK, so hats off to MobileFun for that.
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Sean Crockenberg
Secret Harbour
28th July 2015

Well made
Very well made and works very good. it could be cheaper if it wasn't so over package with unnecessary items.
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27th June 2015

I recently got a Z3 Compact with a case. I had to take the case off every time I wanted to charge my phone, but with this I can just snap it on the side of the phone and it charges. It is a quality product and I can't recommend it enough. It does not work for media transfer, but that's completely fine. It works perfect for charging, and that's what matters.
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23rd May 2015

great magnetic charger
Magnector magnetic x charging cable is perfect I brought it for when I go out as I have the magnetic charging dock from Sony for home. The magnetic charger, charges ur phone at same rate the dock does and lines up properly with the port and has a very strong magnet unlike those cheap auction site ones I really think this is a must have product as well as a dock if you don't have one yet for the Z3!!
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Robert Mair
Oakleigh East Victoria
13th May 2015

Magtron Magnector X2 Xperia Magnetic Charging Micro USB Adapter
Excellent product which allows charging of Sony Xperia Z3 via the magnetic charging port. Magnet strong enough and works well on phone but some care must be taken when choosing cases that allow enough space for the adapter A lot more adaptable than cable with connector built in. 5 stars
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13th May 2015

Magtron magnector x2
Item as described - works well.
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9th April 2015

on the fence
I ordered two of these charging cables, one works great and Im very happy with it. The other one I got doesnt connect even though the magnet has connected, the only way for the cable to start charging is if a coin or something small is placed under the charging block to prop it up, as soon as you nudge the phone or cable it disconnects charging. very un impressed with having to stuff around with it.
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29th March 2015

xperia z3 compact
ideal for easy charging
Works perfectly with my z3 compact so easy just clicks to the dock bit and changes away. No more fiddling opening the USB bit or risking breaking the cover. As vital a purchase as a cover for this phone.
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16th March 2015

Magtron magnetic charging adaptor
This product is great. It can be used with my phone cover on. I am very pleased and will purchase another. The magnets are very strong and I have no worries of it coming off my phone. Charges my phone perfectly. It's small so you can carry it in your bag or pocket to use whenever.
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3rd March 2015

Whilst I tried to research this product as much as possible, I wish that I was told that it will not connect to your phone if you have a cover on your phone. Even though the cover I'm using has a cut-out so that an external adaptor can be fitted. Also the magnet that they boast about is not that strong, even with the cover removed. This is not a cheap unit and I'm very disappointed and would like to return this item back to the supplier.
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Sam While
2nd March 2015

Works well...
Comes in a plastic box and includes a carry bag for the cable, very useful. I use the cable to charge my Sony Xperia Z3 Compact both at home (using the official Sony charger that came with the phone) and when I am on the road and it works very well. The strength of the magnetic force between the connector and the phone isn't as strong as it is with a MacBook Pro charger, but it is substantial enough all the same. I definitely recommend it as an alternative to the Micro USB method of charging and will look at purchasing another in the near future.
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23rd January 2015

Very good product
The adapter works great with my Z3 xperia compact. The magnet is strong enough to hold it firmly on the phone.
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Ayon Bhattacharya
14th January 2015

Awesome service
Magtron Magnector X2 build quality is great. Works as described.
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13th January 2015

A little flimsy on the the left side but looks nice
Slight lip off the screen keeps it elevated. Good access to all the ports. The side of the magnetic connector and micro SD is almost completely open so that makes it a little flimsy on that side.
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Lance Greenwood
10th January 2015

Sturdy and works well with a Bugdroid case
I ordered this with the express shipping, came very quickly and so far seems great. I can connect it to my phone with a Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit case on (ordered at the same time) and the magnet holds well even with the phone in portrait mode on a stand. Seems to be a good combination so far.
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4th January 2015

Davvero efficienti
...in seguito a mancata consegna dovuta a Poste Italiane,il servizio clienti Mobilefun ha provveduto,a proprie spese a reintegrare l'ordine con corriere in meno di 24 ore...tutto questo in piene festività natalizie.Che dire...efficacia e rapidità,lo consiglierei a chiunque!!
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2nd January 2015

Excellent for Sony Xperia Z3 Compact - Stong Magnetic Connection
The adapter is just perfect and the magnet is strong enough to secure a connection even when moving the phone about. This is the newer design which is made to serve the newer Xperia handsets, I am using mine with a Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Case (also sold by Mobile Fun) with no issues and there is plenty of clearance to allow an even thicker case depending on your preference. Great product, you will not be disappointed.
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Roberto Bartolini
24th December 2014

Magtron X2 Sony xperia Z3
Ricevuto oggi l'adattatore magnetico per ricaricare il Sony Xperia Z3.La ricarica avviene velocemente e l'adattatore rimane attaccato ben saldo al device durante la ricarica.Molto utile il led di stato rosso/verde,per vedere quando il telefono è completamente carico e la sua piccola custodia per riporre l'adattatore stesso,evitando di perderlo e farlo sporcare.Inoltre sono davvero rimasto sorpreso dalla grande disponibilità e cortesia del signor Chris,del servizio clienti Mobilefun,che in seguito ad una mancata consegna,dovuta ai proverbiali ritardi e smarrimenti di Poste Italiane,dietro mia segnalazione,ha provveduto a farmi recapitare a domicilio e senza nessuna ulteriore spesa il mio pacchettino in meno di 24 h.Che dire...SERVIZIO ECCELLENTE!!!
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13th December 2014

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
very good quality product
This magnetic charger, from Magnector, is a must have for every owner of Xperia family phone with a magnetic dock connector. The led turns green right away when you plug in a micro-USB cable from power supply. It's just too easy and fun to charge the phone in this way. Not to mention that you can carry it by you every time because of that little elastic strap. The small rubber case of the adapter keeps it safe in any condition. Overall I recomand it and definitely worth every penny.
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