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Olixar 3-in-1 Universal Clip Camera Lens Kit

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Enhance your smartphone and tablet photography with this universal 3-in-1 lens kit. Combining fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses in one easy quick-connect product with universal clip by Olixar.

  • "Well thought out Gadget"
  • "Great little gadget"

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Robin Tims
King's Lynn
2nd February 2017

Sony Experia / iPad Pro 9.7
Well thought out Gadget
As an inexpensive add-on lens this is a neat idea and better than the rubber-band types previously tried as it is a lot easier to mount with a more positive fix. Easier to have with you too. Not really tested it in real use yet to be honest but on the screen the images are very promising. No trouble at all separating the lenses although given the wide view of the average phone camera a wide-angle lens seems a bit superfluous. For me the Macro lens is the one I need.
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3rd January 2017

Fun gimmick
Nice toy for playing around with the photos.
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Mark Sommerford
29th December 2016

Great addition to any phone camera. As some other reviewers have already stated, I found it difficult to split the macro and wide angle lenses. The trick is to fit this lense to the holder and continue to turn clockwise. The lenses will come apart as it has a clockwise thread to unscrew. Great item.
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George Turnbull
29th December 2016

Olixar 3-in-1 Universal Clip Camera Lens Kit
Very Acceptable Gift
I saw this item as an attractive stocking filler for my wife - she loves it! At least 20 photos taken at Wicken Fen on Xmas Day.
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Gordon Swan
28th December 2016

Apple iPhone 5S
Good value for the money
This item was bought as a present for Xmas for a relative.At the moment I have had no feedback from them so hopefully everything is ok and therefore I can't give you a truthful review.
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weston, fl
28th December 2016

Awesome Product
Bought 4 as gifts, everyone loved the quality of the product and many lens options. Would definitely buy again without a doubt.
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paul murray
19th December 2016

iphone 4s
great little kit
really impressed useful devices, clear and precise, would definitely recommend. Easy to attach, easy to use loads of fun. and deliverd quickly in top condition as usual.
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Alan Lewis
17th December 2016

samsung galaxy core prime
Excellent buy at very low price
I think the email advert for this item explained it very well. It was very easy to use and the results were quite pleasing.
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Gwyn Brooks
Stockton on tees
16th December 2016

Olxir 3in i
cool as
Most things not all but most, just fail to deliver. So for a change we have an item that works, is compact , and delivers ,result in my book . We walk a lot phone in packet to take pictures ,so we tried this today and "result "very pleased .
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16th December 2016

Olixar 3 n 1 universal cip camera lens
Great product
Bought this as a gift for my daughter and she absolutely loves it
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Jeff Rich
11th November 2016

Samsung Galaxy S5
Simple but clever system and good photo quality results.
Haven't yet managed to separate the two lenses that are screwed together very tightly. I don't want to damage the lens mounts.
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10th November 2016

samsung galaxy prime screen protectors
excellent service and follow up
Items as described and delivery ok
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Johns River
22nd September 2016

Fun but very limited.
Macro lens has very short depth of field and can't get whole insect in focus. Focus relys on you moving its position. Gets some interesting close ups but very limited. Wide angle has severe cropping with a vignette, looses a third of the normal shot, so doesn't add extra width, just distortion. Fish eye is just a bit of fun anyway. You can still impress your friends with what appear to be expensive lens photos but don't expect too much from these.
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Amy C
8th September 2016

Samsung S7
Totally AWESOME!!
Quick delivery so impressed by that. 3 different lenses which just twist onto a clip to put on your phone. Made for some awesome and funny pictures! Definitely recommend it! Comes with a little bag too to keep them safe and clean...always a bonus.
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William Brown
22nd August 2016

Nokia Lumia 735
great lenses for my smartphone
very good lenses that will help me produce better pictures with my mobile phone
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21st August 2016

lens kit for mobile phone
Takes beautiful macros and well made.
I ordered these after my daughter lost hers (the originals I had bought elsewhere and that company were now selling a different make, so I purchased these). The replacement I got her was of another make which fell apart after a few uses. After searching quite a bit on line I found Mobile Fun selling these and at a competitive price. She is now happy again and taking the most fantastic pics again using her iphone. These lenses not only work well and take the most amazing pictures but have a much better construction than other makes of mobile phone clip on lenses, being a sprung clip, rather than a plastic hook (as the others were). The order went through smoothly and arrived promptly. Thanks mobile Fun.
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Stephen Taylor
South Yorkshire
19th August 2016

Olixar 3 in 1 Universal Clip Camera Lens Kit
A good piece of kit.
Good kit, good price, good service. Some reviews mention the difficulty in separating two of the lenses this happens if they are not mounted in the holder. Please read the instructions on the packaging and you cannot go wrong.
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John Hills
19th August 2016

Iphone 5s
Nice Gadget
I saw the 3-in 1 Camera clip and thought how handy it would be, as I take my phone with me when walking and normally take a few pics. I took the lenses with me and tryed them and was very pleased with them I now carry them most places now,,,,,good purchase
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17th August 2016

This is a really clever tool, love being able to do a bit more with the camera on my phone
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Mark Cheshire
16th August 2016

Great piece of kit
This lens set is a great accessory particularly if you like to take macro photos. The only drawback is that the mount must fit directly onto the phone or pad body so removal of any protective case is essential. I have used it both on my iPhone and my iPad Pro which has the slightly raised rear lens with great results.
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Auckland New Zealand
10th August 2016

Not worth it.
I received it to-day. Frankly, its a waste of money. It took me ages to get the damn thing out of its plastic covering and then forever to get the different lenses screwed in. When I shot using the fisheye lens my Lenovo would not save it to my picture file for some reason but hid it in a different file. The image looks good on the camera app but translates awfully on the phone hard drive. The macro and wide angle adjustments are a nightmare! Cheap, but nasty.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Tom Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. Sounds like you may have some issues with your phone in regards to the image issues. Please contact our Customer Services team if we can be of any help.
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New Zealand
8th August 2016

Fun Photos
Only had a chance so far to have a quick play with the 3-in-1 mobile camera lens clip, but it looks like a fun thing to use and the photos seem to come out clear. Easy to use, each lens clips on with ease
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Frank Christophersen
Odense, Denmark
8th August 2016

No good
The tread in one item was defect so i could not use it, I throw it all in the bin
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Frank Sorry to hear you have had problems with this item. Can you please contact our Customer Services department.
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6th August 2016

Great little gadget
Bought for partner but couldn't resist trying it out. Fitted over cased phone easily, kids have used it too. Brilliant for insect photos!
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Brian Penniall
Retfod Notts
4th August 2016

Apple I-phone 6plus
Magical Photography
How else can I describe this little gem of an attachment to my I-phone,these three lenses have caused plenty of positive comments ror there the sharpness of pictures,i found the fish eye lens to be the most popular lens Allthough the other two work really well.A verry satisfying purchase,I carry it with me all the time it is so easy and need to carry
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Orange NSW
4th August 2016

Always good gear
Received my order quickly and the lens for my mobile fit well there are caps for them so as not scratch. A bag to keep them safe too
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27th July 2016

No better than Samsung J1 own camera
Comparing results before and after attaching W/angle lens, photo is actually more dim and no wider using lens on my samsung J1 mobile phone.
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West Palm Beach, Florida
22nd July 2016

Olixar 3-in-1 camera clip lens
Macro and Wide Angle lens
The Macro and Wide Angle lens come attached together. I had a hard time separating (unscrewing) the two lens. The two lens were so tight attached that I had to use two pliers to unscrewed the lens. I end up bending one of the lens, and scratching off all the letters and numbers on the lens.
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Anthony M. Martinez
11th July 2016

Olixar/Camera Lens
Excellent Close Up Clarity
I purchased the Olixar lens kit last week!...It was a dream come true in terms of photos!...I visited the country of Costa Rica and was able to focus on close up photos of baby Sloths up a tree!..The lens enable me to focus so close with clarity, it was if I was taking the photo within inches of this beautiful animals face!!....Believe me, this kit is worth the low cost it sells for and limits packing and carrying around hulky camera lens!.....You cannot wrong with these lens!....Quality as if they were lens of much higher prices!...Many people told that the clarity of the close up photos were beautiful and told me I must have spent a mint on the camera that took these photos!!....Great product and I am sure you will be quite satisfied with these lens for your smart phone!!
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David Kay
11th June 2016

Handy gadget
This item comes in the form of three lenses, a Macro, Wide Angle and Fish Eye. The lenses screw on to the clip clockwise, but to use the Wide Angle, you have to screw the Macro lens onto the clip clockwise and then screw the Wide Angle lens onto the Macro in an anti-clockwise direction! The Wide Angle and Fish Eye did not seem to make much difference at all to my photographs, apart from 'rounding' the corners, but the Macro lens does its job superbly. Lens caps and a small bag to keep everything in are included and for the price, I am not complaining. The clip incidentally, fits nicely over the lens of my 'phone, a Lumia 940, in or out of the leather case.
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9th June 2016

Not good with phone cover otherwise great
If you have a phone cover on, the thickness of it moves the clip-on lens away from the phone camera far enough for the edges of the lens to intrude into the photo. If you remove your phone cover (or cut the camera hole bigger) so that the clip-on lens sits flush then it helps take great pictures, particularly the macro lens.
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13th May 2016

well received
the lenses are a fun addition to my camera photography. They arrived within the specified time andI am happy with he service, especially the email notifications.
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Jewell Ong
11th May 2016

Value for money
The Oixar 3-in-1 Universal Clip Camera Lens Kit is pretty basic and does what it's meant to do. Given the price, I would say this probably gets the job done. My only big problem with it is that I have to remove my cover to use the clip on properly, If fitted with a phone cover on, there's like a black border around the four corners of the photo. I use an iPhone 6s, and this clip on for the wide-angle lens is good for square photos, if I use the default rectangular photo taking mode, the black borders are even more obvious. Fish-eye and macro works fine as the product described~ Oh, even without my cover, there's still a slight black border in the corners of my photo.. so that's kind of still a problem for me.. So if you have a higher budget, go for something better.
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Trevor Webster
8th May 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7
Excellent product
Didn't realize it was so small and fiddly to change lens. But I have big hands. I have been stunned by the results. These lens open a whole new world of possability's to Phone photography. Thanks MobileFun for bringing it to my attention.
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Albert Moore
Taunton, Somerset
31st March 2016

Olixar 3-in-1 Universal Clip Camera Lens Kit
Not high tech but value for money
The Oixar 3-in-1 Universal Clip Camera Lens Kit is pretty basic,but surprisingly it does a good job. I cant really fault it, especially when you consider the price.the fish eye takes an interesting portrait, the wide angle really does improve the span of the picture. Not sure what a makro lens does (I always thought Makro was a cash & Carry store) so I haven't used that one yet. Value for money. It looks basic but its performance makes up for that.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Albert The Macro lens allows you to take photos of objects really close up. Hope this helps.
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John Swift
27th March 2016

Olixar 3-in-1 Universal Clip Camera Lens Kit
Brilliant lens kit
I've had an Olloclip lens kit for several years for my iPhone 4S - but I have to remove the phone case to use it. This Olixar kit is so much more 'universal'. Don't need to remove the case any more and if I change my 'phone, it will still fit.
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9th March 2016

Not perfect but value for money
Huawei G8 phone with an Olixar cover. The adapters clip straight on and can be aligned with the phone camera lens in seconds. Some minor loss of quality with the extra glass for the light to pass thru but it is acceptable. The Fisheye vignettes as expected. The wide angle does too, not unusual for wide angle lenses but this is far too much IMO. The macro is more magnifying than macro but you will get reasonable images of things like coins, stamps and larger insects. Depth of Field is limited but within the bounds of what is normal for macro. Focus is achieved by moving the camera back and forth. Focus is generally achieved about 5cm from the subject. As mentioned on other reviews, the macro is part of the wide angle lens. For some reason though, the thread between the two components is the opposite to convention. There we have it, not perfect but it does work and adds versatility to a camera phone for not a lot of money. 4 stars but would have been 5 but for the excessive vignetting of the wide angle.
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5th March 2016

A useful accessory
These little lenses, especially the macro one, promise to be a useful accessory for mobile phone cameras to extend the possibilities. Slight disadvantage is that all your photos end up with a circular margin.
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jacky beaven
2nd March 2016

Olixar 3-in-1 clip camera lens kit
Love it!
Love this item Very easy to use on my phone and my tablet. Love dealing with this company. Always trustworthy in my experience. Fast and efficient service. Good value for money.
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2nd March 2016

Microsoft lumia 650
This is a super gadget for a mobile phone, very simple and easy to use. The product was described perfectly and is great, very useful and easily fits.
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B.S. Morton
1st March 2016

Olixar 3-in-1 Universal Clip Camera
Good product
The kit does what it says on the box. However,I use a fat battery in my Samsung S3. The kit does not sit easily on the extended case. Nevertheless, using it with the normal battery works very well.
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Marcus Gregory
26th February 2016

Olixar 3-in-1 Universal Clip Camera Lens Kit
Excellent product!
Does what it says on the tin! For somebody who loves his photography having this in your pocket means you don't miss those shots when out and about should you not be carrying your SLR digital camera but you have your phone. I was particularly impressed with the macro lens element as you can get so close up and focus in.
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20th February 2016

LG G3 / iPhone 6
one of the best accessory
I really love the photo quality of my G3, but with these quality extra lenses you can make even better/unique pictures. Highly recommended to everybody how would like to bring out more from his mobile camera.
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Beverley Van-de-Velde
1st February 2016

Oliver 3-in-1 Universl Clip Camera Lens Kit
Interesting Gadget
I like Olixar, they produce useful items for a low price. These lenses meet that criteria. If you use your camera a lot these are quick and easy to get onto your mobile phone lens to make your photos more fun. Easy to transport safe in a pouch. Its just remembering you have got them!
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31st January 2016

iphone 5s
Very fun gadget to use.
I thought buying this product for my iPhone would be fun, i was completely right. It's great and compact and can fit perfectly inside my bag without the worry of it getting broken. I wanted something to help my photos be slightly better when i'm out and about and at concerts. It does just what i need it to do without breaking my bank. It smooths slickly on my phone and does not damage one bit. The only downfall is that it effects the quality of the photo slightly nut that was to be expected considering as it wasn't that expensive.
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25th January 2016

Easy to use.
Being a clip-on lens means that it is easy to pop into place and use whenever the moment arises. My only difficulty is lining it up with the iPhone camera lens to prevent vignetting.
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Bill Stephens
25th January 2016

iPhone 5s
Easy to use, compact and light
These are very easy to carry and to use as the item attaches using a 'clip' and 'screw twist' system. Because there is a bag to carry the individual lenses in they slip simply into a pocket or bag. Thoroughly recommended.
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Walker Valley, NY
11th January 2016

Does what it says
It works as described. Took a bit to find out how to seperate some of the lenses.
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9th January 2016

hard to get them to give proper image on note 3
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Ronald Kaye
25th December 2015

Universal Clip Camera Lens Kit
just the Job
it Is so GOOD. I Bought TWO
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Rihards Varna
20th December 2015

I bought those lenses for my Samsung Galaxy S6. I recieved three lenses (wide, macro, fisheye) with a clip, small bag for carrying them and little cloth to wipe dust from them. My favorite one was macro. It was (and still is) really good. I didn't really like fisheye and wide lenses though. They are working as they should, but i can see their frames in the photo (left and right sides). There's no such problem with macro. Clip is really nice to use. It's covinient. Final grade 3.7/5. I hope this reviewhelped you, guys. Sincerely, Rihards.
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Julia page
19th December 2015

I pad
Universal clip camera lens clip
I bought this for my husband as a stocking filler last year and he has had great fun using the lenses throughout the year. They are small and compact enough to keep in the car or in a pocket. This year I have purchased several for my nieces and nephews, all teenagers and hope they will enjoy using and experimenting. I have used mobile fun several times now, the products are good quality, well packaged and arrived on time. Excellent website, excellent service. Good products.
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John A Ramsden
PONTEFRACT, West Yorkshire
13th December 2015

Olivar 3-in-1 Universal clip camera lens kit
Nifty little gadget- does what it says on the tin..............
The purpose of this gadget was well explained, and I have found it to work very well. I Like the bag for keeping everything together, safe and clean. Particularly good for short range photos, such as house interiors, where the wider field of view gives a real-time true image.
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Frances Jones
Scotland UK
12th December 2015

She says she's delighted with it
Got this for my daughter for her birthday. She says she's delighted with it. A workmate got one she said and loves it. So my daughter is looking forward to using gets.
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10th December 2015

Oligarchs universal clip camera lens kit
3-in-1 universal clip camera lens kit
Delivery was great but I found getting the lens central on the phones lens was a little fiddly and resulted in poor pictures . Good after practice with each lens especially the fish eye lens effect
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Kenneth clover
26th November 2015

Clip on mobile camera
Excellent product
Great gadget and pictures come out as excellent quality, and love the different angles of the lenses . Great product and service Thanks.
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West Yorkshire
25th November 2015

3 in 1 Camera lens clip
Excellent product
Apart from the usual Excellent Service the product also gives Great results. Bought originally as a gimmick but used now for serious photos both with Tablet and I-phone. Very pleased.
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22nd November 2015

Very fast delivery. Item excitaitly as I expected. Perfect
Perfect. What I expected
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Geoff Hudson
17th November 2015

Samsung Galaxy SII
A waste of time
Purchased as part of a daily offer so quite cheap but still not good value. The supplied lenses all mask part of the photograph. Doesn't matter how much adjusting of the lens position, this cannot be rectified. Not recommended.
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Mike Clayton
15th November 2015

Samsung Galaxy
Super cool gadget
These clip on lenses are so easy to use and enable you to create some novel fun pictures. Excellent value for money.
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A Finnegan-Butler
Frinton Essex
15th November 2015

Oliver camaraderie lens
Very good
I am very happy with the purchase and the service
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Roddy Kensett
14th November 2015

Looks great
Sadly, it looks excellent but I'm unable to tell as, despite being 'universal' it doesn't fit my Nokia 920 windows phone so I haven't opened it but will give it to a friend. Pity. I should have looked more closely at the pictures.
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9th November 2015

Olixar 3-in-1 Universal Clip Camera Lens Kit
Great Fun Gadget
Bought this a a bit of fun as i'm a keen amateur photographer. Particularly like the macro and fisheye lens. Can't carry my serious camera stuff around all the time so this little kit with its handy pouch fits easily in a pocket and is attached to my iPhone 6Plus in seconds. Great for those occasions when you want to capture that unusual shot and all for the price of a bottle of wine. My friends are seriously impressed and will be putting it on their stocking-filler list this Christmas.
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william mullen
carnoustie angus
22nd October 2015

olixar 3in 1clip camera lens
not great
I found my phone camera pictures were better with out the aid of the olixar not what I was expecting definiteiy expected better
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Collingwood , Victoria
21st October 2015

Good Product fits easily to my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Good Product , Prompt Delivery
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James catmur
17th October 2015

Excellent product
Bought the 3 in 1 lenses and they are great take a great picture and well worth every penny and a great company to deal with .. Would recommend people purchase you won't be disappointed
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Dublin, Ireland
16th October 2015

Good idea, well implemented
Well designed, well made. The lenses work as advertised. I was surprised at the magnification the close-up lens offers. My Xperia Z3 camera was already great, but this makes it even more versatile.
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jeffrey rush
14th October 2015

samsung S5
Can't go wrong!
I have actually purchased this item as a gift for someone's birthday, but as I have never had a bad item from Mobile Fun, I am confident that it will be well received.
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Bill Magowan
N. Ireland
14th October 2015

This fell to pieces within minutes of receipt.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Bill Sorry to hear you have had problems with this accessory. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can see what has happened.
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7th October 2015

Handy usable item for fun photography
Handy usable item for fun photography ,delivered in good time and excellent communication. Many thanks
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7th October 2015

Samsung Galaxy S5
Very easy to use, does not damage the camera
Very easy to use, does not damage the camera and the covers and bag provided keep the lenses safe.
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James Howard
5th October 2015

3 in 1 Universal Clip Camera Lens Kit
Rather disappointed in the wide angle did not live up to my expectation
Wide angle did not work as wide angle all it did was circle the image
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29th August 2015

This little bit of kit complies of three lenses interchangeable with the clip. This piece of kit is fantastic value for the price, and it is constructed of fine materials the lenses are pure quality and so small you can keep them in your pocket and not know they are there! I reiterate a fine piece of kit for the on the go people who take instant pictures.
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24th August 2015

iphone 6
Excellent kit
Excellent kit. I mostly use the fish eye and it does the work even for selfies! Value for money.
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Terry Cleary
18th August 2015

Olixar lost key or device fob
The device is not easy to locate in correct position over the phones lens in time to take a spontaneous shot. You need to put it in position well in advance of use.
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barry eaton
16th August 2015

Like this kit
Like this kit, lots of interesting pics and ideas I wouldn't of tried ordinarily, love the macro lens good quality close ups. thanks again.
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Mike Powell
Nerang, Qld
12th August 2015

Olixmar 3 in 1Universal Clip on Camera Lens
Purchased this kit for use on coming trip to Western Queensland. Have taken a couple of test photos and the lens works perfectly. Can't wait to use in the wide open spaces out west.
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11th August 2015

Samsung Galaxy SII
Disapppointed. Not a Terrific Buy
Can't tell the difference on my phone between normal phone pictures and pictures taken with this wide angle lense attached. The fish-eye view is marginally better, as it seems to push the framed shot SLIGHTLY further back, so including slightly more than a normal camera phone shot. The wide angle lense CAN'T be used without the micro lense attached, as previously advised on other reviews. And the micro lense itself? You need to be SO close to get that focused that the ladybird in the advertisement blurb would be long gone. Save your money!
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7th August 2015

galaxy tab
very pleased so far
Have only tried a few tester photos indoors and am pleased with results but need to give it a good try.have galaxy 3 phone. The macro is good and pleased with the fisheye which was my reason for buying. Only thing I didnt know beforehand is that not just the fisheye but the wideshot and macro are also circular. Hence the 4 stars. Should I have realised that? But really pleased with the company and speedy delivery etc. Definitely use again and reccommend.
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5th August 2015

ipad, samsung.
Worth the price makes interesting pics
Worth the price makes interesting pics,I love the Macro lens.
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Charles Beavis
4th August 2015

Nokia Lumia 635
I bought this to try on my Nokia Lumia phone and i-pad and I must say that i am very pleased with the results so far. All the lenses give great results. You will not be disappointed. AAAAA++++++
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David Young
Clevedon, North Somerset UK
22nd June 2015

Pleased and miffed!
I ordered this thinking I might find a use for it and it arrived promptly the next day. The day after a major renovation of my bathroom was finished and I used the fisheye and wide angle lens to take 'after' shots to compare with those taken before work started. Well, needless to say the results were fantastic and everyone was impressed with the new look bathroom, but even more with the amount the lens had captured - I am miffed, but pleased in equal proportions!
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Peter Bartlett
19th June 2015

Olixar 3-in-1 Universal Clip Camera Lens
Great little gadget
Great little gadgets; easy to use and enhances my Samsung phone camera. Can't understand why some of the reviewers had problems with them
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12th June 2015

Nokia Lumia 930
Great Lens Quality, not fully compatible.
The 3-in-1 lense is great, won't get much use out of the macro lens, but it is attached to the wide angle lens anyway. The camera on the lumia 930 is quite wide anyway, so it does kinda create a circle within the box of the photo. rather that adding the zoom/ effect to the shot, not as important with fish eye, as the circle is the intended effect, but the wide angle lens shots suffer as a result. All in all can't argue about the price and what you get, the bag is useful too.
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David Young
9th June 2015

Samsubg Galaxy S4
Does what is says on the tin
I ordered this at noon and arrived promptly very well. I am very satisfied with my purchase and your very efficient service and will continue to order from you in the future.
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Thyago Falconi
8th June 2015

Galaxy S5
Very good deal
I bought mobile lenses for my Galaxy S5. The de was awesome as I could buy 3 lenses for a very good price. The website was easy to use and the delivery time was just two days.
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Ron Canham
8th June 2015

Not needed for all phones
Liked the idea of fisheye for effects. Not extreem enough, wideangle does not offer much more than S5 built in lense. Macro is very good, though. Worth the money for that.
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31st May 2015

Oligarchs 3-in-1camera flip lens
Was unsure before purchase. But now I have bought it is a very good product. It not only fits my mobile phones, but also my iPads can't fault delivery because it arrived the next day. Some feedback states that there is only two lenses. Read the instructions on the the box before getting into a panic.there is three lenses the wide angle ana the macro come screwed together separate them and away you go. I would no hesitate in buying other products Can't wait to road test it thanks Ray
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22nd May 2015

Samsung Galaxy
Great idea
Just bought this item as a gift for a relative. Haven't tested it out but it seems a great idea for a phone camera
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19th May 2015

Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus
'Eye-Spy we my little Eye' !!
A friend of mine had previously purchased one of these and I must say the purchase I made was no mistake , ALL units work absolutely spot - on . Had my doubts with it being a little different from my friends but on using it it works fine if not better ! A definite good buy , you wont be disappointed !!
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Victoria, BC Canada
19th May 2015

3 in 1 universal clip camera lens - a great deal
I haven't had much time to play with my new lenses but so far am pleased with what they do. I'm especially pleased by the fact that the clip fits over my iPhone 6 WITH the phone cover on. It seems fairly easy to get the lens in the right position over the camera lens. The only issue I've had so far is trying to use the lens with the flash - I end up with a photo of the lens. So far, I'm pleased with my purchase.
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Graham Lucas
16th May 2015

Samsung S5
Clever little gadget
Brilliant idea. Gives a bit more scope to the little camera in your phone. Small enough to carry around with you.
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mike e grandey
Apopka, Fl
15th May 2015

Phone attachment
Was suppose to include a wide angle lens. It did not. Disappointed
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Mike The wide angle lens actually is part of one of the other lenses. Just unscrew as mentioned in our description and you will indeed have 3 lenses to choose from. Hope this helps!
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Sheila Douse
9th May 2015

Buy one before it's too late
The best little thing I have bought for ages. I have bought three so far as those who have seen mine kept asking to borrow it..... I will probably go on buying as friends envy, - and Christmas things will soon be in the shops the way things go nowadays. Lovely pictures, easy to use on everything. Initial confusion to a techno-numpty in finding out how to separate the two lenses which come joined together. After much wrenching and dare I confess WD40 :o/ - and trying to unscrew the conventional way, I turned in the opposite direction and voila (the WD40 worked!) I had the two lenses instantly. I see it tells you this on or with the newer packaging. which saves hours. Before I got them apart, I took macro and wide angle shots through the joined pair, - even that was ok. Good little product. Excellent stocking-filler. Thank you Olixar and Mobile Fun.
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John Houghton
8th May 2015

3 in 1 universal clip camera
enhance pictures
amazing what can be done taking pictures on phone, just by clipping over lens
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8th May 2015

Samsung galaxy
Works very well on my Samsung S5. The lenses do what they are supposed to and do it very well.
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Wilma Dixon
Preston lancs
7th May 2015

3in 1 camera
Brilliant !!!!!
This is a very fun little gadget !!! My granddaughter loves it !!!! Great for fun holiday snaps !!.
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1st May 2015

Very clever simple to use
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Victor Lloyd
29th April 2015

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1
Very good product. Recommended to friends.
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Stuart McKever
26th April 2015

Samsung Galaxy S5
Quick Clip for Great Pics
These lenses are quick and easy to attach to my phone camera lens and give excellent results. I particularly like the Fisheye effect. I was concerned that they may not fit over my ArmourDillo case, but they do with no problem. A friend was so impressed that he asked me to order a set for his Sony Experia, which I did. (I also ordered a set of Olixar headphones for him - note, MobileFun, I'm doing a good ad campaign for you!.) The pouch supplied to carry them is microfibre, so is also a lens wipe, and lens caps are included in the kit. Highly recommended.
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Bob Baird
Fivemiletown, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland
4th April 2015

Samsung Galaxy S5
The advert infers that there are three individual lenses when in fact there are only two. This caused me so much confusion that I sent the original delivery back saying that one of the lenses was missing. Also the clip used to attach the lens mounting to the mobile doesn't take into account the case I currently use
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Bob There are actually 3 lenses as advertised, two of the lenses actually screw together forming one lens, and when unscrewed revealing another - totalling 3 lenses. Hope this helps.
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david shields
11th March 2015

HTC 0ne M8
Great piece of kit !
Excellent service as usual from Mobile Fun but sadly the clip on lens do not fit my HTC M8 but can be used on my Ipod touch and most other tablets Etc. Great value for the money though.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi David We have just tried them with the HTC One M8 and it does fit as long as you don't have a case on and you place it over the top part of the phone, not from the side. Hope this helps.
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Marc Bendelow
9th March 2015

Xperia z2
Excellent little product for the price.
Excellent little product for the price. Bought it mainly for the fish eye lense and for taking pictures of my car but all three have come in very handy on many occasions. Comes with a nice little bag to keep all the lenses in without damaging. Only thing that annoys me slightly is that the wide angle lens and macro lease can be fiddly to separate and use for those with bigger hands.
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David Price
9th March 2015

Not that great
Lens are ok, nothing to get excited about. I would not order them again.
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Tony Ash
6th March 2015

3 in 1 Universal Clip Camera Lens
This is an OK Product
This 3 in 1 Clip on Lens is OK but nothing to get really excited about. However in saying that, the close up lens allows you get as close as a couple of inches from the subject matter with good clarity. The wide angle lens does not create that much more than my phone lens and the fish eye doesn't do a lot for me. However I will keep them with me in the car as they might find a use.
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Jez Payne
JERSEY, Channel island
6th March 2015

Cubot s270
clip on lens for mobile phone
The three lens adapter that clips over the outside of the phone body positions the lens over the top of you existing camera lens. you are then at liberty to use the digital zoom within the phone to create the correct composition. a simple yet very effective way to add functionality to your phones camera, with either a fish eye, wide angle or macro lens.
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Ian Westwood
North Wales.
4th March 2015

iPad mini 2
Better than expected Lens Set
i bought the 3 in 1 Lens set as I'd seen something about it somewhere. I was expecting to be sending it back or throw it in the back of the drawer but it is actually a good little bit of kit. I made a pollock of myself by complaining I was missing a lens but had it explained to me one lens separates to make two. The Macro is probably the best but all in all I'm really glad I bought it. It fits my iPhone and HTC so is Universal. Buy it.
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Gordon Roberts
Tamworth Staffs
3rd March 2015

3in1 clip camera lense
3 in 1 Clip camera lense
For the price It's a brilliant product.Very easy to carry about and it certainly gives your smart phone a greatly enhanced capacity for taking photos.It would be wrong to say it is as good as an SLR but not far behind.I think it's great.would recommend.G.A.R.
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C. Floyd
3rd March 2015

3-1 Universal Clip Camera Lens
Good fun
I bought the Clip-on lens kit as a bit of a toy to use on my Galaxy Note 2 phone, but the thing works really well. On Fish eye there is a bit of vignetting, but a little bit of zoom sorts that out, and the Macro is good and gives plenty of detail. I have not used the wide much as the camera lens is quite good on it's own wide setting. I just have to remember to keep the kit in my pocket.:-)
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2nd March 2015

Moto G
Fun lenses
I panicked briefly, as I thought I'd only been sent 2 lenses - but the wide-angle and macro lenses are screwed together (they work together to form the wide-angle lens), but when I'd sorted it out, the lenses work pretty well. You have to position the fish-eye lens very carefully to avoid cutting off part of the image, and the optical quality is what you'd expect for the price, but they can give some fun images, and are (e.g.) good indoors to show more of a room. The macro lens is pretty extreme, and you have to get within about 1.5 cm of the subject, and be very careful to get what you want in focus. A cheap, fun way to get more out of your phone camera, or to show a larger group in a skype conversation.
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David Lucken
2nd March 2015

3-in-1 Universal Clip Camera Lens
3-in-1 Universal clip Camera
I thought this would be fun to use and it is fun to use. Clips easily onto any phone and onto a tablet. Great fisheye photos and the macro is really good. Really worth buying and then take some different photos.
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12th January 2015

great quality
very happy with this. It was very worth the price. Bought 2 and am very glad I did.
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1st January 2015

iphone 6
this bit of kit is just brileant
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Steve Ryman
28th December 2014

I phone
Great clip-on lenses
Really easy to clip on in seconds and considering I gave them as a stocking filler expecting nothing impressive, my daughter has been using them constantly for the last two days and posting pics on line so all her friends on face book want some, the macro is unbelievable and some of the stuff she`s clicked is scarey, what a present I was nearly cool for a minute
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Joe Shelby
17th December 2014

Snap happy chappy
I'm rubbish on photoshop and I don't have a fancy SLR but I do love taking photos and this thing is perfect for me. I'd imagine if you know what you're doing you'd get even better results but I couldn't be happier. Delivery was super quick too. All around a lot of fun to experiement. Thank you for a great product!
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