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Olixar iPhone 6 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Product Reference: 48984

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 6 plus by Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.

  • "No brainer protection for your iPhone screen."
  • "Top Notch"

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16th January 2017

iPhone 6 plus
You cannot go wrong with this
You cannot go wrong with this - if you are wanting something simple that showcases the natural aesthetic of your iPhone 6 Plus then this clear hard case cover is ideal. It truly is effective - it is thin and fits very well onto the iPhone 6 Plus. You get a smooth feel when holding your phone - the cover is lightweight & the polycarbonate shell is tough. A product that is worth getting.
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27th December 2016

Iphone 6 plus
No hole on front camera
First box received was empty! But customer service quickly sent another one. Easy to put on and very smooth touch. However, there is no hole for the front camera, so when taking selfies, the photo comes out less clear.
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Lloyd Buckley
18th September 2016

iPhone 6+
No brainer protection for your iPhone screen.
After years of trying different screen protectors I tried the Olixar tempered glass one. After using them for my iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 and now my iPhone 6+, it's the only one I will use. I highly recommend it, it's easy to put on, has protected my screen from a number of accidental scrapes and just doesn't look as though anything is there when using the iPhone. Overall a great screen protector.
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7th May 2016

This protection sucks
The protection got cracked by almost nothing. Lasted less than a week. Just a waste of money.
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16th March 2016

No Complaints
Brought this for the bosses new phone. He hasn't complained to me, so obviously very happy. Thanks for the great product and fast delivery. Happy Boss makes for a Happy Day
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Ingemark Schoenpflug
Isle of Man
15th March 2016

iPhone 6 Plus
Screen Protector
I have taken my old screen protector off which was a bit worn, and applied the new one one! I have to admit it was easy to put on, didn't have any issues with bubbles. The quality is very good better than my last glass screen! It's a lot more durable and stronger than I've imagined. So overall good price thanks to the discount I got from mobile fun.
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Clive Atkinson
14th March 2016

Apple iPhone 6Plus
First class service. Great product
I wish I had a pound for every glass protector I have thrown away. This Olixar Tempered Glass Screen was totally different. So simple to apply without any annoying air bubbles! It was a "doddle" Great product. The best of its type. The iPhone 6Plus looks brand new after a quick wipe over of this screen Thank You Mobile Fun !!
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3rd March 2016

iPhone 6S Plus
Having used other types of screen protectors before that state bubble free application they always failed. However this one is extremely easy to apply with perfect bubble free results. Would definitely buy again!
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Dave Flowers
3rd March 2016

iPhone 6s plus
Wish I had bought one sooner
Brilliant, so easy to fit. No air bubbles and total protection. Wish I had bought one sooner. Quick delivery and no hassles. Great
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Natasha hosking
22nd February 2016

iPhone 6s plus
Great product
The screen protector is great to put on very simple compared to other film ones this was quick and simple and so far worth every penny
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Neil Sheppard
18th February 2016

Iphone 6+
It works!
Although this is for my wife's phone, the product from what i have seen is great. Combined with the case (other review) she can now treat her brand new phone exactly the same as everything else she has with a glass front, without fear of scratching it into submission within two weeks. I feel sure she won't try the "hit it" with a wrench as shown wonderfully in the video. But the fact that it now has a chance of a better life and survival from the usual launch to the handbag, sofa, chair, car seat etc is good enough for me.
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Roger Flack
15th February 2016

iPhone 6s+
Great screen protector
Forget all about fiddling with applying a screen protector. This is just so easy and so effective. Forget trapped air bubbles. Fits superbly and seems ultra strong. Really delighted with this product.
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Kevin Townsend Snr
18th December 2015

Apple I phone 6s plus
Excellent. Easy to fit, crystal clear screen protection. A quick wipe over clears any fingerprints
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Phil Angus
21st November 2015

I phone 6s plus
Excellent product no air bubbles
Excellent product no air bubbles, positive touch for 3D not affected
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31st October 2015

iphone 6+
bought in the nick of time
About a fortnight ago I bought the Olixar glass screen protector which turned out to be just as well as dropping a metal object on the the phone right at the edge of the protector caused it to break but did the job its was bought for and saved the screen, the iphone is fine; just need a new protector now. Only complaint is the protector could do with being 1 to 2mm wider. The best thing about it though is the application very easy and bubble free with very little effort. Yes I will be buying another one as it has proved itself in saving the screen on my month old iphone 6+.
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Shakeel Anwar Mahamed
20th October 2015

Iphone 6s Plus
Dissapointing :(
Out of the 2 i bought (spigen full glas) the olixar was the worse, that aside from the fact this screen protector doesn't fully cover the display leads me to believe this item obviously wasn't made for the 6s plus but its older brother, the 2014 model. Also it looked like the left edge in portrait mode - the protector was chipped in the manufacturing process and then buffed/smoothed over, after the install this was very apparent. there is also a large gap from edge of the phone screen to the screen protector leaving a large unprotected area, fortunately this is just a stop gap till the life proof nuud case comes out eventually, i don't recommend this screen protector for long term use
MobileFun Reply:
Hi As the iPhone 6S and indeed the iPhone 6 has a slightly curved edge at the very edge of the screen, the screen protector reaches the point just before it curves to maintain a good grip to the phone without any dust and debris getting underneath. Hope this helps.
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14th October 2015

Simple but phone look good
Look kool for who like simple but let hope it will be tought enough to protect the iphone when accidentally dropped like blingmything case
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Martin Jones
27th July 2015

iPhone 6+
Top Notch
Easy to fit and provides protection for the whole of the "visual screen. A quality product that I cannot fault.
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Phipil Meade
7th July 2015

Iphone 6 plus
Tempered glass screen
I have always had bubbles when using plastic screen covers despite all the time lavished on prep. I followed the instructions carefully and no bubbles areally professional look and less time taken. Looking to see what covers are available for other devices.
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Nick Wenham
27th June 2015

iPhone 6+ glass screen protector
Brilliant but.......
Bought several for iPhone 5S and brilliant. Perfect fit, invisible to see. BUT sadly although I know it'll do the protection job needed the fit is not at all good and can be clearly seen. Shame. It's quite a bit short at both top and bottom of the screen.
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Roger Buchan
26th June 2015

IPhone 6+
Speedy delivery and a really good product. It's very well packaged and has all the items you need to fit it cleanly (alcohol pads, microfibre cloth etc.Looks tidy on the screen too.
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Mr Holden
11th May 2015

iPhone 6 Plus
This product came with everything I needed, plus the bonus of not being fiddly, went on first time and does the job.
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Derek Payne
North West
7th March 2015

iphone 6 plus
Great screen protector
I have never bothered with screen protectors on previous iPhones, but the 6+ screen is so gorgeous I thought it deserved one. After some research I chose this. This is actually my second one of these - the first one did exactly what it was supposed to i.e. cracked on impact with the kitchen floor and saved the iPhone screen which was unmarked. Very easy to apply with no air bubbles at all - just take care to get it lined up correctly first time. Cleaner and polishing cloth included in the kit, and the usual excellent service from Mobile Fun. I am so impressed with these I purchased one for my wife's iPhone 5c, and it is every bit as good as this one. Recommended.
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Omar Makarem
6th March 2015

ROCK Royce iPhone 6 Plus Hybrid Case - Red
Im in love with this Cover, Such an amazing case, makes the I phone 6 plus look Classy and Slim, Highly reccomend for the price paid, looks expensive at a low cost :)
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24th December 2014

Brilliant screen protector
What a great screen protector it has to be the easiest protector to apply. My hands shake but I still didn't have a problem applying this no air bubbles perfect, excellent product
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9th December 2014

Great product for price
The delivery arrived so early! This is a great product, easier to use then the plastic however I still have two air bubbles, it did say on the packaging it will disappear in a couple of days. It has now been two week but it doesn't bother me yet. I do like the protection it gives my phone and the service with mobile zap was very impressive. Such a good price.
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Maureen Root
Colchester, Essex
7th December 2014

Iphone 6 plus
Excellent product
So easy to apply, and leaves a lovely feel to the screen
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Mazin Eragat
7th December 2014

Best Screen EVER
Bought an expensive new iPhone 6+ Want to keep it scratch free and have no bubbles on the screen I am a complete novice at putting on screen protectors What this product did for me - Come with amazing instructions (fool proof) - Have a very high quality protector (best I've ever seen) - Is extremely durable and free of scratches / bubbles (they self-disappear!) - Put it on wrong first time, not properly aligned. Put on second time and no issues since - Enhances the visual quality of the screen (if that's even possible) Everyone who looks at my phone says 'wow, looks great and this protector is very professional, where did you get it put on?' Basically if you have a phone get this protector it is more expensive but will last for the duration of time as the phone, you'll never have to replace it 5/5, 10/10, A***+++ you get the picture
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25th November 2014

iPhone 8 Plus
not edge to edge
I think that most people now buying screen protectors for the iPhone 6 Plus must realise that they are not edge to edge protectors and just cover the screen and not the whole front face. This is no exception. I bought the same for my iPhone 5 and it has full frontal protection and I have no complaints. Perhaps if you are going to fork out on a glass protector make sure it covers the whole front. I'm going to give the Core one a go. Hopefully its ok
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15th November 2014

Apple iPhone 6+
Very good
I bought a glass screen protector and very pleased with it. Thank you.
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15th November 2014

iPhone 6 Plus
Great product.
Great product, provides excellent protection, easily applied and leaves no bubbles or blemishes. Very pleased.
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Barry Edwards
12th November 2014

Happily recommend these
I have purchased 2 of these screen protectors ,one for my wife's iphone 6 & the other for my 6 plus. I was amazed very easily they went on without leaving any bubbles very good product, I would happily recommend these to anyone buying an iPhone 6 Plus or IPhone 6. As they look good and will protect your phone well thank you mobile phone for these products at such a good price.
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Malcolm Wilson
10th November 2014

iphone6 plus
Protect your iphone6 plus screen
I recently managed to break the screen of my new iphone6 plus and this is not covered by the normal warranty although it is partly covered by the apple care plus. Whatever, I paid £106 for a new screen ( I think its about half of that with Apple Care plus ). This new purchase of the tempered glass protector is an excellent investment for my phone. The glass is almost invisible and easy to apply even for the clumsiest DIYer. A good buy for your precious and expensive phone.
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Allan Jellett
Welwyn Garden City
5th November 2014

iPhone 6 Plus
Perfect screen protector
Very impressed with this glass screen protector. Unlike plastic ones, it is crystal clear and very easy to fix to the screen. Should provide good protection for all but the most extreme sharp impacts.
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Vivian Harris
Basildon Essex
3rd November 2014

i-phone clear case
Good for now
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John Conry
South East
30th October 2014

iPhone 6 Plus
Superb product
I have had a love/hate relationship with screen protectors over the years. They are usually fiddly to install, often don't feel right to the touch and it is a pain to get rid of pesky bubbles. This product is different. It is superb, very easy to install, looks great and feels fine to the touch. The package contains everything you need, including cleaning materials. If you want a screen protector, this is definitely the one to go for. No buyer's remorse or regrets from me at all.
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Wayne Dean
27th October 2014

iPhone 6 Plus
Faultless as always
First class product and service as always from mobilefun. Always use MFX on my mobiles as the fit is perfect and installation is so simple and above all bubble free! Mobilefun delivery times is spot on, thanks again guys!
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Richard Garratt
24th October 2014

iPhone 6 Plus tempered glass screen protector
Far, far better than I expected
I ALWAYS have a screen protector on my phones. I usually buy plastic ones in packs of several at a time, and change them every six months or so when they start to scratch. And they are pretty good, too. So this one, coming single as it does, and at several times the price of the plastic variety, has to work hard to get five stars. It gets them. This is the second tempered glass screen protector I have bought, and worth every penny of its price. It's easy to fit, it gives far better protection than a soft plastic one, and it even seems somehow to make the touch screen more sensitive - if that were possible! If your phone is really valuable I would't hesitate.
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Garry Chinchen
17th October 2014

iPhone 6 Plus
A necessary addition
The screen protector is simple to apply providing the screen is extremely clean with no dust, it is slightly smaller than the screen on the phone so doesn't interfere with the case. It provides excellent protection to the screen so even with insurance on the phone this product costs far less than the excess on the policy. I have always used plastic film type protectors in the past this is far superior and has no problems with 'bubbles'.
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