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Sony SCR26 Xperia Z3 Compact Style-Up Smart Window Cover - Black

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This official smart case in black from Sony houses your Xperia Z3 Compact smartphone, providing protection and functionality through the incorporated Smart Window, allowing you to view incoming notifications, change your music and even take calls.

  • "great case"
  • "Expensive but mostly worth it"

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6th May 2016

got the sony experia compact cover and it was brilliant quick delivery
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Marshall Muir
17th February 2016

Sony Xp Z3
Dose all and some Downsides are cheap plastic window won't clean very well and the stud fastener makes it bulky, the off white soft interior attracts dirt! works well though
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13th February 2016

What I wanted
Exactly what I've been after, Sony store told me no chance of them having it anymore since they have a new phone out now. Thankfully someone did.
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16th January 2016

Terrible Prodict
It has a big press-stud flap instead of the smooth magnet flap on other models. The hinges wear out in no time. It is very expensive and the inbuilt software doesn't always work. Sony was once the epitome of design. Whatever has happened.
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V Iles
7th October 2015

The sticky section does not keep my phone in place
Purchased this back in July. Left review saying I was pleased with this even though the sticky section was not as strong as I would have liked. After just a couple of months, the sticky section does not keep my phone in place. I feel that this is a very poor design and of poor quality!
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27th September 2015

Perfect fit, slim,
The phone is a perfect fit. The case is very streamline. I like I can use volume buttons while case is fully closed. I would like the case in Pantone colour options. More colours please.
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25th September 2015

Not happy
Not happy with item at all as the sticky pad that you attach your phone to is not very secure and loses it stickiness very quickly. Looks very good from the outside but I am terrified that the phone will just drop out of the case.
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27th July 2015

Xperia z3 compact
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. Cover
Colour aqua green. Excellent quality fits mobile phone like a glove. The only niggle I have is that the self sticky area is not as strong as I would like. The phone slips out of the cover if I don't press it down quite firmly. Regardless I feel that this is top quality!
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17th July 2015

Very good Case
I love this case. The phone is very slender inside the case. The only part I don't like is the snap. It adds a decent amount of bulk to the case. Maybe a flatter magnetic flap would've been better. The phone automatically turns on the main screen when you open the case and it goes to the small view through the viewing window when the case is closed. The only negative with that is if I use MirrorLink (where you can show your phone on a car radio), the signal sent is a small window to the other device so I just have to leave the case open.
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17th June 2015

Sony Z3 Compact
Expensive but mostly worth it
The quality seems to be very good after a few weeks of use. Having all buttons and flaps usable when closed is great. The auto set up app to fit all the notifications into the window I prefer to the standard full screen display. I will say that viewing what you are taking a picture of is difficult and the only bad point. There is a tiny magnet embedded in the front cover (to let the phone know if cover is open or closed) that a 5p attached to the other day, which amused me.
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13th June 2015

Sony Ericsson Xperia z3 compact
Not as good as it could be!
This case sounds great but when installed onto the phone it does not work well. It is very temperamental, sometimes the case touch screen works and other times it doesn't. I have missed a number of calls trying to use the touch screen. The cover looks good, but the dated use of a popper to allow it to close means it is not as stylish as some other cases on the market. The sticky pad used to stick the phone to the case does not appear that strong and I think it is likely to be a magnet for dust and dirt. Not sure I would buy another case like this but going to stick with it. Mobilefun service was very good with standard delivery allowing the product to arrive within the week. I would definitely use them again.
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5th June 2015

I've had this three weeks and the phone no longer sticks to the backing and using the phone with the cover on is challenging to say the least. This is the worst purchase ever - don't buy it and expect it to work as advertised. Actually, just don't buy it!
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25th May 2015

Fast delivery.. Case hooked up nicely to the app..can sit in charger dock and although case stuck to phone with sticky film it hasn't been a issue at all...very happy
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15th January 2015

Looks good & functional
I have the aqua phone & bought the aqua cover, which doesn't have the same depth of colour as the phone, it's the same tone & has a nice sheen. There's picturebook instructions from Sony, but basically you set it up to recognise your phone via turning on NFC in the settings. The cover attaches by removing a piece of plastic film & you can remove & re-attach/re-position the cover easily. Although it may look flimsy, it holds the phone well & I guess due to the waterproof casing of the phone Sony was limited. The closure is made from the same material as the rest of the cover - I thought from the photos that it was a hard plastic, but disappointingly it doesn't create a solid stand for the phone when watching videos, although you can kind of balance it awkwardly. And it's a press stud to snap closed which is also annoying. But when the phone rings you can answer & talk with the cover still closed so you don't have to fumble trying to open it in a hurry. Overall I'm glad I bought it, as it provides good protection, is functional & looks good.
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30th December 2014

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
Sony branded case with functional window
You need to pair the phone with the case and this is easy. I like the cover as it shuts down the phone when you close it (the window display stays on for the length of time you have ticked in settings).You can take or reject calls from the window without opening the case (amongst other functions you choose from a limited list, which includes music).The phone is slippery and the case makes the phone safer to use. Negatives are that the case fastens with a popper;the glue which holds the phone in the case is not that sticky(in my opinion) but I like the concept as it means the overall effect is less bulky; and the front window is always smudgy. The plastic window gets more fingerprints and smudges than the phone screen does without a case! If none of my negatives would bother you, then I say buy the case as it is really good to have the functional window. Also the case is Sony branded (hence the price!).
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Caroline Keating
13th December 2014

Sony Xperia Z3 compact
sleek, stylish, great feel and fab colour
Love the thin sleek stylish case. Colour matches the phone perfectly! I have had the case a couple of weeks and it's starting to get grubby. It took me a while to figure out how to set sync the phone and case together, instructions could be simplified for oldies like me! Love it!
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8th December 2014

sony xperia z3 compact
Sony Xperia z3 compact style-up smart window cover
Did not want to give it any stars, but it would not let me leave a review unless I put something on them! This is poor quality, especially for the price and with it being official item. very thin peel off sticker to stick phone on to it. very poor quality, I have ended up buying a cheaper more effective item. truly disappointed with this. would not recommend, waist of money. Sorry Sony this has not done you justice.
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john peard
7th December 2014

sony z3 compact style up case
great case
Setting up instructions for case app not so good, however well explained on Sony mobile site. Using phone with case closed a great touch. It comes with an insert for the charging dock and charges with case closed, because of window I can set clock to show all night. Feels a bit flimsy but overall provides good protection.
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