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Sony Magnetic Charging Dock DK48 for Sony Xperia Z3 & Z3 Compact

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Product Reference: 48072

Dock and charge your Sony Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact with the hassle-free DK48 magnetic charging dock by Sony.

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santo stefano al mare
3rd March 2017

prima di questo avevo provato un connettore magnetico diverso..( non sony)dopo una settimana ha smesso di funzionare..si scollegava dal telefono.. questo invece è ottimo..non metto eccellente perchè il prezzo è abbastanza alto in confronto ad altri prodotti che puoi trovare in altri siti. ma vale i soldi spesi perchè lo uso tutti i giorni già da un mese e funziona benissimo.
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28th November 2016

Great Product
Sony Magnetic Charging Dock DK48 for Sony Xperia Z3 & Z3 Compact. This is a very good product, I can highly recommend it to anyone thinking of buying it. Very easy to use , charges at a quite quick rate, small and very portable. The magnetic locators work just right. and hold onto the phone in a secure manner whilst it is charging. Very happy with Mobile Zap terrific service to me. Excellent buying experience.
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16th September 2016

Awesome product
Great service, great product - charging dock for my Sony Z3 Compact. Much better than having to open the waterproof side and plug in.
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8th September 2016

Best service
Very very happy and super fast delivery. Quality products
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Murchison, Vic
6th September 2016

The charging dock performs well but I have a few problems. I had a screen protector on my phone and I couldn't fit the phone in any adapters. I also have a protector covering the remainder of the phone. Although I bought it at the same time as the phone it must be non standard as it won't fit in the adapter with the biggest space. I have now removed the screen protecto and charge the phone without the other protector as well
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5th July 2016

Delivered Promptyl,Works Excellently
i've had my Sony Xperia Z3 Compact since it came out but couldn't find the right case and docking station at the time as Sony hadn't released any locally. Since then been using a knock-off version of docking station purchased online that was bastardised to fit a "CASE-MATE" case and was PITA to make it fit. Now bought the Sony docking station from MobileZap and can confirm 100% that the 34B attachment that comes in the kit works excellently as the "CASE-MATE" is shaped to fit perfectly.
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23rd February 2016

Good product & time saver
Very handy product it saves time opening and inserting mini USB to charge. Keeps phone upright east to see and saves desk space.
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Marshall Muir
17th February 2016

Sony Xp Z3
Not Bad
A bit hit and miss to dock if dark. Bedroom etc Sits well no slipping around
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Los Angeles
19th January 2016

Perfect buy
The item was as described and it was original with top quality. The delivery was in time. I would recommend buying from mobile fun to any friend who needs original mobile accessories
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Toby Poynder
23rd November 2015

Sony Xperia Z3
Worth paying for
I had tried a cheap third-party charger but it was always a bit fiddly to get the phone sitting right and I sometimes found it had not been charging overnight. The genuine Sony product works flawlessly and I can confirm that it is fully compatible with the "Barely There" protective case. Very happy with the combination.
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8th October 2015

Not hugely thrilled
I was happy with the service provided by Mobilezap, but this charging dock is a little disappointing. I have the Cruzerlite Bugdroid case for my Z3 Compact, and it's too wide to fit in the dock with it still on, even with the different mounts. I think Sony could have done better in designing this dock.
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15th September 2015

It does fit and work with the z3 compact
Things you need to know. It does fit and work with the z3 compact with a glass screen protector. Although you have to use the biggest plastic inlay fitting that comes in the box. You can't use it with a case with my experience. Because it's sony its really high quality and the magnet easily connects without effort. You are paying for the Sony brand which I think is a little bit expensive but worth it if you want a high quality product.
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Daniel Dumitrascu
26th August 2015

Sony Xperia Z3
Definitely recommended
I guess I have already known what to expect from this product as I have owned a similar cradle for Xperia Z1; product charges the phone pretty fast and can be used with or without a case on the phone, since you get different-sized adapters for the magnetic charger. Using the phone in landscape mode for charging in conjunction with DashClock and its notifier combines usefulness and ease of use. Definitely recommended as it also prevents too much fumbling with the flap over the micro USB port.
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Magnus L
31st July 2015

Great for the nightstand
This is working perfect for the nightly chargings at the nightstand. You get a nice overview of the watch and you don't have to fumble getting a standard USB cable to fit. It also works with various casings, I have a "Case-Mate bearly there" case and that works perfectly.
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21st July 2015

Product delivers as promised. Can vouch for it without a shadow of doubt.
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Perth, Australia
27th May 2015

Purchased the magnetic charger to make it easier to charge my Sony Xperia z3 compact over night (stop hassling about with the connection in the dark!). It is working as expected. Be careful! It does not suit all phone covers. Adapters are provided, but none are suitable for my wife's cover. My cover (Rearth) does not require any adapter and works well.
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Robert Mair
Oakleigh east Vic 3166
21st May 2015

Sony Magnetic Charging Dock DK48 for Sony Xperia Z3
The DK48 magnetic cherging dock for the Sony Xperia Z3 and the Xperia Z3 compact is an excellent product It removes the hassle of opening the charging ports every time you require to charge the phone. It can also serve as a destop stand in the landscape orientation. The only problem arises with getting the right case to match the inserts that are supplied 2 for the Z3 and 2 for the Z3 compact. Using the phone without a case causes no trouble. 5 Stars
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Mount Isa
20th May 2015

Supplied as promised.
The charger base is exactly what was ordered. All the costs were described up front.
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Perth (Australia)
15th May 2015

magnetic charger
Product works fine.. Also there's lots of cases on the market for Sony xzc, but ones that fit the magnetic charger are rare. So do your research before purchasing any old case..
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15th May 2015

good little thing
The charger is good, bit small and lightweight. This makes it feel cheap but nonetheless it works well.
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Brisbane QLD Au.
24th December 2014

Sony Magnetic Charging Dock DK48
An essential piece of kit for my Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. This will save any wear and tear on the dust cover over the Micro USB area of the phone, keeping it water resistant for longer.
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26th November 2014

May not work with after-market cases
I've got the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and I bought this charger because I didn't want to keep opening and closing the waterproof flap on the phone to recharge via cable. I do have a Case-Mate Barely There case attached which does add an extra few mm's to the device but it is the slimmest case available. Even though there are 4 included size adaptors, none of them fit with my case - there is very little difference between the 4 pieces which is frustrating. The phone does sit in the cradle without the adaptors but the connection is not snug so you have to make sure it's balancing on the magnetic contact points, but it will charge. I believe this charger works with the official Sony case, but money for the case and for the charger means you need a $100 solution. Also the price for this charger is quite expensive as it is just a cheap plastic holder. In summary - don't bother unless you don't use a case at all or use the official Sony case.
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Nectarios Photiou
Vanderbijlpark, South Africa
26th November 2014

Awesome Product
Awesome product, only downfall is I wish they would have specified which covers would be recommended to fit the charger...
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Peter Pereyra
26th November 2014

Time saver
Just moved from a Samsung to the Sony. The dock is easy to use and avoids the fiddling of finding the micro usb port. I am not a big fan of having to remove the port cover on the Sony so the dock, even with the new cover, requires little effort to slide in and commence the charging. Love the Xperia Z3 Compact and the dock is ideal.
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Colin Done
14th November 2014

Sony Xperia Z3 compact
Charging Stand
This is an excellent device, holds the phone in place securely with a magnetic grip. Charges to the phone without the need to open the protective cover over the USB port.
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South East South australia
4th November 2014

Experia 3 charger
Very pleased with the device, delivered in good time and is exactly what I ordered. I have received excellent follow up from MobileZap and will continue to use them as a supplier. Well done guys!!
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2nd November 2014

Pricey and not compatible with all phone cases
I wish I had known that this charger is not compatible with the Roxfit Gel Shell Plus Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Case, which is an Officially licensed Sony accessory. I contacted MobileFun and they gave me a list of four alternative cases, none of which look like they will fully protect the phone. I haven't decided whether to send the charger back or not.
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2nd November 2014

Not to bad
Overall chargers well. Alittle hard to get the phone to start charging
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San Francisco
27th October 2014

nifty little dock
A little pricey, given its an official accessory, but I'm glad I bought it. It makes for a great alarm clock (with Timely) and the extra attachments for when you have a case on the phone really helps.
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27th October 2014

The magnetic charging dock for Xperia Z3 compact is a great help to me for charging as I don't have to open the fiddly little cover to plug in the charger.
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Jessica Richardson
23rd October 2014

Sony xperia z3 compact
Love the stand brill for watching films on one bad thing of no cable coming with it which it should and I thought there was
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Ian Gadd
13th October 2014

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

The dock works well, holding my phone securely and far easier than opening the fragile feeling cover that hides the USB port. It loses one point as I feel its expensive for what it is and doesn't come with either a cable or mains plug.
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13th October 2014

Dock is good but should come with charger it does the job no need to open the flap for charging
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