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FlexiShield iPhone 6 Plus Gel Case - Pink

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Product Reference: 47913

Custom moulded for the iPhone 6 Plus. This pink FlexiShield case provides a slim fitting stylish design and durable protection against damage, keeping your iPhone looking great at all times.

  • "Gel case - pink"

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16th March 2017

Usługa i produkt dobrej jakości.
Usługa i produkt dobrej jakości.
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8th March 2017

As pic - delivery prompt
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12th December 2016

iphone 6 plus
Very satisfied with this case, it is perfect for the minimalist phone case seeker. Provides ample protection without the bulk of most cases. Receptacle holes perfect and lightning port accept chargers of all sizes. Also, with most clear phone cases you see smudges and greasy finger prints, this case has a barely noticeable grid like design that prevents from seeing smudges and finger prints, that was a big feature for me. Case has nice secure feel and is not slippery to the hand which prevents drops. Great value for the cost and coming from UK to U.S. Florida, it was shipped in acceptable time frame so pleased with service of Mobilefun. I recommend this product for sure
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Glenn Ayling
11th December 2016

iPhone 6 plus
Excellent added protection
Good product
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8th December 2016

Iphone 6S plus
This case makes your iPhone look so sexy
All the informations is true about this product, is ultra thin its nice and soft , good quality and the most point is this case make your iphone look sexy
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Oklahoma City
9th September 2016

iPhone 6 plus
Best sleek slim case out there
If you like the feel of your iPhone with no case, then the flexishield is the case for you. It offers pretty good protection while keeping the slim feel. I really like it.
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16th April 2016

Does not look like picture at all
I was expecting a solid black case that looks like the picture but instead recieved a horrible brownish black clear case that looked so cheap Do not buy you are better off buying a case for 99p
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Sorry to hear you are not happy with this case. The case is semi-transparent, so depending on the colour of your phone, it can have an overall effect on the case itself.
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Peter Hatt
30th March 2016

iPhone 6 plus
Good product, good price
The case fits very well and makes the phone much less slippery to handle - I was concerned I would drop it eventually. So no problems at all with the case but be aware if you buy a Stand/Charger you may find you will have to remove the case to put it in the charger as the case means it does not make contact properly, at least with a Belkin Charger.
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16th March 2016

Simple yet effective
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Mrs Verity Dinnage
17th February 2016

iPhone 6 plus
Gel case - pink
Great fit, easy to fit, good value. Nice finish.
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24th January 2016

Adds protection to my phone but not a lot. Otherwise all good.
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Richmond, VA
20th January 2016

Ordered it...got it...love it!! The price was right...the fit on the phone was perfect...the feel of the case in my hand is beeeeeeutiful! I could not be happier with the purchase. If you have an iPhone 6s Plus...get the case!
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Lisa Raywood
3rd January 2016

iPhone 6S Plus
Just the job
Great case, snug fit and the case makes the phone better to hold. It doesn't spoil the look of the phone, still shows off the lovely rose gold colour, but protects from scratches. Would highly recommend.
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Dave Mehta
13th December 2015

iphone 6S plus
Can't go worng for the money
Excellent product for the money. Can't complain.
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Melbourne, Victoria
2nd December 2015

Great case. Recommend.
Great case, light weight, non-obstructive and looks good.
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New Zealand
1st December 2015

Clear case fits the new iPhone 6S Plus perfectly - and is practically unnoticeable - excellent option.
Clear case fits the new iPhone 6S Plus perfectly - and is practically unnoticeable - excellent option. This was precisely what I was looking for ... makes the phone easier and more secure to handle, provides an adequate measure of protection - and does not add bulk or detract from the essential design.
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Sirah Asif
30th November 2015

Iphone 6s plus
Extremly thin and flexible cover
Very soft and flexible cover. Doesnt even feel like the phone has a cover on as the iphone 6s plus is quite bulky itself so its good to have a light and soft cover.
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10th November 2015

Great product - very slow shipping
The case itself is great. Doesn't add bulk to an already large phone. However it took over 3 weeks for delivery. Beware MobileZap and their promised 'in stock and ship today' claims that turn out to be untrue.
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Graham Ward
9th November 2015

Apple iPhone 6S Plus
MMmmmmm grippy!
First off, I wasn't looking for protection for my phone, I keep it in a neoprene slip case when not in use, but having upgraded from an iPhone 5S I was pretty surprised how slippy the 6th generation iPhones are. Couple that slippiness with the size of the "plus" meaning your hand wraps around it less, equates to me being paranoid about dropping it. So I wanted a case that adds very little size, which this case does very well, and it is way more grippy than the bare phone - unlike another ultra-slim case I picked up elsewhere. It is also just thick enough to keep the camera lens off your desk or whatever and offers some pretty good scratch protection in general for the back of the device - which I know I said I wasn't after but I'm really glad I've got! All in all, a great case for the money!
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9th November 2015

iPhone 6 plus
All I needed
Simple - stops the phone sliding off everything.
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5th November 2015

Exellent service
Am really satisfied with the product Great services.
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Teresa Butler
2nd November 2015

Phone cover
Very disappointed cover pale pink nothing like I ordered not happy
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Teresa Sorry about any inconvenience, please contact us for a refund.
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27th October 2015

I ordered the above item and the item I received is nothing like it. It's a pale pink almost see through very disappointed
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Teresa Sorry to hear you are not happy with your item. We will update the images shortly and apologise for any inconvenience caused.
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25th October 2015

Solid product and fast delievery
It is perfect case whoever want to see the gold colour of the phone and it perfectly fit on my iphone 6s plus and it has perfect firm and doesn't loose. thanks for this good product.
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23rd October 2015

IPhone 6 plus
Very good case
I love the case is very soft and perfect for my iPhone
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18th October 2015

Very good quality, fits snug
The case arrived quickly and fits my 6s plus well. It gives the phone some grip and you can barely tell there's a case on it.
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Katrina S
7th October 2015

iPhone 6S Plus
Great product!
I love my new case. I ordered it and it was shipped to Canada quickly and effortlessly. Great product!
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21st September 2015

Unprotective case
The case is not a protector my phone slipped out of my pocket due to the case being a little slippery. Phone landed on it's corner, the case did not protect my phone the corner of phone now has scuffs on the metal because the case is to thin. Not fit for purpose.
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Bob Bowler
12th September 2015

iPhone6 Plus
A really excellent quality iPhone case
I have a white/gold, iPhone 6 Plus and wanted a case that would retain the Apple design, yet give me confidence that I could gain protection from daily use and retain the original Apple design. The Flexishield Gel Case is the perfect solution. very smart, very good quality and delivered promptly.
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Dana Omran-Liddle
17th August 2015

Iphone 6 Plus
Fantastic Product
The product had an excellent description and perfect pictures of the product. It's also a very good value for money.
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2nd July 2015

Worth the money very good arrived in time and fits perfect very slim and won't damage your phone gel cover
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Paul Barr
15th June 2015

Arrived at my door al lot sooner than I expected. Also fits perfectly so I really can't fault anything.
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20th April 2015

Good Case
The case is as described! thin, lightweight, and fits like a glove! The gel adds good grip, is not bulky and prevents phone from scratches! The case is thin, so in terms of falling, the phone is not well cushioned for a strong impact! In terms of price it could be a tad cheaper! Real value should be £4!
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9th April 2015

Not as "grippy" as I'd hoped.
Sleek and pretty, but was hoping thé lack of protection would be compensated for by being able to get a better purchase on the edges of the phone. Not really. I'm thinking of intentionally scarring the sides so it's less like trying to hold a wet trout in one's hand. Do not drop your phone.
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23rd February 2015

iPhone 6 plus
Great value
Nice and grippy. Shows off phone A little baggy on sides.
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10th January 2015

Looked great
Looked great on my new iphone clear soft case
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5th January 2015

This was exactly what I wanted. Thanks very much
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Alan Baxter
30th December 2014

iPhone 6 Plus
Very Good Case
I ordered the Solid Black case and it is perfect for the black iphone. I am very please with it, it fits the iphone 6+ perfectly and feels grippy in your hand. Very Good 5/5
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Corey Banch
Colorado, USA
20th December 2014

Snug and Slim. Let's have fun!
Great case! Premium quality, though the color purple is not as bold as the photo. (It's more like a soothing Easter pastel purple.) The case is sleek and sexy. It could use some ridges for a more tactile grip, because it slowly slides down my sweaty and/or moisturized hands. Otherwise I'm quite pleased and highly satisfied! Great purchase!
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25th November 2014

does its job
for a cheap cover, it works well.Does what is says, the rubber feel makes for a good grip when holding it. If you don't want to spend too much on a cover, this would do just fine for you
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8th November 2014

Custodia FlexiShield Encase per iPhone 6 Plus - 100%
Ho di recente acquistato su MobilFun la custodia FlexiShield Encase per il mio iPhone 6 Plus. Ottima qualità, ottimo prezzo e tempi di consegna rispettati. La custodia certamente più adeguata per proteggere il mio smartphone senza intaccare il suo design. Acquisterò sicuramente ancora su MobileFun.
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Peter Scott
Leigh On Sea
31st October 2014

IPhone 6 Plus
Bought this clear gel case as a temporary measure until piel frama Classic magnetic case arrives It is exactly what it says it is clear gel perfect fit first person to look at my phone didn't realise it had a case on it. For the money you can't go wrong unobtrusive good feel virtually invisible just buy it
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Stephen Fernandes
Milton Keynes
31st October 2014

iPhone 6 Plus
Perfect fit
The gel is very clear and fits perfectly, so you can see your new iPhone 6 Plus in all its splendour! The front of the case has a raised edge so you can place your phone face-down without its glass coming into contact with the table. I can't tell you how many times I've nearly dropped the iPhone 6 Plus before buying this case as it has no grip at all. The gel case has a good feel and provides essential additional grip. All-in-all a great service from Mobile Fun!
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27th October 2014

iPhone 6 Plus
Great case
Love the case, very clean looking and looks great on the iPhone 6 plus! I wanted something that wouldn't be too bulky or take away for the new iPhones design but also protect the phone.
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Christian Morton
15th October 2014

iPhone 6 +
Great fit, doesn't bulk the phone out
Wanted some protection for my iPhone without adding too much bulk to an already large phone. Decided to go for a Gel case and am not disappointed. Fit is perfect and the frost white colour goes well with the space grey phone. All the buttons and ports are accessible and the phone has not bulked out by adding it. The Gel case is good quality and would add protection to the device - both covering the rear from scratches and the sides from accidental strikes. Pair this with a film cover to the screen and you have total device protection. Highly recommended!
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jon Kemp
14th October 2014

Iphone 6 plus
Fantastic product, covers the phone superbly protecting all the edges and is a correct fit. All the cut outs are in the right place, no struggling to use any buttons or to plug in charger or headphones.
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John MacMahon
13th October 2014

iPhone 6 Plus
Fantastic case - 1 slight issue but nit for all
I bought this in anticipation of my new 6 plus. At the price wasn't expecting greatness but it's a fantastic case. I've now bought the Apple silicon case at 6 times the price. Why? Very simple I have some speakers that charge but require the lightning converter and it doesn't fit with this case. A standard cable is fine converter won't make the connection So for the majority of people this probably isn't an issue so buy this case and save a fortune. For the minority like me its a great reserve
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fernvale qld
13th October 2014

Great Iphone6+ cover
This is my 1st order for the iPhone 6+.I was quite pleased to receive my cover before the time frame that was expected. it was received in a well protected envelope.I also got as a bonus, screen protection & cloth.I ordered a clear Encase flexishield gel case.it is a nice flexable thin case with no extra bulk.very happy with cover and company. I have started to recommend my friends to, thanks guys.
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Maurice McKie
11th October 2014

Iphone 6 plus case
I ordered the Encase FlexiShield Iphone 6 Plus Gel Case in Solid Black. I love this case, though it wasn't love at first sight. I hate seeing fingerprints on the display screen, and this case initially was a finger print magnet. I've only had it a week but it seems as it ages, it's not such a fingerprint magnet. And it's a low profile case, which I absolutely love. I have the black/space gray iPhone and with this case, it fits so well, it almost looks like I don't have a case. I would highly recommend this case and buying it from Mobile fun. I heard about your site from a video review of the 6 plus on youtube by Pretty Shiny Sparkly. I love the price, too. A great case, a great price and timely delivery. Yeah Man, I hit the trifecta. thanks
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Sergio Alves
10th October 2014

Iphone 6plus
As discribe
Perfect for the phone in question. I buy from MobileFun for long time and always had 100% satisfaction.
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Justin Coles
Wooburn Green
9th October 2014

iPhone 6 Plus
Flexible, durable, yet thin, makes it a perfect case for your new iPhone 6 Plus. Does the same job as Apple's own case for a fraction of the cost. A must buy to protect your phone.
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Jonathan Milton
6th October 2014

Apple IPhone 6 Plus
Great product
Item was despatched the same day as order & arrived promptly. If fits over the back of the new IPhone 6 plus perfectly, giving it just the protection I needed. It makes the phone easier to hold.
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Sébastien de La Hamayde
29th September 2014

iPhone 6 Plus
Great value product with perfect protection all round
I bought this case after reading a review on a website. I was dubious about buying one because I thought that the quality of such a cheap case compare to Apple or other brands would be poor. I ordered one anyway from Mobile Fun. When I received the case, I found that it exceeded my expectations. The fit on the iPhone 6 Plus is snug and offers protection around the back and all 4 sides (unlike the Apple cases). The front display is also protected because the case has a slightly raised edge. The case is thin enough not to bulk the already large iPhone 6 Plus and does not compromise protection. I could not be happier with this product.
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Graham Maloon
26th September 2014

Iphone 6 plus
Great product for the price
Great looking cover. Fits perfectly. Good grip. To top it all the price is very reasonable
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Lee Mortimer
Sutton Coldfield
25th September 2014

iPhone 6 Plus
Excellent Case
Can't fault this case!! Perfect fit and really shows off the phone. Wasn't expecting much for the price, but this case is thin, light weight, fits great and looks expensive! Also being made from gel provides extra grip which is essential for a large phone.
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Patrick Dee
25th September 2014

Apple iPhone 6 plus
Great iphone 6 plus case
There are cases and there are cases, this one fits my prized and very expensive iphone 6 plus like a glove , it makes my phone shine when I'm showing It off, great fast delivery as always, maybe I'll order another case .. Can't have too many, my wife likes shoes, I like cases : )
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