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3x Universal Power, Data & Sync Cable - Micro USB

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This triple pack of data / charging cables allows you to connect any device such as phones to a PC via MicroUSB. It supports charging currents over 2 amps

  • "ideal replacement"
  • "Excellent Value"

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20th January 2016

Well pleased & satisfied!
This was exactly what I needed to get my HTC One to stop slow charging! I had been looking all over for one! It works perfectly!
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6th January 2016

Universal Power, Data & Sync Cable - Micro USB
Just what I needed
I needed a replacement charging lead for my Nexus 7 as my previous replacement had developed a loose connection. This cable is far superior to the previous one I had and appears to charge better and faster, but that may be because the other was deteriorating. Whatever the reason I am very pleased with this item.
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Whangarei, New Zealand
4th January 2016

I am satisfied with this product because it successfully worked the first time I put it to use and has kept working since. Thank you for offering this product.
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17th December 2015

Moto G (2nd Gen)
Just what I needed
Ideal length and seems very sturdy. Works great with my Moto G (2nd Gen) and Nexus 7.
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15th December 2015

Samsung Galaxy data cable
Excellent product - fast data retrieval
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Brisbane Australia
15th December 2015

Great service, prompt delivery
Equipment met my needs, had lost previous connectors. Delivered promptly, good price.
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24th November 2015

Excellent product
Bought this as a replacement lead for my BlackBerry. Works perfectly.
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Claire Brooks
18th November 2015

This was purchased for a Christmas present for my son together with Olixar hands free kit.....delivered sooner than of the items was omitted to be sent in the order I received.I emailed customer services,which I was a bit sceptical about,not speaking via telephone but had a reply within 24 hours and the missing item was then sent out 1st class.For the customer service and speed of delivery I would give 5 stars alone.The products I received look well made and well packaged but obviously cannot say how good they are at working,apart from referring to previous reviews which helped me to pick these items.
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Western Australia
11th November 2015

Very Good
Thanks for sending so quickly...
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10th November 2015

Great service
Quick and efficient service
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10th November 2015

Very good
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9th November 2015

galaxy s3
Lasted a few months then failed to connect to my phone
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2nd November 2015

Not good for Nexus 5
The cable has poor connection with Nexus 5 phones, the cable detaches from the phone socket easily. Takes very long to charge phone and the battery doesn't last.
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Dublin, IE
26th October 2015

A USB Cable, yay!
It has bigger USB thingy on one end and smaller on the other. Will connect your USB-powered device to your revolutionary modern USB car charger allowing it to be charged. There's an excellent extra (undocumented!) feature though: the cable can also be disconnected from your device (or the charger or both actually) which allows for discharging. Incredible! I had no issues both charging my smartphone with the cable or discharging it after disconnecting from the charger (using the very same cable).
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30th September 2015

Good Quality Product/ Fast Shipping
The product is of good quality, I am satisfied with the shipping time as well, came rather quickly. First time I order anything from here and will definitely do so more in the future.
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23rd September 2015

Thank you. Purchase and delivery went like a dream.
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Ken Fagan
4th September 2015

Samsung S6
Never Leave home without one.
Bought this lead and the Olixar 2Amp USB Car Charger to go with my Olixar Dock & Go Car Holder. The lead gives me plenty of cable to charge my phone while it's in the cradle and the 2Amp USB Charger provides plenty of juice to charge my phone. All items mentioned do exactly as they claim on the packaging. Excellent products at great prices.
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Elizabeth Donovan
Cork city
2nd September 2015

Works well
Works well with our phones and cameras no complaints here
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30th July 2015

top-quality cord, allows my phone to charge super fast. Very sturdily built, especially on the min/micro end.
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ted jordan
2nd July 2015

bad quality usb charging lead
Hi bought a charger for my S4 it came with and usb lead which broke as i connected it to my phone for the first time .The main part that you plug in the wall is fine but the lead is very flimsy especially at the connector side .I just threw it in the bin anf kept the plug.
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David Johnson
30th June 2015

Highh speed charging works well, BUT...
Can't fault the high speed charging on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 when plugged into the genuine Samsung charger. Also allows the phone to charge ridiculously fast on a car charger. Ideally, I'd like a little more length, at just on 1 metre it falls into the slightly too short category for me. The only disappointment I've had is that the plastic protector around the Micro USB plug came off, and has had to be glued on. In the first week. Too hard to try and return for warranty though, from Australia. Other than that, great value. Definitely works with fast charge though. Reviewed at 3 stars for a bit short, and the plug protector coming off.
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David Johnson
24th June 2015

Fast charge compatible
This cable is indeed compatible with fast charging as available on the latest Samsung galaxy phones (I have the Note 4). When plugged into the Samsung genuine high speed charger, this cab;e allows the full speed charge, and the "Fast charger connected" notification to appear on the phone's screen. The only negative I have is that I'd like a slightly longer cable. At 1 metre, this can be a little restrictive. That alone is the reason for only 4 tar review.
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11th May 2015

Galaxy s4 mini
Great product
Finally decided to buy a property micro USB lead for my phone after being let down by too many cheap and unreliable copies. I also decided to buy a few to have one in the car. One at work etc, etc. Great purchase,Great quality and am very pleased with them. Highly recommended seller. Dave
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7th May 2015

Good purchase
I recently bought a usb cable for my phone to charge through the computer. I found the site very good with very efficient delivery. Will buy from again.
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25th April 2015

Nokia Asha 300
Great little pproduct.
I bought this item,to transfer pictures from my mobile onto my computor,lt works a treat,l am so pleased with it. Delivered the next day,very good product.
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clare burns
Milton Keynes
21st April 2015

htc one m8
htc one charger
The charger came in good time,yet,unfortunately only lasted 2 days
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Clare Sorry to hear that your accessory has stopped working. Please contact us for a replacement.
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Daniel Pinto
11th April 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Nice product
This cable is flexible, good quality rubber and the mini-usb conector is a bit longer than usual, so it will work perfectly with all cases.
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Steve jackson
6th April 2015

Samsung charger& charger
Samsung charger and cable
Poor quality over priced fell to bits Will return
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Kathleen Temple
1st April 2015

Micre USB cable
This product is good, just what I ordered.
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jill dowling
west midlands
16th March 2015

samsung galaxy s5
ideal replacement
purchased the triple pack to leave a spare at work, home etc - works well, good price, job done :-)
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Maria Empringham
East Sussex
1st December 2014

3 x Universal Power, Data & Sync Cable - Micro USB
One less thing to think about!
One of the best small items I've bought this year. Instead of having to remember to throw my cable in my lunchbox or car, I now have one permanently in the car, one on my work pc and one at home. I'm always charged and ready for action and it charges quickly too - hurrah!
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30th November 2014

universal power data & sync cable
universal power data & sync cable
iv'e got a samsung galaxy s4 mini and the charger cable goes all the way in when being charged but with this charger lead it only goes in halfway it still charges it i'm going to keep it just the same because i can't be bothered to send it back.
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Gail Edwards
4th November 2014

3x Universal Power, Data & Sync Cable - Micro USB
Excellent quality
Arrived quickly, very good quality leads & good length. One of the three has the indicator on the wrong side of the plug so I've used this one to attach to my wall plug so I don't forget and try to force it in the wrong way. I should have raised a query but it doesn't affect the functionality, it's just a little annoying!
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l/derry ni
28th October 2014

samsung s4 charger
item 100%
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19th October 2014

Sony Xperia N2
Excellent Value
Bought the pack of three. Excellent value as Micro-USB cables are being used for most cellphones & tablets now.They are 1m long and work well charging and when used for data. Worth while purchase and speedy delivery especially as they were out of stock when I ordered!
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United Kingdom
20th September 2014

Samsung Galaxy
Great value for money
I purchased these power cables because I felt they were good value and I needed to be able to charge from different locations. The phone fitting seems too long but it does work. Unfortunatley this morning one of the cables black plastic plug ends came apart, but can be glued back. Perhaps these are a bit cheap, but as they say you get what you pay for.......
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12th September 2014

great cord
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12th September 2014

great cord
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Neil Down
11th September 2014

Mobile phone charging/data transfer
Slim, neat, compact and well made
Looking for a replacement cable for my mobile as my old one was far too ridged and not very flexible. This one is neat, slimline, well made and flexible.
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15th August 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
Replacement USB wire for wall charger.
The USB cable that came with my Galaxy S4 has recently stopped working so I bought this to plug into my wall charger, hoping that it would charge at the normal wall socket rate (as opposed to painfully slow USB charging) Luckily this cable has done just the job. I really can't comment if it's as fast as the original S4 cable but it's certainly charging quickly enough for me. If you're looking for a replacement USB cable for your wall charger, I would recommend this.
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Hazel Hillier
United Kingdom
14th August 2014

Samsung galaxy 4, Samsung galaxy tab 3, kindle
Never too many
We can't ever have too many of these cables as we have 4 devices that charge from micro usb that charge from 12 volt car connector, standard plug with usb and a multi charger not to mention via laptop usb socket. This will save the need to move cables around risking loss of item.
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East London
14th August 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
Perfect for the price
It's always a pain remembering to bring my charger home or to work, so for this price 3 cables was a 'no brainer'. One for home, one for work, and one spare. Just the right length too so you don't have your device sitting on the PC, it can come up and sit at the table with you
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8th July 2014

Google Nexus 2012
It's comaptible - what a relief!
I ordered a micro USB charging kit for our Google Nexus, having lost the original, and am glad to say it works! It takes approx. same time to charge as our I-pad, ie about 4 hours.
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20th February 2013

Nexus 7
Cable connectors
Handy spare for in house living room & bedroom and car. Good length, price and prompt delivery
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1st February 2013

it's a cable
It's not the cheapest cable out there but I've had issues with cheaper ones. if i spent any more on a cable i'd be expecting great things, like faster charging, a better standard of living or more friends. No, it's just expensive enough to make me feel like i'm getting a reliable connection and cheap enough not to feed any delusions of grandeur. I've given it 4 stars not to feed it's ego. keep it real cable.
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Roland Beacham
24th January 2013

Motorola Gleam +
As required
Does what is required and ample length.
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Lyz Stanley
28th November 2012

phone to laptop
USB Lead
Brilliant service. Ordered before the daily deadline, and the lead arrived the following morning. will recommend to all, and will use this service again
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Davey T
16th November 2012

U S B cable for my phone
What i needed
This was what i needed and it arrived unbeleivablely quickly.Approx 36 hours from order to delivery to my door. Thank you
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Brian Papworth
14th October 2012

Nokia Asha 300
Works first time
The Micro USB was purchased to enable photos from my phone to be put onto my PC. The order was delivered next day and worked first time without needing a degree in Computer Science - just what I needed.
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sam york
22nd February 2012

Exactly what I need
Not being IT literate, I searched for the product read the reviews and purchased the product which I though would help me transfer my phone pics to my pc. I receive the cable, pluged it in and waited, HEY PRESTO everything was loaded up and my pictures transferred no problem. Just the right item for an amateur, no hassle at all.
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Barry T.
27th September 2011

Product does the job!
Over a metre of cable, perfect for what it's intended. I can now update my phone through the net & backup data, & even recharge the battery via USB. Quick delivery time too. Well done MobileFun.
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26th January 2011

Never mind 'The Wrong Trousers!'
Try....'The wrong Cable!' This cable was offered having searched for one for a Samsung resided on a page of accessories dedicated to the said model....needless to say I was most disapointed with the hassle of returning and embarking on another purchase....elsewhere!
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Pete Kilby
22nd January 2011

Micro USB Cable
Excellent item well packaged too easy to unpack with the need of scissors, very pleased with item and description and compatibility for my mobile phone.
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Alan Edwards
14th January 2011

Micro USB Data cable
Just what I needed & a very fast service.
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16th October 2010

Does exactly what it's supposed to, great price, great service.
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21st June 2010

Great Cable
This is the third version of this cable I have received. Previous two were faulty. Top marks to MobileFun for presisting and finally sending me out a good quality grade of cable. Works a treat on my HTC Desire.
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Paulo Girão
Santarém, Portugal
23rd March 2010

Good option for data transfer and to connect aoUSB Euro Mains Charger Adapter
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15th February 2010

Data Cable
Ordered Weds am, arrived Thurs am. Works perfectly. Great 5*
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sharon angela vaughan
30th December 2008

just the job.
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