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Sorry, but Avantree PowerHouse High Power Desk USB Charging Station - White has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Avantree PowerHouse High Power Desk USB Charging Station - White

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The Avantree PowerHouse Desk USB Charging Station in white is a perfect solution for charging multiple devices at home or at the office. It can fast charge 4 devices simultaneously with its 4.5A high output, and will keep your desk or table top tidy.

  • "Brillent Powerhouse"
  • "I can see why this unit won a Red Dot Design Award this year! Recommended"

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Paul Hardcastle
30th November 2016

Avantree Powerhouse USB Charging Station
Tidies up all charging cables and allows all devices to charge simultaneously using minimum of space. Looks organised and frees up workspace. By fitting your own cables it is completely flexible on which devices you can use with it.
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Matthew Vines
30th May 2016

Galaxy Tab S
Does the job... I guess
It looks really good, keeps wires tidy and free's up plug sockets for other things. But... for the price... I could have found something a little more powerful as it doesn't quick charge my S6 Edge. By no means is it slow at charging, baring in mind that the usb ports run in parallel pairs so if you have 2 things plugged in in the same pair the output is reduced by half. I was thinking of returning it and looking for something better, but after a few days I couldn't live without it.
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5th May 2016

Avantree powerhouse desk usb charging station
Brillent Powerhouse
Fed up with power leads everywhere and the wife complaining about not finding her power lead, purchased the Avantree Powerhouse and hey presto she's quite as can be, no loose cables and we know where are phones and devices are. Thanks very much MobileFun.
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Alan Clark
2nd February 2016

Avantree Powerhouse desk charging station
Great piece of kit
Like most households these days we have several phones and iPads that need charging and obviously this required a mess of wires in different locations ( bedroom/kitchen/ lounge) around the house. I ordered the charging station from "Mobile Fun" it arrived 3 days later which was within the estimated postal time.I unpacked it and 15 minute later our two iPads and two iPhones were neatly positioned by the side of the couch charging away, The only slight issue is that both iPads have covers on them and do not fit with the little coloured covers in place on the multi station charger, I got around this problem by leaving the two larger coloured covers off and the iPads with covers fit great, no problem. Thank you Mobile Fun.
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Kenneth Costello
26th January 2016

iPhone 6 plus
Great product
I got this because our worktop was always taken up with phones and tablets being charged. Right out of the box I was able to stack phones and tablets on this unit. Not only does it take up much less space but all the cabling is concealed beneath the product. It's not only functional it's Also very cool to look at. If you have a couple of devices charging then do yourself a favour ... Get this product.
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16th January 2016

Galaxy Note 3
Exactly what I needed
It is a perfect 'Charging Station' allows up to 4 devices to be carved at once.
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Danny wilson
15th January 2016

Avantree PowerHouse Desk USB Charging Station - Black
Great multi charger
The desk charger can charge my phone tablet and Power bank at once. It is solid and looks good too. Will get another for my mum's birthday as it saves space and the need for mutiple charges and unplugging devices over and over. I would recommend
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Philip Taylor-Bond
18th December 2015

avantry powerhouse
No more wires or lost chargers
Another excellent item supplied by the Mobilefun team. What a very quirky product, its universal option accommodates most if not all smart devices & tablets. Its tidy,compact and pleasing to the eye Clever stuff
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Sean Harris
25th November 2015

Powerhouse usb charging station
Very good service and good product
This item was exactly what I wanted and the cheapest I could find it, it was deliverd on time aswell, thanks guys
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Peter Fox
South Yorkshire
2nd October 2015

Just what my wife and I needed in the kitchen. We both have and iPad and smartphone each, this sits in one corner of the kitchen and only takes up one socket. Cables are neat and short making the whole unit tidy.
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Joanna Weber
7th September 2015

This item is brilliant, to be able to have everything charging in one place is just excellent
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15th August 2015

Great product
Great product. Though it would be better if it had an Australian charging point rather than a multi purpose USA/AUS adaptor. Otherwise I can't fault it. Keeps everything neat and tidy and in one place.
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Edson desouza
3rd August 2015

As described. As an improvement the space between the slots could be a bit bigger to accomodate tabs with cases. Otherwise perfect
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George Maguire
28th July 2015

Avantree PowerHouse High Power USB Charging Station
Excellent idea and funky design
Bright this to tidy up multiple chargers - cables and plugs. Great design and good idea with the velcro stars to coil wires and 'trap' them inside. Because of the design it became a conversation piece during a recent family gathering but was soon in use for multiple devices. Great price and the usual first class service from MobileFun.
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Neville Fowler
27th July 2015

Avantree Powerhouse USB Charging Station
Small but Compact Charger
Great charging station. This replaced a larger different one, which wasn't as good as this. Good size and capable of charging 4 devices. Like the changeable colour docking spacers. Would have given 5 stars but did not come with USB cables to charge Apple products, it came with two micro USB cables for Android products. Certainly saves a lot of plugs lying around, only one mains needed.
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Spence Wright
17th May 2015

Charging station
Charging station
Excellent gadget does what it says!
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Sue Martin
7th May 2015

Avantree powerhouse
Neat and tidy
Very good for charging multiple phones and keeping workspace clear. However the holding slots are not adjustable so it is unable to hold a tablet with a cover on.
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alex de capua
5th May 2015

avantree powerhouse high power desk usb charging station
stylish multi charger
I have been looking for a multi charger so I can win back the other mains sockets that have 2 phone/ipod chargers in each of them. Thanks to the coiled leads, it also tides up all the loose leads. I like the multi coloured blocks that support the devices while charging. The only improvement would be more choice in the block colours along with the non slip mat . Great Device ! 10 out of 10
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Chris Long
5th May 2015

Neat charging solution
Like most of us, I have a collection of tech that is always on various states of charge with cables snaking across my desk; not neat and certainly difficult to keep your workspace tidy. Well no more - purchased Avantree PowerHouse wich is a funky stand and charger for 4 x gadgets. With the cables neatly nestled inside the box and exiting on one side with just enough to charge with and having my iPad, 2 x iPhones and a Kindle all safely stored, this is a simple but great charging/storing solution.
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Pelham Warner
Winchester, Hampshire, England
15th April 2015

Avantree PowerHouse High Power Desk USB Charging Station
Clutter free and very convenient
This charging station is magnificent! It keeps two tablets (10 inch and 8 inch) and a mobile phone neatly stored while charging, with a fourth connection free for others to use if they need a quick re-charge. No trailing connecting wires. Neat and unobtrusive. Very highly recommended. The green or black platforms may not suit all colour schemes and it would be nice to have the a few more colour alternatives - in our case a red choice would have made it absolutely perfect.
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Vince kelly
13th March 2015

Avantree desk charging station
Charging station
This is a very slick unit holds our phone I pad and kindle It performs very well
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12th March 2015

Charging Station USB da tavolo PowerHouse Avantree
Ho collegato fino a 5 apparecchi, zero cavi di ogni genere in giro per casa. Da Samsung ad Apple, dallo smartphone al table...tutti in fila..tutto in ordine. Ottimo!
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Mike Halpin
3rd March 2015

Galaxy tab 4, galaxy note 4, Galaxy s3
Excellent product
This product is great. It keeps all of the wires out of view when not in use and can charge my Note 4 in 1 hour.
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Mrs Maria Johnson
27th February 2015

Avantree power houseUSB Charging Station
truly useful device
This Charging Station is a truly useful device. Sits on the desk & replaces loads of cluttered wires everywhere. Ipad air, 3 mobiles all neatly lined up & all charging simultaneously & safely, neatly lined up whilst keeping surfaces uncluttered.
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Ian Montgomery
26th February 2015

Avantree PowerHouse High Power Desk USB Charging Station
Waste of time
Much easier and neater to stick to a USB plug. Device now in a land fill.
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23rd February 2015

Avantree PowerHouse USB Charging Station
Couldn't ask for better
Charges my phones so quickly and they seem to hold power better now as well. Very efficient, very neat, very good product!
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Kate Kelly
18th February 2015

Van tree PowerHouse High Power Desk USB Charger
Bloody Briliant!
Not usually one to write reviews but this is for all those of you who are FED UP of untidy phone, Kindl, Android and iPad cables all over the place and certain people leaving chargers plugged in even when the device has been removed! Just bought one and they are brilliant! You can charge 4 things at once and it’s FAST too. Worth every penny!
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30th December 2014

OK but not sure if I would order anythig again.
First, I could find no indication on your website you would be shipping this out of England. Second, for a product being shipped to the U.S. I would think you would not ship a UK power cord. Third, your shipping company's tracking service sucks. The good part is the gift did arrive before Christmas, but because of poor tracking I didn't know where it was until it arrived.
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17th August 2014

iPad, iphone5S, Blackberry
Compact, tidy, efficient - how did I manage before?
It takes up minimal space and holds all the gadgets together. It charges them all at the same time and only uses one electrical socket. It looks good on a desk too.
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Maria Cachia
17th August 2014

IPhone 4s
I wanted something to charge 2 iPhones and an iPad using same charging station without the hassle of many wires running around. The avantree charging station is the thing. Wires are all kept neat and charging is very fast even when charging both mobiles and iPad together. Besides it has a cool and modern design. Definitely recommendable.
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Jim Cheetham
Inverbervie Montrose Scotland
17th August 2014

Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2 Tab 10.1
Eally tidies up the wires!
An excellent product that has solve the problem of multiple chargers and wires all over the lounge. A simple but very effective solution, everybody should have one!
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Philip Whelan whelan
17th August 2014

Samsungfame 2ipad samsung note 3
Best on the market
Very neat and tidy charger saves a lot of space ,very easy to use ,office or home great ,every one should get one
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2nd August 2014

Tab S 10.5, S5 & S4
I've bought a few of these off eBay and they never charge fast enough. This is the first i've used that I can plug my 3 devices in and they charge the same rate as the 2 amp chargers supplied. The looks are down to you but I just wanted a stand that charged by stuff, fast!
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23rd July 2014

iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.0, Nokia Lumia and Moto G
I can see why this unit won a Red Dot Design Award this year! Recommended
This product has really made a splash in our home because it looks so different plus reduces mobile device clutter considerably. This charging station has for concealed full size USB outlets underneath 2 x 1 Amp ideal for most phones, and 2 x 2.1 Amp outlets for larger devices such as tablets etc. The base stands firmly on chunky rubber feet which allows clearance for cables to feed out from underneath the stand to the devices stored on the unit. There is an inlet at the rear for the supplied (BS marked) figure of 8 mains lead. The roof of the internal compartment is covered in a sheet of Velcro and four strips are supplied to "cable manage" your USB device's cables. The front third or so of the internal compartment is occupied by the power supply and USB sockets but there is ample space left to store spare excess cable from your devices. Externally the stand looks great and is an uncanny match for the world's leading make of tablets and smartphones with a gloss white finish to the plinth, a rubber black rubber mat on the upper surface. On the mat are 6 strategically placed cubes in red, black and grey forming 4 slots for phones and smaller tablets with 2 larger rectangles in black and red for larger devices such as tablets etc. You can easily store 6 USB powered items on this stand. In addition, you get an alternative coloured mat, cubes, rectangles all in green to change the look if you wish although I prefer the "default" version". All the devices I've used with this stand charge perfectly including an iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.0, Nokia Lumia and Moto G smartphones. The charging speed being pretty well the same as their own supplied chargers. In summary, this high quality Avantree stand will keep you devices neat, tidy and charged, plus, they're all in one place when you rush out of the door in the morning. I can't think of a more stylish or convenient way to store your rechargeable devices that are an essential part of daily life now - I can see why this unit won a Red Dot Design Award this year! Recommended.
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Double Dee
21st July 2014

S5, iphone 4S nokia
perfect charger
if you have a big family with stacks of phones then this really is a powerhouse. charges all our phones fast and means no more charger wars in our house. quite heavy, but this help it not get knockd about when we use it. we have it in our kitchen as the green cover matches it.
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