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Olixar Rotating 5.5 Inch Leather-Style Universal Phone Case - Black

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Wrap your 5.5 inch screen phone in luxurious, sophisticated protection with the black Olixar Leather-Style Stand Case. This universal case has credit card slots and can transform into a convenient viewing stand which rotates between portrait and landscape

  • "Excellent value for money."
  • "Smart protection"

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13th September 2016

mobile phone
excellent product
great looking item tough durable & made to last & would protect & enhance the look of any mobile phone
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31st August 2016

Fast delivery. Would have liked to see more photos to get a better indication. Overall happy with service and product
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26th August 2016

Looks discreet
Purchased for 1plus1 phone, but the stick pad does not really hold the phone well enough, as it has a rough surface. I will keep as a back up. In the meantime, do you have the previous leather phone wallet for 1plus1? It is very good, with a wallet sleeve & card slots
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Les If you search for product ID: 45282 - Adarga Leather-Style OnePlus One Wallet Stand Case - Black, you can view the impressive reviews there.
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18th August 2016

Huawei vns l31
Great cover
Perfect for me. Just be careful attaching it.
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15th August 2016

olixar 5.5 phone case
Practical and simple attachment to my Lenovo 5.5" phone.
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28th July 2016

Moly X1 & Lumia 650
Beautiful but need better adhesive
The pu leather on this case is excellent. It a universal fit case for phones between 5 and 5.7 inch. Because there is no standard location for the lens on smartphones, Olixar has found a unique solution: The have made a rotating mounting plate so that the smartphone can be positioned for camera use with almost any device. I love the case, but found that both of my phones kept separating from the mounting plate, especially in hot weather. The problem is that the brass swivel used to attach the mounting plate to the case protrudes beyond the surface of the silicone adhesive pad so that the phone cannot sit flush with the pad, creating a pressure point constantly working to make the adhesive release. My solution was to replace the silicone adhesive pad with 3M VHB adhesive pads. These pads are thicker and the swivel no longer presses against the phone's back.
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19th July 2016

Disappointing doesn't hold phone secuir.
Phone does not seat securely would be better if there was a magnet instead of sticky piece
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New Zealand
20th June 2016

Not what I thought it was, it is only a loose cover not able to be secured to the phone as I had hoped. Over priced, just a piece of vinyl .
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19th June 2016

Huawei p9 plus
Brown leather case, excellent quality. Dropped phone already and luckily it was in the case so no damage! Job well done
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Margaret Holden
Scotland U K
21st May 2016

As us zenfone 5
Very good quality
Price off product . Colour. Matériel . size. Where it was made
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21st May 2016

No clearly described
The case was fine but the was no camera slot so it was not described clear enough to inform them infact you had to take you phone out of the case every time you want to take a photo!!
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Cilla You can rotate the case so you can take a photo without having to remove your phone. Hope this helps.
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18th April 2016

Encase rotationg 5.5 inch universal phone case
Absolutely useless product. Waste of money. No instructions. When I try to put my phone or anybody else's phone into it, it immediately falls out . Nothing to grip the phone. You would loose your phone in two seconds. would have returned it only I have mislaid the documentation. Had to order a different phone case for my daughter from another site.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Anita Sorry to hear you are not happy with this case. To install, you remove the protective cover from the sticky pad on the inside of the case to attach your phone. I hope this helps.
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bungalow cairns
29th March 2016

case arrival
my case arrived and very pleased with it ...thank you...
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25th March 2016

Item does not work
The cover has as a holder, a sticky panel inside. This is totally useless and the phone continually falls off as the panel does not stick sufficiently. The cover is therefore useless.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Tony Sorry to hear you have had problems with this case. Please contact our Customer Services team so we may assist.
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3rd March 2016

Windows phone
nice looking case
Great looking high quality case.
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1st March 2016

Awesome product
I love my new cover for my phone. The cover has a nice feel to it. Its a quality product. I love the magnetic clip that not only holds the cover closed but also helps when you are talking on the phone. The magnetic clip folds back to keep the cover together while on the that you are less likely to drop the phone. I've dropped my phone a couple of times with the cover on and it protected it really well.
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13th February 2016

Phone case
Not right size
I recently bought a phone case from mobile fun and it was not the right size. I contacted them and they were most helpful, they helped me through the whole return process. I would definitely recommend them.
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11th February 2016

It arrived today, ive been to worried to take my new phone anywhere, incase i scratched it, now my case has arrived, it will go everywhere with me, its awsom, thank you
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John Lynagh
31st January 2016

Prime ultra 6
Lovely item but a couple of issues
Great service and a quick turn around for my order. The phone cover is very elegant and has a real quality feel but I missed a couple of little things. Not deal breakers but there is no aperture for the camera lens and the phone is held in place permanently by an adhesive pad...
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Jacinta Kilduff
31st January 2016

Leather case for HTC1 mobile phone
I have returnef this item as I was very disappointed with it. The phone shape does not suit beong stuck on.
That the stick on section is flat where the HTC1 is not.
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9th January 2016

sent it back for a refund
I wasn't happy with the phone cover when I received it as it didn't look secure and there wasn't anywhere to clip the phone into just a sticker at the back.this might suit some people but I'm buying it for my 12 year old daughter and she will probably want a few covers so she can alternate them.this won't be possible with the sticker
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4th January 2016

The product is satisfactory
The product is satisfactory
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15th December 2015

not safe for phone
The adhesive isn't good my phone fell out of it twice so I'm not impressed with it. As it would have cost me to send it back I bother returning it.
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Chris Jones
14th December 2015

Vodafone Encase Rotating Phone Case.
Excellent value for money.
Excellent service & product.
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30th November 2015

Not good
I was really looking forward to receiving this as it had the little pockets to hold some cards. Unfortunately it will not hold my phone. It just won't stick. Too scared my phone will slip out. Motorola X Play
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Anne Sorry to hear you are having problems with this case. Please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.
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Valerie James
25th November 2015

Encase rotating universal phone case
Serves its purpose well
I am pleased with this phone case. However, I would have found useful a strap or something else to hold a touch pen.
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Julie Kirk
Milton Keynes
21st November 2015

It was not really what I wanted, but it is OK
I thought it was a flip top, my fault. Item does what it say's
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19th November 2015

Poor quality, awful set up, a sticky back onto a phone? Poor Item
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Alasdair Gibb
13th November 2015

Reasonable quality and does exactly as specified
Reasonable quality and does exactly as specified.
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9th November 2015

Vodaphone smart prime 6
Good, but ......
Nice case. Good quality leather, but there is no hole in the case to accommodate the phone's camera lens.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Michael You can simply rotate the case so you can take a photo with the phone still in the cover. Hope this helps.
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Linda Moore
5th November 2015

Encase Rotating 5.5 Inch Leather Style Universal Phone Case
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Ian Selman
Stoke On Trent
1st November 2015

Vodafone Smart Ultra 6
This looks like a smart case at first but if your phone has a camera then once you have stuck your phone in this case you can not use the camera unless you cut the corner of the case as I have had to do.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Ian To use the camera you simply rotate the phone within the case. Hope this helps...
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30th October 2015

vodafone ultra 6 smart phone
universal phone case is not good for my phone
I bought the case for a vodafone ultra 6 phone but the hole for the camera lens is in the wrong place so it is not suitable
MobileFun Reply:
Hi You simply rotate the phone holder within the case and this will ensure you can take photos. Hope this helps.
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Graham Lingings
29th October 2015

Vodafone smart prime 6
Rubbish, not fit for purpose.
Worst phone case I have ever purchased, I will not be using it so a complete waste of money. It is cheap looking and has a sticky pad to obviously fasten to the phones back cover.
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28th October 2015

very good product
Delivery was quick. Highly recommended!
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Bev Partington
20th October 2015

Smart protection
Ordered a couple of cases to suit age & needs of different family members. This was Grandads choice. Smart leather case, perfect for use. Doesn't want trendy posing, just serviceable good protection - which this provides. Has the extra advantage of being able to rotate phone, yet remain secure. He is very happy with the choice. Would recommend.
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Anthony Williams
East Sussex
15th October 2015

EE Harrier 5.2
Good but!
The case was delivered in excellent time by paying for first class postage. The case itself is good "but" I find the rotating aspect really infuriating in that, every time you open the case to switch on, or answer a call it moves starts to swivel. So much so that after the first day I have ordered a replacement from another company as I just cannot put up with this annoying aspect. The rotation piece of the case requires some form of locking piece so it does not move unless you want it to. I would have returned it but until you have applied your mobile you do not know this by which time it is too late.
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14th October 2015

not quite what I was expecting
The case is awkward due to size, the rotating bit is fiddly. Good to be able to store credit card style travel pass, but too big to fit in pocket, so must go in handbag. This is exactly what I was trying to avoid.
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Maeve Gallagher
Co. Donegal
1st October 2015

Very happy with purchase
Very happy with purchase.
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16th September 2015

Zen Phone 2 case
Case does not allow for access to phone volume. So I am not convinced that it was made specifically for the Zen Phone 2!
MobileFun Reply:
Hi This is a universal case that will fit many types of phone dimensions and configurations, therefore there are no specific cut-outs as this would be different for each and every phone. However, it is a rotating case so you can take images by twisting around the phone within. Hope this helps.
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14th September 2015

not worth it
not the best case and a bit expensive for what u get, the case is not functional when you want to take a picture, the pockets are small can barely put there a card. would not recommend it
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Brian Rowlands
29th August 2015

Vodafone Smart Ultra 6
I am disappointed with this case
I am disappointed with this case. I wasn't happy about relying on a sticky pad to hold the phone in place, and without it the phone easily slips out of the case. Also, there are no holes in the back of the case for camera use, so the phone would have to be unstuck to do this.
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29th August 2015

EE Harrier
Good looks
Bought for a new android was delivered really quickly. a good fit for my phone, looks the part. Hopefully will last the life of the phone
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Paul Sainsbury
13th August 2015

Vodafone smart ultra 6
Not good
I would have liked to know if the case fitted the phone. Being slightly to wide is expected as it's a universal case but being to short so edges of phone stick out top and bottom defeats the reason for getting case
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Sheri Pradel
Auckland, New Zealand
11th August 2015

Perfect fit for phone
I purchased this for my husband and he is very pleased with it. Nice slim case and handy to have the swivel function so the phone can pivot. Would happily purchase again from this supplier. Thanks.
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Sheri Pradel
Auckland, New Zealand
11th August 2015

Very satisfied
The product was better than it looked on the website, so I am delighted with my purchase.
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Phil Blackman
3rd August 2015

Vodafone smart ultra 6
So far very good
I've had this case about two weeks now and I'm very happy with it. I was a bit wary about the fact the phone is held in place by an adhesive but it seems to work well. On this subject position the phone carefully before removing the plastic film from the adhesive surface. I didn't and can confirm the glue is very strong. In use one needs to fold the front cover back out of the way. How long it stands up to this I shall discover. So far no problems. Although the leather is quite substantial it also seems plenty flexable enough for this. On the subject of the credit card slots; why stop at only two? There is room for more. However I'm not sure I altogether approve of them at all. When the case is opened straight away one is advertising to all and sundry the location of one's cards. I just use them for loyalty cards because of this. Maybe I'm overly cautious. It certainly is quite robust. I've already dropped it a couple of times and it protects the phone well.
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Elizabeth Bradshaw
20th July 2015

Encase Rotating 5.5 inch Leather-style universal phone case - White
Does the job
Protects the phone, which is what I wanted the product for. I don't really like the sticky pad to hold the phone in as this is going to fail over time. Cumbersome to use if you want to take photos; it would have been better if it had had a hole in the back like most Blackberry cases do for the camera. I find I have to keep repositioning the phone on the sticky pad as it moves. Am scared that one of these days when I open the case to use the phone that the phone is going to come off the pad and crash to the floor. Reasonably priced.
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Jill Wright
16th July 2015

This is a cover for a newly purchased phone and it is the best one available as yet, so thanks to mobile fun for making this available to purchase. Well done.
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Andrew Hughes
3rd July 2015

Mobile Phone Cover
Mobile Phone Cover
Good Evening. After much research for a Phone Cover to suit my Wife,s new Mobile this was what I see as the correct one. priced correct, delivered on time and after My Dear Wife Blinged it up she had been asked many times where she purchased it from. Three weeks since received and is looking a Million Dollars. Very pleased and scored me some Brownie Points.
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Stratford upon Avon
2nd July 2015

phone case
very good item as was unable to get one any where else.
Very good
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Auckland NZ
20th June 2015

Just what I needed
Despite the phone being available in NZ, there are no accessory products available for the phone! An internet search showed that you had one available. The ordering was easy; the payment method easy and the delivery was spot on. The product is just what I wanted as an accessory.
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Te kuiti
19th June 2015

Good case
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Ardee, Ireland
13th June 2015

Does the job
I give it three out of five ...I'm deducting a star each for no pocket in the wallet for notes, like I had in my s3 case , and no holes for the camera.... makes it a bit awkward for quick photos
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Chris keenan
11th June 2015

Huawei Honor 6+
Not what I expected
Bought this case for my new phone thinking it would slide into a plastic fitting which would secure the phone to the case, however the case comes with a rotating piece of plastic inside the leather case which has sticky adhesive on which you stick directly to the back of the phone which I would not trust to hold the phone.
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18th May 2015

Camera becomes unusable
No cutout for camera and the flap blocks it in portrait mode. Barring that its a nice quality case.
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Gherman Alex
17th May 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
Faulty product
There's a problem with the case I got. The adhesive is very weak and the next day after attaching it to my phone, it no longer held the phone in place. I opened the case and my phone
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Sorry to hear you are having problems. Please contact us.
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John Gregory
11th May 2015

Good Case
as my phone has 5.5 in screen the case is just right size for my phone good protection for the screen
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Angelo (the wine man) Tebano
1st May 2015

Blade S6
You probably know that there service is always great, so let's not talk about that as it was superb. The product was right, the price was right, the service was right. Very pleased with the case as it does everything l wanted. Beluve me there are plenty of imposters out there, this was my third try and evently got what lwanted instead of some plastic, floppy, rubbish. Very well done.
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halifax west yorkshire
26th April 2015

5.5 rotating universal leather style phone case
I was more than satisfied with my 5.5 inch phone case and the service you get is so good and quick,
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17th March 2015

Very Happy
My mobile phone case arrived promptly, was better than I expected and I love it. Thank you.
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19th October 2014

Har länge letat efter ett mobilfodral som är snyggt och funktionellt. Svårt att hitta det i butiker, då storleken på mobilen HTC One dual sim inte stämmer med andra mobilmodeller. Jag vill kunna bära med mig de viktigaste betalkorten, kunna ta foton och skydda skärmen. Detta fodral fungerar perfekt för det och är dessutom snyggt och fungerar som ett "ställ". Lätt att beställa och kom snabbt med posten rakt ner i brevlådan :) tack mobilefun!!
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