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Olixar inVent Pro Universal Air Vent Car Holder

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Keep your phone close at hand and safely in view while driving with the inVENT Pro Universal Air Vent Holder with one hand mounting & dismounting.

  • "I am still very impressed"
  • "A car phone holder that does not disappoint!"

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30th June 2017

iPhone 7
Random Choice
Trying to work out if a vent fit phone cradle is suitable for your own vehicle is a bit like guessing whether your elderly aunt will like sushi - there is no way of knowing without trying it. How helpful would it be to have a general kind BEFORE buying of which cars this product will fit? This product seems reasonably robust though does not take my iPhone 7 in its wallet case. A dimension figure would have made this clear before buying.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Mark On the description it states: "Fits any phone between 50mm and 100mm in width." Hope this helps.
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West Australia
8th June 2017

Poor design
That cradel holds the phone securely however is only just deep enough on the sides to grab hold of the phone. No good if the phone is in a case... There are two legs that swing out from the base for the phone to sit on. These legs are very loose and can swing in 360 degrees so must be adjusted each time as they fall to the sides. I would not buy this unit again.
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23rd February 2017

LG Stylo 2
Not quite deep enough
The holder is not quite deep enough to securely hold the phone when it is in the protective case. It is not practical to take the case off each time. I was not able to see the dimensions enough to determine this before purchase. It is very secure in the vent and easy to install and remove.
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Andrew Essex
2nd February 2017

I am still very impressed
I have had the Pro holder for a couple of weeks now and have to say i am still very impressed. I am glad i choose the Pro version as the simplicity of the button at the back of the holder to release the phone is ideal!. I can see it fits most cars as the bracket and holder are easily adjustable and the phone is kept quite stable. This sits in my M6 and despite some rough English roads, rock hard suspension settings on the car (when i need a real blast!) the phone will not shake loose and stays nice and stable. I would recommend, good value for money!
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John James
15th December 2016

OnePlus 3T
Robust and easy to use
Easy to fit (and easy to remove if you want), easy to angle, holds the phone securely and there's a nice wee button that relaxes the jaws when you want to take it out. Looks ok as well. I am officially pleased!
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mark richards
29th October 2016

olixar in vent car phone holder
perfect and great price
Its well made, does the job well, easy to fit, and why i did not purchase this some time ago not idea. Has a wide range in view of phone sizes
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Tony Saine
27th October 2016

Samsung Galaxy s7 edge
Vent phone holder
I have been using this phone holder for a few weeks and I am very happy with it. Once in the vent,it will not fall out. The edges that hold the phone is easy to adjust. Overall it's a good product.
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25th September 2016

Pretty rubbish really for the money I paid. Flimsy, cheap; was hoping for something a little more sturdy.
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15th September 2016

Phone holder
Yeah happy with it
Yeah happy with it
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Leonard Liu
21st July 2016

Samsung Note4
My best holder
Very good mobile phone holder that fits very securely on the air ven of the can/van.It hold the phone snugly and can be turned and rotated to ones satifaction. The jaws open wide enough for the largest mobile phone.It has nifty release button at the back of the unit which gradually releases the phone.I would recommend this but make sure your vehicle has an air vent in a convenient position.
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Neil Dunstan
3rd June 2016

Samsung Galaxy S4
Does the job well
This unit was bought in the expectation that it will work in the future with phones that are getting bigger. It was easy to assemble, though care was needed when first installing it in a Skoda Superb. I fitted it too low to start with and the narrow gaps between the air vent slats made it necessary to flex them to get the hook back out. Once in the correct place, the wide "legs" keep the unit good and stable. The rubber side grips hold the phone really firmly and make the small hinge out feet at the bottom unnecessary. The rachet mechanism opens and closes smoothly and is so much better than the spring loaded type. It locks well and is easy to release. A good unit that looks like it will work for years to come - and good value for money.
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Dave Livingstone
28th May 2016

Works like a dream
Bought this holder as I had to drive a lot more. Turned up very quickly and I installed it on the vent on my Qashqai in seconds. Adjusted it to my phone size and off we went. Made using the sat nav function much easier and safer. Highly recommended this product
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1st May 2016

Excellent product
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5th April 2016

This phone holder is great and fits onto the grill perfectly and a really sturdy. I would strongly recommend if you are looking for a phone holder attaching to your grill
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South Wales
13th February 2016

Nexus 6P
Great grip - but can you see your phone?
First the positives; this product hooks into the air-vent grill well and grips my phone very well. No problems with accessing the charger port either so all good. Then the negatives; while the phone holder can swivel so that you can face it towards you, the range of motion is very limited. Unless the airvent is on a slope (my air-vents are on a vertical face in the car), the phone will be left facing downwards. If your air-vents are about 45 degrees off vertical, then this product is a winner - 5 stars... if not, then stay away - I'd only score it 2 stars...
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Nick Charman
8th February 2016

Olixar inVent Pro Universal Air Vent Car Holder
Good enough
The depth of the arms only just grip the sides of the phone with its cover folded behind. The arms will cover side controls unless it's well positioned. Time and use will tell if it is well enough engineered to last the course. It may be good enough.
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8th February 2016

Samsung S6 edge
Good value
Easy to fit and use and doesnt leave any nasty marks on the windscreen.
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Tim Murray
3rd February 2016

Good holder, need better pads
Not sure how long this will last. The pads which hold it in place, within 2 days get squashed into the dimensions of your phone, which inevitably means you have to squeeze it tighter, a vicious circle. Will buy new pads to add thickness add holder is good apart from pads
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Filipe Leite
28th January 2016

Nice but hard to use
The item is very useful and has great build quality. The downside is that it is too hard to mount and keep it stable.
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Sin Ogaris
22nd January 2016

good price, not the greatest quality
I grabbed this along with a couple of other items and all in all it serves its purpose. It does feel a tad flimsy though and the design of the air vent mount means that it isn't a great fit on all cars (mine doesn't sit very well).
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18th January 2016

Doesn't work with my flip case
It's universal fit might work for many phone brands, but watch what case you have. I have a moto g3 with a flip case , the thinnest you can get but not easily removed as it replaces the back skin of the phone and the holder doesn't have the depth to secure it properly. So its useless to me. Otherwise seems like a well made product.
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11th January 2016

Works great
I use it for Apple iPhone 6s Plus
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26th November 2015

Not a bad item. Iphone 6 sits OK on inclined to come loose and require tightening at times otherwise fine.
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Richard Parkinson
5th November 2015

Lumia 640 LTE
A car phone holder that does not disappoint!
Having bought many phone holders for my car over the years, I was skeptical that any were of sufficient quality to last more than a month or two at best. The plastic snapping or a spring breaking was what usually saw them into the dustbin. I got a new phone and was browsing the MobileFun website and I saw the Olixar inVent Pro and thought it looked different to other ones I have had. It was adjustable, would be close enough to touch screen without reaching up to the windscreen and would easily accommodate my new large screen smartphone. Upon receipt I easily fitted to my car vent, inserted my phone easily and securely and I was ready for the road. A few weeks on and I have not had to adjusted it and can secure and release my phone with just a press of a button. I can confidently recommend this phone holder to anyone who has been disillusioned with their, probably numerous, phone holders. The Olixar inVent Pro will not disappoint! Also, I have never been compelled to write a product review before, so that must mean something!!
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7th October 2015

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
This one fits with plenty of opening space remaining and you can lock it into place when you have found a perfect fit
Purchased for my S6 Edge Plus, a big, heavy phone for a car holder that attaches to an air vent.. Or so I thought until I put it in the car and realised with its bottom feet pressing against the dash gave it a real stable footing. I needed a replacement for my Kenu Airframe holder that was not able to hold a wider phone with a case on. This one fits with plenty of opening space remaining and you can lock it into place when you have found a perfect fit. It does stick out further from the dash then I would have liked and you cannot see this from the photo but its a good 4 - 5 inches. It also has foam bumpers to help prevent movement and marks on your device. All in all a great item for the money.
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Mrs Jane Dalton
West Sussex
27th September 2015

Samsung Note II
This holder is perfect for using satnav in my car. Is it too much of an exaggeration to say it's life-changing? I was a bit sceptical about holders that stick to your windscreen, leaving round marks. So this is ideal. It's certainly great to be able to see the route while barely taking your eyes from the road. My car is a Peugeot 206, and it wasn't easy to attach it to the vent. I'd advise attaching it to the passenger's central vent rather than the driver's because it gives a better angle. I have to detach my phone cover to slot my phone in but it's worth it. I'd definitely recommend this.
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Terrance Horton
23rd September 2015

Galaxy note4
After buying numerous car phone holders, this is the best one i have bought. I use it for my samsung galaxy 4 landscape and portrait, excellent value
After buying numerous car phone holders, this is the best one i have bought. I use it for my samsung galaxy 4 landscape and portrait, excellent value
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Janus Tøndering
16th September 2015

Huawei P8
Simply Works
Easy to mount (Golf Mk7) and can rotate enough that it points towards the driver. Had a shipment with a part missing but mobilefun quickly amended the issue with no fuss. I recomend this over any windshield attached mount.
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14th August 2015

Iphone 6 Plus
Great Vent Mounted Cradle for iPhone 6 Plus
Searched for ages for something that was not too bulky or clumsy to hold my phone 6 plus safely in the car This does the job perfectly and looks great
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21st June 2015

Good solid device.....
Good solid device..... However for a Ford Fiesta it has to either sit on the driver side vent(By wing mirror, or on the passenger central vent. (However this leaves the phone pointing away from the driver). The ideal vent is too close to the steering column so is useless.
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Kevin Taylor-Haynes
15th June 2015

Step up from the norm
Very pleased overall with the quality of this. Didn't want a window mount, CD mount didn't fit (Volvo S40). Looked for quite a while before finding this one. Only problem is that it looked like the arms were bigger than they actually are so it only just grips my galaxy note in it's otterbox case. I have angled this clamp a little further back than I normally would and with it's rests out it works in portrait mode but only just. Wouldn't risk landscape mode though. Fitting could not be easier and the way it distributes the weight gives me confidence that it will last.
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Western Australia
3rd June 2015

I use this on my Xperia Z3 and it works awesome! I even have a fairly chunky case on the phone and it still fits snugly in the adjustable mount. I use the phone as my GPS and the mount sits very securely and is also easy to adjust as needed. One of the best things is that having it on the air vent keeps it below the windscreen but high enough to easily view without becoming distracted. Also SUPER easy to take it out when getting out of car. No more ridiculous suction cups that don't work and mark your car!
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12th May 2015

ho finalmente risolto il problema di fissare in sicurezza e stabilità il mio cellulare. nessun problema per il montaggio alle bocchette.
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Richard Shipman
28th April 2015

Samsung Galaxy S5
Just The Ticket
I refused to invest in the VW built-in SATNAV (£1600!) in my new car so I wanted to vent mount my phone for longer journeys (when I would use the Waze app). With this Car Holder I have my phone in my eye line in the central air vent. It mounts and dismounts easily with no fear of damaging the car. The phone is firmly held in rubbery grips with small supports underneath for extra security. Just what I needed...
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25th April 2015

Phone holder
Great product. Holds phone securely to vents. Doesn't work so well with otter box on phone but still holds it okay.
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16th April 2015

Olixar inVent Pro Universal Air Vent Car Holder 
Phones holder works perfect but it doesn't clip on to the vent clips in my work car which was why I purchase it. But even tho I doesn't clip to the vents it still stays in place very well and doesn't drop out which is amazing. Fits my note 3 with otter box perfectly. Highly recommended.
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dave jameson
Tyne and wear
2nd March 2015

samsung galaxy s5
in vent phone holder
Great item.can now use phone as sat navigation etc and view screen hands free. Excellent.
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Brian Hobbs
24th February 2015

Samsung Galaxy S5
At last a decent vent mount!
Having spent "forever" trying to find a reasonably priced vent mount for my S5 that also fits in an MGZT central vent, I decided to try this one and was pleasantly surprised. It fits very easily and although lightweight doesn't seem tacky and holds the phone and its position really well. Nice, functional little gadget for its price.
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10th December 2014

Iphone 6 plus
not for Griffin Survivor iPhone 6 Plus All-Terrain Case - Black
I got Audi A3, Air vent holder is not suitable for Audi A3 air vent.
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Rod Bould
13th November 2014

iPhone 6
Excellent Product
It fits the car really well and allows good positioning. Easy to install and adjust for various sized phones. The only problem I have with it is that the side wings could be deeper as I have trouble fitting my phone in it with its flip cover case on ( front cover folded back). I don't want to keep taking the case off. For folks with less protected cases - not an issue?
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Barrie Etherington
31st October 2014

Olivar inVent Pro Universal Air vent Car Holder
Olivar inVent Pro Universal Air vent Car Holder
Easy to use ... delivered promptly ... sensible price ... 'does what it says on the tin' ... what more can I say ?
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Paolo Pignatti
1st September 2014

Una via di mezzo
Valido come supporto ma l'attacco alla bocchetta dell'aria è un pò difficoltoso. Una volta inserito non si riesce più a toglierlo se non con grossa fatica (questo almeno sulle auto di piccola cilindrata).
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25th August 2014

i phone 4, S5 & Sat Nav
Very versatile
Recieved in good time, I've used this with both an iPhone, S5 and a Sat Nav, it holds all 3 pieces firmly, the only gripe I have is the the feet don't stay where you put them, if the feet had the same material as the tree frog anti slip pad it would get 5 stars. The universal joint stays where you put it and is steady, the button on the back which opens the jaws is stiff to operate but that's probably a good thing so the they don't slip or open when driving as some other holders I've had do. Overall a good device for holding your phone or sat nav safely.
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25th August 2014

Samsung mobile phone
Suits my purpose.
I do not like my windscreen marred with gadgets that have to be stuck,- sat nav. This vent item fits the bill for me. I do not have to touch it whist driving as it is coupled with a free hands connecting clip and talk. I see who is calling firstly and can reject if necessary. Now I am satisfied and perfectly legal if I need to use my mobile. In a nut shell, 'just what I needed'
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