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Sorry, but LG G Watch for Android Smartphones - Black has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

LG G Watch for Android Smartphones - Black

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Check out Facebook posts, catch up on tweets, texts and email as well as play music using the newly designed LG G Watch complete.

  • "good for nexus 5"
  • "Feel like James Bond, treated like an Alien"

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20th November 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Frankly it simply does what it says it should. Voice recognition is really good and working quite well. This means that you can issue various voice commands to write an email or text etc. You get notifications of more or less everything that arrives to your phone (email, sms, facebook, weather, bbc news updates, google cards etc). To me it is important as I work in an environment where I can't look at the phone or have it on my person. It stays safely in my bag but I feel I am still connected and aware of things. Set up and configuration was really easy and I found the battery life reasonably good and the Bluetooth range surprisingly good. There are a few things to be aware - if more then one email arrives at the same time in your email client on the phone or more then one text in your sms client, then you won't be able to view them individually just the titles. Also, very important, the reply or delete function will only work with Google email client and Google Hangouts not generic Android sms client. However, the new version of Gmail client allows you to add other email accounts (ie Yahoo, Hotmail bt etc.) so they all appear in your Gmail client view. This means that from the watch point of view, they all come from Gmail box, therefore giving you reply and delete options. This is a major improvement, not only you can manage all your email accounts from one phone email client, but also gives you enhanced functionality on your watch too. Thank you Google! Of course if you are not bothered about reply function, you can still create email or text via voice command to any address in your phone book - works a treat. I haven't tested the navigation facility fully as yet. I would suggest making sure you understand fully what it can and cant do to manage your expectations as it is still early days for this technology. If in doubt, do what I did, ask the guys in MobileFun for advise. The LG is not full of tricks and gizmos and the price reflects it, but it does exactly what I need it to do, it looks great and I love it to bits!
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Alan Smith
West Sussex
11th August 2014

Moto G
A Good Starting Point
The watch connected easily to my phone and will stay connected at distances up to 15 metres. As the smart watch concept is in its infancy there is still a long way to go before there are enough apps to make it too much fun. One slight gripe - I use the "send a text to.." app a lot. It gives you very little time to pause before it sends the message which results in my contacts getting some weird short messages. All in all I am happy with my purchase and looking forward to using it more and more.
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United Kingdom
12th July 2014

Google Nexus 5
Great device, great addition
This device works very well, and is a great extension to my Android experience. The ability to view and reply to emails, texts, tweets and other messages without using my phone is great. I also like being able to view the weather, my step count and to control my music on my phone. There are a great number of apps to enhance the existing Android Wear experience, and this list is being added to daily. To summarise - if you are pondering whether to buy this or not - go for it, it's awesome.
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