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Olixar Micro-Suction Smartphone Desk Stand - Black

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A fun and minimal desk phone stand using a special suction grip that doesn't leave any residue - ideal for hands-free conferencing, viewing videos or as a simple docking station with the Olixar Micro-Suction Smartphone Desk Stand.

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28th December 2016

Htc 10
Stylish gadget, perfect for office desk
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8th November 2016

Simple and useful
Great little stand to keep my phone up off my desk. It comes with a secondary plastic cradle that allows me to place my phone in it without having to stick/unstick it each time I pick it up.
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Robert Bradley
21st August 2016

Olixar micro suction desk stand.
Small but powerful!
A first class, simple little item. It does exactly what it is designed to do. The suction is amazing considering the lack of any hint of a sticky substance. I am delighted, my phone no longer disappears on my desk, I always know exactly where it is and can also charge it whilst on the stand. Ignore any moaning reviews and buy one!!
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19th July 2016

First order didn't arrive. No problem sending a second lot. Items was great.
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10th December 2015

Great product
Was what I needed works great thank you again
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26th October 2015

It is all good
It is all good
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13th October 2015

Love this! Just pull the plastic covers off the base pad and top pad. The stand sticks to surfaces like bedside table and the top pad sticks to the phone, even in a slim line case. No sticky residue anywhere! Excellent!
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Tony Leigh
South Devon
12th October 2015

Olixar Micro-Suction Desk stand
Does exactly what it should
I was a bit hesitant as several reviews were critical of the micro suction pad. I used sellotape to remove the protective plastic film and found the base makes a very secure attachment to my desktop but is easy to remove if required.
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7th October 2015

Great little stand
Does what it says on the tin. What more do you want?
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Jake Hammond
29th September 2015

Motorola g2
It very stable and stays on the desk no matter what
It very stable and stays on the desk no matter what. It looks good and it doesn't leave any marks on the phone. Overall a very good product I would definitely recommend!
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Kevin McDonnell
Northern Ireland
10th September 2015

It works!
This is a brilliant item. It is small, totally uncomplicated (even my wife likes it) and is attaches to all surfaces in a rock solid manner. I have tried many similar items before and all were abject failures. So good that I might buy one for my better half because she certainly isn't getting this one!
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1st September 2015

Samsung Galaxy A5
Super sticky
When you peel off the protective film you cannot feel anything to make you think this will stick to anything but it does and amazingly well. It sticks to my bedside drawers that even has a wood grain. The stand is a bit stubborn to let go but you can reposition it as many times as you want then leave it without thinking has the sticky worn off as that will never happen. Overall it's a brilliant little desk top stand that won't disappoint.
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18th August 2015

Samsung Galaxy S5
A magic product
If you want a desktop stand for your phone or similar, then this is an excellent product. The two micro-suction pads (one for the desk, one for the phone) grip marvellously. It's quite bizarre really and in an earlier age, we'd have been calling it witchcraft and trying to burn its inventor for practising the dark arts. The two pads are not in the slightest bit sticky too the touch (far less sticky than a post-it note), yet the strength of the bond they create is remarkable, though like the post-it note, it's instantly moveable and leaves no residue. It's magical - except that I once saw something about this micro suction technology on TV. There's no adhesive involved: instead, the surface is covered in thousands/millions of tiny craters, each of which act like a sucker cup. Like a sucker cup (I mean the rubber suction pads you might use to mount your phone/satnav to a car windscreen), it works best on clean, dry, flat, non-porous surfaces. That said, it has no problem gripping the textured rear surface of my Samsung Galaxy S5.
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Kevin Hattersley
24th July 2015

Micro-suction smartphone desk stand
Does what it says on the box
Excellent product, well constructed and presented. Delivered very quickly and safely. Took it out of the box, took the protective layers off bottom and top, stuck micro-suction smartphone desk stand on the desk, stuck my smartphone on the micro-suction smartphone desk stand. Job done! Can use smartphone whilst on stand or take it off easily. Handy clear plastic cover for when the smartphone is off the stand. Neat
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Simon Pooley
9th June 2015

Excellent desk stand - very grippy!
This is an excellent, simple desk stand. I'm actually using it for a (cased) Raspberry Pi. The stand is so grippy that it requires a lot of effort to break the bond to remove the device. This is good for my application...several cables connected to the device can cause it to be dragged from less sticky stands! Smart, simple and neat.
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1st June 2015

Valutazione Prodotto
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john whelan
telford shropshire
26th May 2015

micro-suction desk stand
great item
item holds my phone great, and with the extra clear bracket I can put my phone in with the case on it, well recommended.
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6th March 2015

Nice simple stand
I purchased this item because it's small & simple. Works great for iPhone models. But as a bonus it'll even support a iPad mini. It's a Must buy!!
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Ian Armistead
Cleveleys, Lancashire
10th January 2015

Nokia Lumia 625
Just the job!
I've had desktop chargers were you plug your phone directly into the mount & I was always struggling to get a connection. This products gets rid of all that worry, because you still use your standard charger but it still holds your phone so you can see the time at night etc. I like the fact that it has the sticky pad which will hold the phone, or if you have a protective case there is a holder which you stick to the pad then you just cradle your phone in the holder. You can even peel the base of so it sticks in one place, I didn't do this because I move the holder around on my bed side table. A lot of thought has gone into this product & it's great value for money, well done!
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Brian McGuire
5th November 2014

Iphone 6 Plus
Stand and Deliver
Why the words for an Adam Ant song came into my head before composing this review is beyond me, however Mobile Fun was the first place I would definitely go to for any mobile accessories in the future. I recently was looking for a no nonsense stand for my Iphone 6 Plus and low and behold Mobile Fun had something perfect, they delivered promptly and have one happy customer.. 10/10 cheers guys
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Marcus Duncan
1st November 2014

galaxy alpha
excellent stand
This stand is amazing. Does exactly like described, it exceeded my expectations in every way. Even if it does not stick to the back of phone there is an included accessory so that just about any device can be docked. Once the dock is in place it is very sturdy and allows the phone to be on display as a clock/alarm. Recommended for all smartphone users
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Michael Jay Neal
15th July 2014

Neat little stand
Works great so far, just pop the phone onto the stand and it sticks! Very nice...
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4th July 2014

HTC one
desk stand
Great simple stylish little stand would recommend works great holds the phone securely would recommend I would give this stand 5 stars
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george anderson
30th June 2014

re order
Excellent quality,really strong grip to my smart phone and table.very sturdy and look,s good also.
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Bernie Banawich
22nd June 2014

Moto x
It really does work
I was very suspicious about it working but it does and does a brilliant job :-)
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