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Sorry, but Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Qi Wireless Charging Cover - White has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Qi Wireless Charging Cover - White

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This white, form fitting, official back cover for the Samsung Galaxy S5 can be used with the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad to charge your S5 wirelessly.

  • "Excellent Upgrade"
  • "Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging Cover"

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18th July 2015

Thanks great service product what was advertised
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Tony Boulding
Runcorn Qld
22nd April 2015

Galaxy S5 Qi Wireless charging cover
For me this is the best accessory for a S5 as it allows charging without having to plug in any cables.A worthwhile investment.
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5th April 2015

Charges well - But makes the phone thicker
Charges wirelessly, like it says. Okay price. Only negative is it makes the phone a little thicker - still worthwhile addition though.
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18th March 2015

Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging Cover
Appears to be a genuine Samsung part as advertised. Fits perfectly, feels great, and works with my various QI charging pads. Not quite the same softness as the original rear cover, but still better than expected. Highly recommend!
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Nirbhay Sen
10th December 2014

Great, but expensive
The charging back cover works very well. I use it with my wireless charing Airdock in the car and once I figured out the approximate positioning I have had no issues whatsoever with it. I do have to say however, that living in India, the price this thing comes at is way too steep. I wanted to have the best charging experience which I did get but at a huge cost. This should have come as standard with the phone IMO. Also it makes the phone perceptibly heavier and thicker, but I'm used to it now. What one has to go through for the convenience of wire-free driving!
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Daraius Battiwalla
Cherrybrook, NSW 2126
31st October 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Qi wireless charging cover
I recently purchased the Galaxy S5 charging cover from MobileZap. I am extremely happy with it. I had the Qi wireless charging pad and did not want to use the SView cover. The wireless charging cover is the best purchase I made besides the Galaxy S5. I am extrely happy with it. More importantly I am extremely happy with the service and support provided by MobileZap. I would recommend MobileZap to everyone.
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Mark Jales
12th October 2014

Samsung S5
Excellent Upgrade
Coming from a Lumia I wanted the wireless charging. This official Samsung part actually fitted better than the original back. Slightly bigger but makes phone feel less plastic if you can understand. Didn't work with a ?Nokia DT910 charger but works excellent with all others tried
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Roy J.
3rd October 2014

Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging Cover
This is a genuine cover that was a bargain to purchase. In conjunction with my Wireless Charging Platform I no longer need to access the socket on the handset for any charging.
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16th August 2014

good product
it is what it says online and extremely happy with it
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Anthony Williams
26th July 2014

Galaxy S5
Works perfectly!
Very happy, looks good and is pretty efficient!
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John Bligh
Brisbane Qld Australia
23rd July 2014

Samsung WiFi Charging Back
Works 100% with Samsung Wi-Fi Charging base. Cheaper than buying in Australia and only took 7 days to arrive. Top service Thanks MobileZap John in Australia
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Kit Byatt
11th July 2014

Samsung S5
Works fine with S5
I use this with my S5 and its Tech21 case (which still *just* fits, with care!). It works just fine, and makes recharging a breeze - no fiddling about with the micro-USB port cover and the slightly fiddly double socket (especially when deeply set inside a case). Only downside: the 'keep on all the time when charging' option doesn't work with this mode of charging. You'll have to set a long screen time-out period to keep the screen on whilst charging wirelessly. That's nothing to do with this cover, so much as the technology.
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Patrick McDonald
Jackson Ohio
30th June 2014

Galaxy s5 Charging cover
I purchasesd the charging cover for my Galaxy s5. I liked the idea but the cover was thicker than the regular cover and it wouldn't allow you to use the cover with accessory cases such as Otterbox, Lifeproof, Seidio etc. That was my only complaint. I had to return it for the s view charging cover which will be ok, but I'd prefer being able to use it in a case.
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14th June 2014

Qi Wireless Charging Cover
Very happy with the purchase. I used the foil version with T200 transmitter but was afraid about waterproof feature with the foil. With the Samsung wireless cover I know the phone retains the waterproofing feature. Highly recomand
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Tim H
Western Australia
31st May 2014

Samsung Charging Cover
Cover received promptly after it became available. Fits well and makes the handset quite solid compared to the original. It is atony bit heavier and thicker which means my nice Spiegen cover doesnt fit anymore. Thick cover is quite flat on the exterior and the extra thickness makes it slightly proud of the camera lens surround so protecting it. If only I could find a nice cover that would protect the surrounds of the phone only
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Peter Anstis
26th May 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5
Excellent add on accessory
This official charging back cover from Samsung adds a new dimension to my phone, being able to charge my phone without the fuss of undoing the charging cover/cap on the S5 which is necessary to keep this phone dust & water proof. I've also bought a TYLT VU charging pad which because of its design holds my phone at 45 degrees so acts like a charging dock so i can still use my phone as a night time clock alarm whilst it's charging up over night.
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25th May 2014

Galaxy S5
Good quality, but .....
Waited a long time to get this because of supply problems. The replacement back us the usual Samsung good quality and charges well with the Samsung wireless charging 'pad'. Charging is slower than the direct cord, but so much more convenient. BUT .... The back increases the overall depth enough to make a standard fit case impossible to fit properly. I tried two different cases and neither would fit. So, if you don't use a case, it's a good buy. If you do, I would suggest one of the stick-on QI compatible battery stickers instead which don't increase the depth as much.
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Craig Garside
North Yorkshire
25th May 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5
Better than the original !
Having waited what seemed an age (actually 3 weeks) for Samsung to release this to mobile fun I was really glad when the despatched email arrived !!! The wait was worth it ! The simplicity of wireless charging is fantastic ! The back enhances the phone in my opinion and sinks the camera lense ever so slightly offering greater protection. Don't wait ... Buy one !
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22nd May 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5
Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging Cover
Premium quality. Same coating as the factory cover. Twice thicker but not observable. Because of the thickness the device obtains better grip and it protects the camera module. NFC compatible. recommended+
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15th May 2014

Works and looks great.
Same feel and look as original cover and charges without getting hot. Would be 5 stars but is thicker than original back but only a slight negative I would not let that put you off if you want wireless charging.
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Norwich, UK
15th May 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5
Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging Cover
This cover replaces the back cover of your phone and then enables wireless charging. The cover (white) is just like your existing cover in that it is dimpled but is a bit thicker so will not fit into other cases. I bought the Rock S-View Flip Cover and with this back cover on, it will not fit into the case. The wireless cover is excellent but as it does not fit my Rock case anymore, I shall be returning it and getting the Official Samsung S-View Flip Cover with Wireless Charging instead. Highly recommended for wireless charging but only if you do not mind it not fitting into any cases.
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